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Feed it Forward With Maple Leaf - Outside The Box

Feed it Forward With Maple Leaf

Feed it Forward With Maple Leaf

Last week I went to the grocery store and in exchange for $150 I received three little bags of groceries. I was certain there must have been a mistake, that something had been rang in wrong. I grabbed my bags of groceries, set them down on the floor and began to scour over my receipt. There was no mistake. Every item was accounted for and rang up at the correct price. As I stood there, coming to terms with these facts I started to think about how other people must feel going to the grocery store. People that have far less than I have. Because as much as I was in sticker shock in that moment I also knew that even though I wasn’t thrilled about spending so much for so little it wouldn’t break me. When it was time to pay for my groceries I didn’t have to decide which ones I really needed and which ones I would have to leave behind. I am lucky. Not everyone is that fortunate. With the rising prices of food these days more and more people are struggling to feed their families. And they can’t always do that alone. Thankfully there are people and organizations in our communities that are dedicated to helping those that need it.

I have a 5 year old daughter. Teaching her about charity and compassion is high on our priority list. We take every opportunity available to us to implement these lessons.When we go grocery shopping we buy extra and put some in the donation bin. During food bank drives we go though the pantry and fill our donation bag.  And we don’t just DO these things; we talk about why we do these things.  She understands that we are fortunate; that there are many people who have far, far less than we have. The thought of kids being hungry is one that always sticks with Molly. This is why supporting our local food bank, The Regina Food Bank, is always high on our list of ways to help others. And I’m very thankful to Maple Leap for giving me the opportunity to share a $100 grocery card with the Regina Food Bank as part of the Feed it Forward program.

Feed it Forward with Maple Leaf


I’m really happy to share the details of the Feed It Forward initiative from Maple Leaf with you. How would you like to recognize someone who is helping to feed your community? Not only can you nominate someone to be recognized but they also have the chance at winning a $10,000 donation to help them with their goals.

You can help Maple Leaf Feed it Forward by nominating a great Canadian in your community who has gone above-and-beyond to use good food to better the lives of others. Whether they have put in place a program to nourish school children, deliver nutrition education for people who need support, or use food as a way to bring people together and teach valuable life skills – Maple Leaf wants to hear about them.

They could receive a $10,000 donation towards their organization and enjoy free Maple Leaf groceries for a year. And just by nominating them you could have the opportunity to receive free Maple Leaf groceries for a year! Nominating someone is easy. Just head over to the Feed it Forward nomination page and fill out the nomination form. Here are some things to keep in mind when nominating:

  • The nominee must volunteer with or work for a registered not-for-profit organization or community group (kids camp, community drop-in centre, school nutrition program, etc.) that uses food as a key component of supporting their program goals.
  • The organization or community group must rely on donations for the majority of their operating costs. They cannot be registered businesses or for-profit companies.
  • The organization must have a clearly defined strategy, vision or program for how it uses food to improve people’s lives through, but not limited to, nourishment and skill building (nutrition education, meals and food hamper delivery, cooking and food preparation skills, etc.)
  • The nominee must have a deep commitment to the organization based on either their years of service, contributions to advancing the organization’s food program or service delivery, commitment to go-above-and beyond to their defined roles and responsibilities.

There will be TEN prizes valued at $10,000 each given out across the country! I’m sure that you can think of someone in your community to nominate. I know that there are more than one in my community that fit easily fit this criteria. In fact you might even have a hard time picking just one to nominate. There are so many people out there working hard to help feed their communities.

You have until March 31 to get your nominations in!

This blog post was sponsored by Maple Leaf Foods but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I nominated my local foodbank, House of Lazarus. Hoping that my community is awarded this great gift. No one should have to go hungry.

    Besos Sarah
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