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Give Photo Gifts to Cherish from #LDPhotoLab (and a giveaway)

Give Photo Gifts to Cherish from #LDPhotoLab (and a giveaway)

Give Photo Gifts to Cherish from #LDPhotoLab (and a giveaway)

This post was brought you in partnership with London Drugs. All opinions are sincere and 100% my own.


There is snow on the ground (at least where I am). The tree is up. Holiday music is playing in the grocery store. Our local tree lighting ceremony is this week. I do believe the holidays are upon us! Just like every year, I feel like that sort of snuck up on me. Wasn’t I just carving pumpkins? But here we are and it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. It’s a busy time of year that’s for sure. There’s baking to do. Decorations to put up. Gatherings to attend. And gifts to buy.

I love giving gifts! There is so much joy in finding the perfect gift for those special people in your life. It’s just not always easy to know what that perfect gift is. I’m sure we all have at least one person on our list that is a little difficult to know what to get. I know when I’m stuck on ideas for people close to me I try to come up with something a little more personal to give them.

Gifts to Cherish

We all have memories that we cherish and we are making more all the time. I bet you can pull up your phone right now and scroll through your camera roll and find a lot of pictures that make you stop and smile. I bet they would make other people smile too. There’s nothing better than sharing a smile. And that’s so easy to do with photo gifts. I love it when I’m unpacking my Christmas decorations to put up, and come across the photo ornaments that I’ve been given in the past. Those always get a special place on my tree or on mantle and they bring me joy throughout the holiday season.

We are already into December but, luckily, it’s not too late to check off that Christmas list and order some precious photo gifts from the LDPhotoLab and London Drugs! They have so many options – from holiday cards to beautiful ornaments and everything in between, it’s easy to find that perfect gift to add a photo to and share a smile.

I just placed an order myself so I could share some ideas with you. Photo gifts are so easy to order from London Drugs. You can upload your photos and order your gifts from your computer, at a kiosk in store or make it super easy and download the London Drugs Photolab App on your iOS or Android device!

Greetings Cards – Order by December 17


I love getting actual Christmas cards in the mail! And I imagine other’s do as well so I try to send out at least a few every year. I had some lovely photos from a family shoot that my daughter and I had done earlier this fall and I knew I wanted to include one of those pictures in our cards this year. And rather than send cards with a picture tucked inside it just made more sense to put our photo right on the card. You will find a large selection of layouts and styles online to make your card perfect!

Personalized Ornaments – Order by December 17

I have a small collection of personalized ornaments and they are by far my favorite! I also give them every year. Ornaments with my always growing daughter make the perfect gift for her grandparents! The LD Photolab has a ton of styles and finishes for ornaments. You can order them in metal, crystal, ceramic and even wood.

This crystal ornament that I ordered with a picture of my daughter and one of her best friends is my new favorite. These girls are so adorable and the ornament is so beautiful! It’s really hard to capture how lovely it really is in a photo. The colors are so vibrant.

So, I actually didn’t mean to put my own face on this wooden ornament. It was suppose to be a picture of my daughter but the mix up was completely user error on my part! I just might just hold on to this one for a while and gift it to my daughter when she’s older and is putting up a tree of her own. Maybe then she can remember when her mom wasn’t quite so old! But, mistake or not, I do love how this wooden ornament turned out. I’m a sucker for anything with a “rustic” look and feel and that’s exactly how this turned out, especially with the black and white photo.

Pet Tags – Order by December 17

My daughter and I have three adorable cats. I mean they are a lot of trouble, but they are so stinking cute! Now our cats hate collars so there is no way they are going to wear pet tags but I knew my daughter would love this keepsake and I will be ordering more with pictures of her other two cats. These are things she will always cherish.

Fine Art Prints

Special gifts are awesome but sometimes a simple picture really does say a thousand words. This particular picture is tied a very specific and important memory and event in my life and I really wanted to get it printed as a reminder of where I was and where I am. There are lots of print options at the LD Photolab. You can get your standard prints in glossy or pearl or you can also try out some of their fine art paper like Bamboo, Baryta and Kauai. I had this picture printed on Kauai paper and I absolutely love how it turned out. This is such an easy way to make your favorite photos just a little more special. Both the Baryta and Kauai paper are a smooth cotton and they completely change the look and feel of your photos.


