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Big Style with Mini Lalaloopsy Style 'N' Swap Dolls - Outside The Box

Big Style with Mini Lalaloopsy Style ‘N’ Swap Dolls

Big Style with Mini Lalaloopsy Style ‘N’ Swap Dolls

My daughter is a self described fashion queen. Like a lot of kids her age, she LOVES getting dressed up, picking out the perfect accessories, doing her hair – and then taking it all off and starting over. Because that’s what six year olds do. And when her best friend comes over for a sleep over we are entertained with a full on fashion show from the two of them. They raid Molly’s closet, put together some fabulous ensembles and parade around the house striking their oh so adorable poses (along with some runway perfect music of course). It is always the highlight of their sleepover shenanigans. I give her pretty free range to experiment and express herself with fashion. At home she can play with make up (and even put on a bit of lip gloss to go out for special occasions) and we’ve even coloured her hair (temporarily) pink a few times now.


It’s no surprise that my dress up loving kid also loves playing “fashion show” with her dolls too. She puts a lot of thought into each and over outfit that her dolls wear and painstakingly combs though the shoes, purses and other little accessories to complete each outfit. It’s a lot of fun. And it generally results in a huge mess with outfits everywhere and dolls strewn about. Fashion dolls are so much different than when I was a kid. In my day they were all exactly the same size and moved the same way. Today? Not so much. Unless you buy the very basic Barbie you are apt to have an assortment of dolls who are just built different enough that their outfits just don’t quite fit each other. This one has pointed toes. This one has knees that bend. This one has straight arms. This one has bent arms. When you are trying to put tiny outfits on dolls that just aren’t quite all the same size it can get pretty frustrating.

mini Lalaloopsy

You know what I love? Toys that are interchangeable. When you know you can easily add on to a set you already have without worrying out “will these pieces fit?” And that is the first place that the Lalaloopsy Mini Style ‘N’ Swap dolls score big with me. Every piece from every set works together. No sorting through trying to figure out which outfit fits which doll. They all fit!

So a little about the Lalaloopsy Mini Style ‘N’ Swap dolls – Each set comes with one or two dolls and a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories (including wigs) to dress them in. The dolls and outfits are bright and colourful and gives your little ones a lot of opportunity to get creative with putting together their ensembles.

mini lalaloopsy

And the clothing and accessories are pretty easy to get on the dolls. There are no buttons or clasps or anything to open. Your little fashionista can make wardrobe changes in a flash!

lalaloopsy style and swap

And I have to say the outfits are adorable!

mini lalaloopsy

We also got to try out the the cute little fashion boutique play set which was a hit with Molly. We spent a good hour bringing the dolls to the boutique to get outfitted for whatever big event they were attending.

lalaloopsy boutique

The Mini Lalaloopsy Style ‘N’ Swap dolls got an A+ from both my daughter and I. Here’s what we love about them:

  • The pieces are all interchangeable between sets
  • The clothing and accessories were easy to get on and off
  • Each set came with more than one outfit so even if you have just one set you have wardrobe possibilities
  • The dolls and pieces are bright, colourful and cheery
  • These toys really foster creativity and imagination and encourage independent play
  • The dolls also make a great activity to play with a friend, sibling or parent
  • They are the perfect size to throw in your purse or carry on luggage when you’re on the go

You can pick up these adorable little fashion dolls at Toys R Us starting at about $14.99.

mini lalaloopsy

We were given these products so we could share our experience with you. All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. With interchangeable pieces, the fun is endless and the kids don't get frustrated. We love Lalaloopsy!

    Besos Sarah.

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  2. My niece loves Lalaloopsy so I know she would love these. She has a birthday coming up so I might have to get these as a gift for her.

  3. my step daughters love Lalaloopy! These tiny ones look like lots of hours of fun, remind me when my daughter had polly pockets dolls and accessories!

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