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Christmas Gift Ideas for 9 & 10 Year Old Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for 9 & 10 Year Old Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for 9 & 10 Year Old Girls

I can’t believe that the holidays are right around the corner, again, but they really are! We’ve had snow for a while here so that does make it a little easier to catch the Christmas spirit! I’m just thinking about what I want to make for Christmas baking this year and arranging who goes where when over the holidays. It’s always such a busy time of year. I think I’ve got the gifts for my daughter nailed down. I haven’t actually bought them yet but I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll be picking up for her. If you need some ideas what to get the 9 or 10 year old girls on your list here are a few things that are a hit with mine:

Slime – prices vary

christmas gift ideas for 9 year old girls

My girl is slime obsessed! I’m not sure there has been a week go by in months that we haven’t made our own. It’s fun and easy to make and she loves just sitting and playing with them. She finds it very relaxing. As much fun as it is to make it’s also fun once in a while to buy some and see what other creations people come up with. They odd time that we do buy slime it is always homemade. Store bought slime just does not compare. And Etsy is the place to go for homemade slime (unless you have someone local that sells it).  I also love that I can go on Etsy and specifically search for Canadian shops. In this picture Molly is playing an awesome watermelon slime we got from Squish Slimes from Ontario. I purchased a mystery box of slimes from the shop and Molly loved it!

Archie Comics – prices vary

christmas gifts for girls

I don’t recall exactly how my daughter got started on her love for Archie but she’s deep into it now. She reads them every single night before bed. I have to admit that she loves Archie Comics as they were something I loved when I was a kid too. When it comes to purchasing these comics you have a lot of options. You can often find them in the magazine area of grocery or drug stores, Chapters has a decent selection, you can always find them at used book or thrift stores (my Value Village always has them), I also buy them online at Book Outlet for really good prices. This year Molly is actually get an Archie subscription from her grand parents and I know she’s going to be thrilled!

Hair Mannequin – $30 and up

christmas gifts for 10 year old girls

This is going to be my Christmas gift to Molly this year. One of her friends, whose aunt is a stylist, has one and she loves styling it.  If you are friends with a stylist you might be able to get a deal one one of these or they also have quite a selection on Amazon. You can get ones with synthetic, human or a mixture of hairs. I will be getting one that is 100% human hair. This was it can be washed, blown dry, and Molly can use heat tools on it as well.  I think it’s a great way to teach her how to use a curling iron, straightener, etc.

Roblox Gift Cards – $10 and up

gift ideas for 9 year old girls

If you have a gamer girl then this might be for you. Molly loves playing Roblox. She especially likes playing online with her friends. Roblox gift cards make a great stocking stuffer or gift! You can generally pick them at the usual stores that sell a variety of gift cards.

Google Mini or Echo Dot – $79 (but they both often go on sale)


gift ideas for 10 year old girls

We have several smart home speakers and accessories around the home and I love them. My daughter, specifically, has a google mini in her room and she uses it a lot! I would say about 90% of the time she is using it play music. She loves that she can just ask google to play her a specific song and, voila, there it is. I have hers hooked up to my Spotify account but there are other others as well if you use other music services. She also uses it a lot to set timers or just ask general questions. Both devices also have fun little features kids like, like telling jokes or singing you happy birthday, etc.  Both the Google Mini  and the Echo Dot retail for around $60 but they go on sale quite often so if you keep an eye out you can pick one up at a great price.

Sleepover Party Game – $30

gifts for 9 year old girls

I don’t think Molly has played this yet (we don’t own it yet) but I’ve heard from other parents that their girls love bringing this game out at sleepovers. It also has some great reviews online. My girl is about the sleepovers at this age so I think she may find this under the tree this year!  You can pick this up at Mastermind Toys, Amazon, Walmart and other toy retailers.

Coding Robots – $78 and up

So I don’t know a whole lot about these coding robots but I do know that our local Science Centre was at her school recently and they brought them for the kids to use and she was raving about how fun they were.  From the bit of research I’ve done the Ozobot line is the way to go. You can pick up the Ozobot Bit Starter Pack for $78 on Amazon , the Ozobot Evo Starter Pack for $130, or the Evo App-Connected Coding Robot for $125. I honestly can’t tell you which one to get but I’m confident there are people out there that do!


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