And Many More

This is just a small sampling of the unique and creative photo gifts you can order from London Drugs. Here are a few other ideas that caught my eye:

  • Photo calendars – wall calendars or desktop in a variety of sizes.
  • Photo books always make a lovely gift. The LDPhotolab has a variety of beautiful and creative photo books to choose from.
  • Canvas gallery wraps come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any space and are such a beautiful way to showcase photos.
  • Photo mugs are another great choice for the tea or coffee drinker on your list.

There are just so many ideas that it would be impossible for me to write about them all in this post. You really should head over to the website and check them out yourself! You still have time to order and have your gifts in hand before Christmas. You can check out the holiday ordering cutoff dates here.

Enter to Win

I am thrilled to be able to offer my readers this fabulous giveaway, courtesy of London Drugs. One lucky reader is going to win a $100 London Drugs Gift Card! Use it to cross those gifts off your list, or keep it for yourself! Enter using the form below. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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  1. I’d love to give a personalized mouse pad to my daughter whom we don’t get to see very much. She’d love a pic of the family!

  2. I would love to give an ornament with a photo of our family!

  3. Personalized bookmarks would be awesome!

  4. I love your photo ornaments, so would really like some of those with our family pictures. Also, a photo blanket would make a great gift to my parents!

  5. a custom canvas!

  6. I’d love to gift a photo mousepad.

  7. I like the Tins and Boxes, they are super nice.

  8. Locket prints or the blankets are nice.

  9. I would love to gift one of the photo blankets!

  10. I would love to give a gift to my daughter of a special picture we cherish in the form of a puzzle

  11. I would love to gift a Teardrop Crystal , would make a personal unique gift!

  12. I’d love to gift a blanket with a beautiful landscape photo on it!

  13. Would love to give or receive one of the clipboards. a few cute and unique gift

  14. i would like to win one of the fine art bamboo prints .great giveaway

  15. I always love receiving the family photo greeting cards

  16. I’d ge personalized place mats.

  17. Love the photo mugs!

  18. I’d love to give a photo mug!

  19. I think a great gift idea for my son and his wife would be one of the metal tins with a picture from one of their vacations. It would contain good memories as well as cookies.

  20. My aunt loves puzzles – a puzzle picture would make a great gift.

  21. I’d love to give my mom a custom puzzle

  22. I love the bookmark idea!

  23. I would love to win a photo puzzle.

  24. Love to give a photo mug for a gift.

  25. I’d love to send hubby a keychain with the kids on it

  26. I would love to receive some coffee mugs with my kids pictures on them.

  27. I would like a blanket with my Scottish Terrier, Andy’s face on it!

  28. I’d like to gift a Magnetic Memo Board to my mom

  29. We lost a cat who was 19 years old this year. I would love a few items with her on them, a Christmas ornament to remember her each holiday season would be so lovely!

  30. I would love to have a photo blanket and the ornaments are super cute too! They are all beautiful gift ideas.

  31. I love the photo puzzles! They’d make great personalized gifts for kids!

  32. I would love to give my mom a puzzle of a photo of my son!

  33. I’d like to have a new water bottle.

  34. Love the blankets

  35. The personalized ornaments are a great idea. Have a family photo on an ornament and everyone has a great keepsake.

  36. I would love to give puzzles.

  37. I would love to get some coasters made up as gifts!

  38. I like the mugs, always useful and nice with a photo on them

  39. I’d love to get a puzzle made from one of our family photos!

  40. The personalized ornaments are an amazing idea.

  41. I would love to give my mother a photo puzzle gift of our family.

  42. Would love to get a photo dog tag for my pup, mucky….although I’m sure it’s more of a gift for her than me haha!

  43. I would love the ornaments.

  44. I would love to give a photo mug or calendar

  45. I would like to gift keychains with the kids’ photos for family and friends.

  46. My granddaughters would love a custom puzzle!

  47. I would love a personalized blanket.

  48. I’m thinking about one of those photo puzzles.

  49. I would love to get a water bottle branded with an image of my beloved godson!

  50. A custom mug of puppy for my sis that lost her sweet one recently

  51. I would like to give a puzzle to my mother in law. She loves puzzles and this one would mean that much more if she had her grandkids as the subject of the puzzle.

