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Gift Ideas for 5 and 6 Year Old Girls - Outside The Box

Gift Ideas for 5 and 6 Year Old Girls

Gift Ideas for 5 and 6 Year Old Girls

Well my daughter is turning 6 in a couple of months so I thought it was about time to sit down and write another post sharing some of her favorite things for gift giving inspiration. This is not a sponsored post at all. All of the items in this post are ones that we either own or she has used somewhere else. They are tried and tested favorites! I write a new list at least once a year, sometimes twice so if you are looking for ideas for kids a little younger be sure to check out my other gift idea posts.

Sewing Machine – ARV $79

gift ideas for 6 year old girls

I’m not exactly a seamstress by I do own a decent sewing machine. It’s great to have on hand for things like hemming pants, shortening curtains and occasionally I get adventurous and actually make things. I also have very fond memories of spending time with my grandmother sewing. It was one of her favourite things to do and since she was also very thrifty that makes sense. Knowing how to sew, in basic sewing, is a really great skill to have. This machine is a Janome Portable machine and I highly recommend it. When I was looking around at machines for my daughter a friend of mine mentioned that she bought this one for her little girl and has been very pleased with it. We are too. It’s an awesome little machine. This particular machine isn’t marketed as a toy but rather a “kid friendly” machine and  it’s a great starter machine that actually should last them for a very long time. I actually find myself pulling it out here and there for small jobs. It has 10 stitch styles, it’s easy to thread and the presser foot is specially designed to prevent little hands from finding their way underneath the needle. It comes in several pretty colours and you can find it al Walmart and on Amazon.

Karaoke Machine  – Prices Vary Widely


My almost six year old LOVES to sing! I think she spends half her day singing. And I love it. She has another, cheaper stand along microphone that has served her well for some time but I thought it was time to upgrade so this was her Christmas gift this year. There are a lot of different machines on the market. After doing a little bit of research I decided on this one – the iLive machine. This one retails for about $160 but I managed to pick it up on sale which was a bonus. It comes with one microphone but has an input for a second. It will play standard CDs as well at the karaoke ones. It has a decent display so you can follow along with the lyrics if you are using the Karaoke CDs. You can also connect to devices like your smart phone with either a cable or through blue tooth. As I mentioned, there are lots of machines on the market so you should be able to find one that fits your budget. If this is in your prince range I do recommend it.

Shopkins – Prices Vary


I admit I resisted giving in to the Shopkins craze for as long as possible. But then Molly received a couple of packages of them at Christmas and she is in love with them. And now, well I actually think they are a great little gift. I have very fond memories of my childhood taking pride in my various collections of things. The little Smurf figurines immediately come to mind. Collecting is fun. And the nice think about Shopkins is they fit every budget. You can buy small packs for a couple of bucks or buy larger packs for a little more. She also loves the surprise of them too since you can buy the mystery packs so you don’t know what you’ve got until you open it.

Connect 4 – ARV $12

gift ideas for 6 year old girls

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This game has been around for a long time and it’s still a family favourite. It’s the perfect game for this age group. My daughter loves board games and this was an instant hit with her.

Slamwich – ARV $17.99

gift ideas for 6 year olds

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In addition to board games, our almost six year old loves card games. We have a few – A Shopkins version of go fish, Monster High Uno and this is our more recent addition. Slamwich is a fast paced family card game that the entire family (up to 6 players) can play together.

18 Inch Dolls – ARV $40 and up


I’m not going to recommend one brand of doll here. Most people are familiar with the Maplelea and Canadians probably know about the Maplelea dolls. Those two are at the higher end of the price scale for 18 inch dolls. But you can find perfectly fine ones for less. Toys R us has Journey Girls Dolls. Sears has the Newberry Doll and you can find Our Generation dolls at various retailers. The doll Molly has is an American Girl so I can attest to the quality of this brand. She is very well made. I’ve heard really good things about the Maplelea dolls as well. But if you don’t want to spend at least $100 you might want to look at the other dolls of that size on the market.  The great thing is that, for the most part, the clothing and accessories are interchangeable between the dolls. So I often buy the less expensive stuff for our American Girl doll.

Clay Charm Set – ARV $18

gift ideas for 6 year old girls

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We spotted this in a book store a few weeks ago and Molly was instantly drawn towards it. Of course the fact that you can make food “Shopkins” like charms with it was part of the draw. It’s a really nice little kit with lots of colors of clay, and precise directions on how to mix colors to make more. It also has really good step by step direction on how to create all of the figures. Once you’ve made the charm you bake it and then brush on the included top coat. You can also use a sharpie to draw faces or other details on them before you put on the top coat. It comes with with little charm loops that you bake right into the charms and it comes with a bracelet to attach them to.

Ever After High – Holly O’ Hair Hairstyling Doll

gift ideas for 6 year old girls

This is the one toy in my list that my daughter doesn’t actually own or has used yet. But it’s high up on her birthday wish wish. She loves doing hair and the Barbie Deluxe Styling Head was on our gifts for 4 year olds list. The Holly O’Hair dolls comes with a bunch of hair accessories including a crimper and curling “iron”. The reviews I’ve read so far on this doll have been very good so I’m leaning strongly towards making this her birthday present this year.

Mermaid Blanket – ARV Varies

gift ideas for 6 year old girls

How cute are these? When I posted this picture online of my daughter (and her doll) in her mermaid blanket I had a lot of people comment about how much their little girl would love one. Now there are various ways to go about getting one. In my case, I actually just bought a pattern on Etsy and made it myself. It really wasn’t difficult at all and since fleece is pretty inexpensive to buy this cost me very little. There are plenty of patterns to choose from and if you happen to be skilled at crocheting there are some really awesome patterns for that too. If you aren’t that crafty don’t worry – you can buy them. Again, Etsy is a great place to look for a finished mermaid tail blanket. There is also a company called Blankie Tails that you can order them from.


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  1. I remember Connect 4 from when I was a kid (I think I just dated myself).

    I love to sew and have been encouraging The Kids to get out their thread and needle when something needs to be fixed but there are so many possibilities with a sewing machine. Off to see if they have any gender neutral colours (for my son and daughter).

    Love this annual post of yours. Since when did our kids turn 6!?!?

    Besos Sarah.
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