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April Fools Pranks Your Kids Can Do or You Can Do To Them

April Fools Pranks Your Kids Can Do or You Can Do To Them

April Fools Pranks Your Kids Can Do or You Can Do To Them

April Fools Day is right around the corner and my daughter LOVES playing harmless pranks on her friends and family. Quite frankly I like playing pranks on her too. Neither one of us is keen on playing pranks on anyone that are mean or could cause too much embarrassment so we try to keep them light and fun. If you are looking for some fun April Fools pranks here are a few we love. You can either play them on your little ones or help them play the pranks on other family members.

April Fools Pranks Your Kids Can Do or You Can Do To Them

Bait and Switch

There are a few ways to do this one. If your kid (or someone else in the home) enjoy cereal in the morning you can swap out the inside bags so when they go to pour their Corn Flakes they actually get Froot Loops.

Or maybe you put a snack size bag of cheetos in your kid’s lunch – carefully open the bottom of the bag, remove the contents and replace with something else and then reseal with transparent tape. You can still fill it with something they actually enjoy eating, but it will be a fun surprise at lunch time!

Frozen Cereal

Another fun one if you serve cereal in the morning. Just pour the cereal and milk in the bowl as usual and then place in the freezer overnight. When the unsuspecting diner tried to take a spoonful they will be in for a surprise.

Magically Delicious

Ok one final cereal prank for the cereal eaters. Place a drop of food coloring in the cereal bowl and then pour the dry cereal over top. Have your kid pour their own milk. They will be surprised to see the milk magically change colour.

Juice Surprise

Do you have juice drinkers at home? The night before April Fools Day whip up a batch of jello, in a colour that matches their favorite juice and pour it in to a glass to set. Serve it up in the morning and enjoy the giggles.

You can also use this same trick using milk and plain gelatin.

Put a Pin in it

When you have free access to your kid’s room go in armed with safety pins and pin some of their underwear together in the drawer. When they go get dressed they will get a whole chain of them!

Another variation on this prank is to just switch up what’s in the drawers to add a little confused fun in the morning.

And yet another option is to go in and mismatch your kids socks.


This is a classic April Fools prank. Get your hands on some brown construction paper and cut out a bunch of large E shapes. Place them in a baking dish and cover the top with foil. Tell the recipient of your prank that you bakes brownies and to help themselves.

Balloon Fun

There are a couple of fun ways to work balloons into a prank. You can stuff a number of them in your kids closet so when they open it in the morning they get a fun surprise or, if you have easy access to helium balloons you can place one in the toilet and close the lid. That should give someone a nice little morning jump!

I See You

If you pack school lunches go to the dollar store and pick up a pack of googly eyes (if you have a kid crafter at home like me you probably already have these) and attach them to anything suitable in their lunch (juice boxes, sandwich bag etc). If you have happen to have the candy eyes (found in some baking sections) you can use a bit of icing or melted chocolate to attach them directly to food items.

Finder Keepers

Grab a couple of coins and superglue them to the walk that your kid travels in the morning (to the bus, to the car, etc.) and have a nice chuckle when they try to pick them up.

Start the Day With a Bang

Ok maybe not a bang but definitely a few “pops”. If you have any bubble wrap laying around, or easy access to some (we always have some at work from shipments) place them around the house under floor and bath mats.


Do you have any favorite kid friendly April Fools Day pranks? I’d love to hear them!

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