  52. the fine art bamboo prints

  53. There are so many things I would like but first I would have a photo mug of Best Mom Ever made for my daughter-in-law.

  54. So cool!

  55. I think the picture ornaments would be a great gift!

  56. I love the photo blankets, very cute! And they would make for a perfect gift.

  57. I would love the Photo Coasters, set of four 4×4″ – I would want them to be pictures of my kids. 

  58. I’d love to gift a puzzle.

  59. The personalized pet dish would make such a touching gift for my friend who recently had her dog pass away & she has since adopted a new puppy from Mexico. She would adore a gift like that from the LD photo lab!

  60. The metal ornaments at London Drugs are awesome. They are double sided so you can leave a personalized message on the back and don’t break. We make photo ornaments for our kids each year but when we started the tradition we only had 1 child.  Now we have 3 and at $15 each it adds up 🙁 I wish they had promo codes if you buy multiple. Our tree is filled with memories though and when the kids grow up they can take their memories with them to decorate their own tree. It is a wonderful gift to watch them grow.

  61. I would really love to gift thr personalized bookmarks!

  62. I would really love to gift the personalized bookmarks!

  63. i would love to give the placemats

  64. I would love to give the grandparents ornaments of our kids to hang on their Christmas tree.

  65. Id LOVE to get the magnetic memo boards!!!

  66. I would love a photo mug with my grandson’s pic on it for my Mom and one for myself & my hubby.

  67. I would love to gift the Crystal Ornament Heart to my sister. She loves her babies and I would love to commemorate that for her.

  68. I like the photo mug!

  69. I’d like to give a photo mug to my mother.

  70. I love the blankets

  71. I would love to get a couple puzzles for my mom!

  72. I think everyone could use a reusable water bottle, so i love the Elegant Water Bottle gift idea.

  73. I actually ordered our Christmas cards from the London Drugs photo lab last week – I love them! I am hoping to get a photo book made for my dad.

  74. I’d love to gift the Photo Apron to my mom, since she loves to cook.

  75. A sherpa blanket would make such an amazing and thoughtful gift.

  76. I would love to give a photo calendar of my girls to my parents!

  77. I would give a photo ornament!

  78. I would love to make personalized mug for my family for my parents. They would love that

  79. I love the mugs!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  80. I love giving and receiving chocolates, oooh so good, and always make a great gift

  81. I’d love to receive an photo ornament. I’ve given them as gifts before but I have yet to receive a thoughtful picture gift

    Maybe this is my year. 

  82. The puzzles are a really fun idea!

  83. The crystal ornament looks adorable! 

  84. The Christmas cards are always useful if I can get my act together, but maybe this year I will order Chinese New Year ones instead!

  85. The ornaments would make great Christmas gifts aswell as keepsakes.

  86. I’d love to give a set of bookmarks.

  87. I had no idea there were so many things that you could get custom made at London Drugs! I would love to get the placemats. I have a few pictures that would be great for it.

  88. I absolutely love the photo blankets! I would love to give one of those to my sister for Christmas. Happy Holidays to you and your family 🙂

  89. Id love to get my son a custom puzzle. He would love it.

  90. I love the photo mugs and blankets! Those would get used frequently in our household. Thanks for the opportunity!

  91. I like the mugs. I would make one for my mother with a picture of us

  92. We love puzzles at our house and would love to receive a full family photo puzzle. We live so far away from everyone that it’d be the ideal way to get the family together this holiday season. 

  93. I think the puzzles are cool!

  94. I think a personalized mouse pad or mug could be a cool gift

  95. The photo blanket would make a nice gift for my Mother in law and I think my daughter would really like the bookmarks!

  96. I’d love to get a photo blanket

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