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How to Make Icing Christmas Trees for your Gingerbread House

Icing Christmas Trees

Icing Christmas Trees

Putting together and decorating a gingerbread house is one of our favorite holiday traditions. I generally leave the construction parts in the capable hands of my talented carpenter husband or I guarantee our house would not still be standing by Christmas. But I do love pitching in with the decorating part. Most years I buy the precut gingerbread pieces for the house but I don’t buy the kits with all of the candy. It’s so much more fun to hit the Bulk Barn and pick out all the little treats we want to use to make our house are own.

Last year, for Molly’s 5th birthday we threw a big Frozen themed party, complete with a pretty elaborate cake. It took me hours and hours to make the cake but the pure delight in my daughter’s face when she saw it was worth every second.

Frozen Cake

The cake was a hit with all the kids at the party too but there absolute favourite part of it was those trees! I was glad that I happened to have enough of them around the cake so every kid got one. These trees are also perfect to add some charm to your gingerbread house this year.  They are actually very easy to make (and completely edible). All you need are some ice cream cones, or waffle cones and some stiff icing. I used some decorators icing I had on hand to do the first few trees but when I ran out I switched to a stiff butter cream. Just cut the cones to varying sizes, put a #18 star tip in an icing bag, make a small dot and then pull towards you to make “needle like” leaves. Repeat until you’ve covered the entire cone. Sprinkle with coarse sugar for an icy effect before the icing starts to harden.

icing Christmas tree

Icing Christmas trees

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