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Get your photos off your computer and on your wall with Canvas Factory (Giveaway CAN/US) - Outside The Box

Get your photos off your computer and on your wall with Canvas Factory (Giveaway CAN/US)

Get your photos off your computer and on your wall with Canvas Factory (Giveaway CAN/US)

My contributor Jessica is a wonderful photographer so when the opportunity to review a print from the Canvas Factory came up I knew she was the perfect person to do it.


I love art. My favourite is art that has some kind of meaning to me. I can’t bring myself to head to the nearest big box store and buy art from the bin of “art that is the same as everyone else”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m tempted sometimes. They have pretty pictures, neat colours, fun patterns, but every time I get there I remember the folders of photos I have just sitting there on my computer, doing exactly nothing for me. I took them for a reason, after all. They were beautiful and meaningful to me then. Using your own photos for art is so much easier (and *cough* cheaper) than it used to be. I remember during my photography career peak, getting a canvas print was expensive. You paid by the inch, and getting it stretched and mounted was another cost altogether. Now, there are great companies like The Canvas Factory that offer a great product at a reasonable price that can fill up all those empty walls.

Getting my print was a simple process (though, in my case, a bit of a comedy of errors… none of which actually related to The Canvas Factory). It took me longer than I wanted to change the orientation of the canvas and get it the way I wanted it (I have young kids and survive on coffee so that might have just been me), but once I figured it out, it was all smooth sailing from there. When the canvas arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. My past life as a photographer has made me less than pleased with many of the online photo services available (photo books I’m looking at you), so I didn’t have high hopes. While the sheen is a bit glossy for my taste, the quality is really good and I am happy to have this piece hanging  in my house.

Now the big question is… where to hang it?

canvas factory

The Canvas Factory has a really good selection of canvas sizes in square, rectangle and panoramic and you can even order split photo canvas prints which is something I really want to do – it’s just a matter of deciding which picture this would be perfect for. And you can easily do photo collages as well. Check out the cool “modish” shapes you can use to really get creative with your collages. And if you happen to be a fan of acrylic prints or metal prints they have those too!

Win A Canvas Print

Jessica was so pleased with her canvas print that I really wanted to be able to offer one as a giveaway for my readers. And so I am! One lucky reader with received a coupon code (that also covers shipping) for a 14″ x 20″ Canvas Factory print of their own! Just enter using the form below. Good luck!


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  1. I do in fact have a certain picture in mind that i would love to get put on canvas.

  2. I have another granddaughter coming in Sept so a photo of my 3 grandchildren would be wonderful!

  3. a pic of my baby on the way

  4. Would love to have a picture of my Dad & I done that we had taken last year that turned out great.

  5. I would go with a nice family photo to put up in my office when complete.

  6. I have a family photo I would love to print on canvas and put up in my entry way!

  7. I have a very sweet picture of my two grandsons hugging that I would use.

  8. I have the perfect winter photo of my kids that I’d love to see on a canvas!

  9. Well, I’d love that picture handing in my house! I get a picture for my Mom every year. One of my two kids or a collage of the year. She looks forward to it every year.

  10. I would love to get a picture of all my kids with all of our pets put on canvas

  11. A picture of fish following each other underwater. I took it while vacationing in Cuba!

  12. Yes I have a specific pic of my family of 4 in mind from our recent trip. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  13. I would love to get a new family photo printed on canvas. Our last one has our youngest child as a newborn baby. We had a nice family picture taken when we were camping earlier this month.

  14. My house is full of pictures of the children. I would love an inspirational piece on my wall by Jessica like the one in your photo! It’s beautiful. 

  15. I would like to get one made up with my grandchildren!!

  16. I have a family photo from the time we went to Paris together and I would love to have that printed on a canvas

  17. I have a beautiful picture of my daughter I would use!

  18. I’d like to have a picture of my 4 kids at the beach put on a canvas.

  19. I have a couple pictures in mind that I would soooo love to put on canvas sure would love to win this one.

  20. I have a picture on my computer of me,my husband and two kids. I would have that done.

  21. I’d love to put our family picture from Hawaii on a canvas so I can hang it in our home.

  22. Yes,i have a special picture in mind that i would love to have printed on Canvas

  23. My brother is a nature photographer and has so many great pictures that I would love to use for this

  24. I have a great vacation picture that I’d love to have enlarged to put up on my wall.

  25. I would love to have a photo of my kids transferred to canvas for display in my office.

  26. I would love to have a Toronto skyline!

  27. I have a great family vacation picture that I’d love to have printed on Canvas.

  28. I would use a beautiful picture of a waterfall my mom took while hiking at a state park.

  29. I’d love to do a picture my hubby took of some geese on the water.

  30. There’s a photo of my late mother walking on a beach that I’d love to make into something.

  31. I have a super beautiful picture of my daughter smelling a magnolia branch that I would love to have printed !

  32. I really want to do a family photo on canvas so this would be great!

  33. I’d love to use a picture from my vacation with my partner.

  34. I’d love to use a family picture

  35. I would like a picture of some Montreal scenery! I have a lot in mind!

  36. I would like a nice picture of the flower beds .

  37. My best friend’s son was just killed in a car accident. I would use a picture of him and his older sister to give this to her.

  38. ALL OF my pics are on my phone as I have yet to figure out how to get them from the samsung to the new computer…the old windows would automatically download the pics if I connected the phone to the computer…so now we’ve not yet figured it out

    I have my daughters convocation picks from last yr that I’d love to do

  39. Yes I have one of 2 of my boys on the beach! I would love to have that in a canvas print. Thanks!

  40. Great article.I have a beautiful picture of me and my husband which we clicked on our recent trip. I’m would love to gift him on his birthday next month with a lovely happy birthday husband message. Thank you for sharing.!

  41. There are so many to choose from, I think the best would be my son when he was 2 chasing after a kite.

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