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Smart is the New Cool

Smart is the New Cool

Ok I admit it. I’m kind of a geek. I was the resident math whiz in school. My favourite class in college was stats. And I love science. I can’t get enough of it. And my little girl is following in my footsteps. We have a family membership to our science centre. She’s going to science camp this year (she’s finally old enough) and we are always going little home made science experiments at home. At almost 6 years old Molly is a little sponge, just soaking up so much knowledge. I marvel at it often.

Molly always likes most of the things that you imagine little girls her age like. Pretty dresses, playing with make up and, of course, dolls. And every once in a while we find something that combines her inherent “girliness” and her love for science and learning in general. Today’s discovery was an absolute hit – Project Mc² dolls. Are you familiar with Project Mc²? If you have kid and Netflix you just might be. This is a really cool Netflix series that stars four high school girls that have a passion for science and are recruited by a super secret spy agency to basically save the world.

There’s a lot I like about this show, and about the dolls. There are a variety of dolls you can get and each one comes with their own little mini science experiment.

science girls

We had the opportunity to try out the Adrienne doll that came with a perfume making kit (Adrienne is the chemist of the show) and McKeyla with the invisible ink kit. Since Molly understands how incredibly fortunate she is to have these kinds of opportunities she insisted that we save the Adrienne doll to give to another kid that would love it. So we opened up the McKeyla doll and gave the invisible ink pen a try.

science dolls

So this kit included the cute McKeyla doll complete with a fashionable but “spy” worthy outfit, a purse (which I think is actually suppose to be a spy kit), a comb for her long purple hair, the magic pen, the whimsical disguise moustache glasses and instructions for using the magic ink pen. Although Molly loved the doll and instantly started styling her hair, she was pretty excited to get started on the science stuff. And the science stuff was really fun and really easy.

We just needed a few simple supplies that pretty much every home is stocked with.

science experiments

Put in a dash of this and a pinch of that and mix well.

magic ink

Once we had our secret mixture ready to go we filled up the invisible ink pen and Molly got to work writing out her secret messages.invisible ink

After letting the invisible ink dry for a couple of minutes we got down to the business of revealing the secret messages. And this was super fun! There were two ways listed in the instruction to do this. The first involved berries. I just happen to have some black berries in the fridge so this was perfect.


A few swipes on the paper with a cut open berry and voila! “I love you mommy” was revealed! The second way to reveal the ink that was suggested was to use a tea bag. Since I also had those in the pantry we decided to get that a try too.


This time the secret message was for daddy. I was glad we had both berries and a tea bag on hand. Both methods worked great and it was really fun to see the difference that resulted from using each one. We are already brainstorming what other things we can use to reveal the invisible ink. And once we were through playing scientist Molly had a great time playing with McKeyla.

We had SO much fun with this doll! If you want to learn more about the show, the dolls, or even find some other cool experiments to try out at home make sure you visit the Project Mc² website. If you want a doll of your own you can find them at Loblaws, Toys R Us and Walmart at an ARV of $29.99. I know a few little girls on our birthday list this year that will be getting these dolls.

science dolls

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  1. Love it Shayna, Can I tell you Molly is growing like crazy and it is such a pleasure to watch her grow on your blog. Love that there is dolls that encourage the love of sciences xo

  2. Not a day goes by where science isn't mentioned in our house. My two 6-year-olds love doing experiments and for the past two years, have gone to the Ontario Science Centre (in Toronto) for their birthday. They inform me that they want to go every year! 

    Besos Sarah.
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  3. I love seeing girls that love science! Mine does too, she constantly wants to do experiments. She's started watching Project MC2 on Netflix and really likes it. It seems like a good show!

  4. These dolls are great to help girls see that they can be unique and smart 🙂

  5. I do love these dolls as they focus on a girl's brain as opposed to her superficiality!

  6. Neat experiments that come along Finally a doll that shows it OK to use your brain

  7. I love these dolls as they provide a good role model for my girl as they focus on education instead of beauty!

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