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Enter to win a Bella Fingerlings Monkey (CAN 12/16) - Outside The Box

Enter to win a Bella Fingerlings Monkey (CAN 12/16)

Enter to win a Bella Fingerlings Monkey (CAN 12/16)

So back in about September I started to see people talking on social media about Fingerlings. I had no idea what they were. I honestly thought they were finger puppets and never gave them a second thought. But people kept on talking. So I looked into them. I realize they weren’t just puppets but actually interactive baby monkeys. I still wasn’t very interested to be honest. I bet my daughter can’t even remember the name of her Furby. But people kept talking. It was becoming clear that these were going to be the hot toy this year. I normally don’t hop on board the hot toy train but, unlike the overpriced, profanity spewing, egg hatching creatures from last year, Fingerlings are actually affordable. So I decided to grab a few to stow away for Christmas gifts. And I’m glad I did. Because right now, just weeks from Christmas, they are hard to find! They aren’t impossible – as I’m writing this The Bay has a few in stock online. Amazon occasionally has them for Prime members only and if you are in Toys R Us on the right day you might get lucky.

As I was sorting through my Christmas gifts the other day I realized that I had an extra Fingerling. I already sold one to a co-worker  – for the exact price I paid for it just to be clear – and have enough for the gifts I need to give. That leaves me with one extra Bella.



Enter to win!

In the spirit of the holidays I am hosting this little giveaway for my readers to show you how much I appreciate your support through out the year! This isn’t sponsored. This is just a little gift from me to you. And I bet most of you have someone on your Christmas list that would love to give Bella a home!

This giveaway is open to Canadian residents age 18 and over. One main entry per household. You can enter using the form below. Good luck!


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  1. A new watch is on my list this year. Thanks!

  2. On my Christmas wish list is a new purse. I have had the same one for years and it is definitely time for an upgrade

  3. I honestly don’t need anything. I just get excited to spend the time with my family.

  4. I would like a new pair of slippers.

  5. I really want a china cabinet. Hoping Santa brings me one 🙂

  6. Id like a new duvet. we’ve had so many hotel ones recently that are ten times better than ours its depressing

  7. I’d love a gift card for some yoga classes or house cleaning services, lol!

  8. A cute KitchenAid Stand mixer is always on my list. Santa has yet to deliver it. Bad Santa.

  9. On my list is an instant pot and clothes.

  10. Electric blanket!

  11. I would like a book and some coffee! I don’t really need much.

  12. A cricut explore air 2 is absolutely on my adult Christmas list 🙂

  13. A shiny new Dyson is on my list

  14. sad state of affairs here , shes 8 and told me “just get me whatever you think I should have ” she doesnt like to ask for much but the fingerling got her pretty excited when she saw a display and im sure she would love some more beanie boos

  15. I have a few items on my wishlist for the kitchen and it just has to be red. lol.. One day I hope to get a stand mixer.

  16. Honestly, on my Christmas Wish List is a Happy Christmas with my dad and his great grandchildren!

  17. i’m easy. i like to get a reeses hockey puck. yummy

  18. A new tattoo is on my list

  19. I don’t really get gifts but a heated blanket might be nice!

  20. I’d love a FitBit

  21. A 12 inch Ipad is the main thing on my list.

  22. Im hoping for a new pair of boots.

  23. I would love a insta-pot for Christmas.

  24. A nice and comfy leather jacket is in my wishlist.

  25. New boots and slippers is on my list.

  26. I’d love a Google Home!

  27. I’d love a Google Home!!

  28. I just asked for a fitbit, so that is what is on my wish list.

  29. I have a new laptop on my list.

  30. New boots is on my list!

  31. I am wanting clothes, makeup & perfume, among other things. This giveaway is on my daughters Christmas wish list!

  32. I want one of those Dyson hair dryers and some cozy slippers

  33. What’s on my Christmas Wish List?? It’s simple, for my daughter get the help she needs in order to overcome her addiction to alcohol. 🙁 Thanks what’s on my Christmas List.

  34. On my list is a chromecast!

  35. I would love the Labyrinth board game from the movie

  36. My Christmas list has the new Bissell Crosswave on it!!

  37. I would love happy kids, and a new puzzle or a book. Thanks!

  38. I pad mini is on my wishlist this year 🙂

  39. I want lots of goodies from lush

  40. I’m hoping to receive a snow fairy gift set from Lush!

  41. top of my wish list is a new lens and flash for my camera!

  42. Instant Pot is on my list this year.

  43. For myself I always want books so an indigo gift card always works

  44. I want anything john deere for christmas!

  45. my christmas list is new hoodies, gloves, a cane

  46. An instapot

  47. I want the instax photo printer. My kids want these Fingerlings!

  48. On my Christmas wish list this year is some cozy flannel pjs.

  49. A new pair of slippers is on my list. And books.

  50. An Instant Pot is on my list!

  51. I am really hoping for a new pair of leather gloves

  52. Chandra O’Connor
    Sunday 3 December 2017, 8:08 am

    A paper shredder is on my list. 

  53. I haven’t put together a Christmas wish list. I’d be happy with some bath products and body lotion.

  54. since i’m a quilter i would love an extra wide ironing board

  55. The main thing on my Christmas list is clothing…

  56. I have a new pair of Sorel boots on mine. I love their boots.

  57. oh my list it would be for my oldest son to be home for the holidays

  58. I have an Instant Pot on my Christmas Wish List this year.

  59. I have a sewing machine on my list. Whenever I need to use one, I borrow my mom’s.

  60. My Christmas wishlist doesn’t have anything material this year. My sister hasn’t seen her 4 year old grand daughter for 5 months due to circumstances beyond our control. My wish is for her to see her little love.

  61. New pots and pans are at the top of my list

  62. new pj’s….just wouldn’t be xmas without new pjs!!

  63. I want to be cozy this Christmas in a new, plush bathrobe & slippers!

  64. I’m hoping for a pair of touch friendly gloves and a new wallet.

  65. A purse is on my wish list 

  66. Id like a KitchenAid Stand mixer

  67. I would love an Instant Pot for Christmas.

  68. i would love a new laptop and my son wants lego lego and more lego

  69. A new bottle of perfume is on my list. Thanks 

  70. I really want to have new pan under the tree.

  71. I’m asking Santa for a new winter coat for Christmas

  72. Personally I would love a new vacuum

  73. I want a winter coat

  74. I want for nothing but a happy, healthy child, and she wants fingerlings and hatchimals!

  75. A Fitbit is on my Christmas wish list!

  76. I need a new pillow.

  77. I would love a deep freeze, just a little one.

  78. I could use a new pair of slippers, some spatulas and a ladle.

  79. I would like a pair of tall, leather boots.

  80. I’d like a new electric wok. My granddaughter would like to get a fingerling monkey .

  81. I’m really just happy to have time to spend with my friends and family but some bath stuff, clothes and treats would be great too. A big wish list item is for a new ipad as ours is on it’s way out.

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