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My Confession - I'd Rather Be Anywhere But the Dental Office - Outside The Box

My Confession – I’d Rather Be Anywhere But the Dental Office

My Confession – I’d Rather Be Anywhere But the Dental Office

I hate the dentist. There I said it. Ok, that’s not entirely true, or fair. I have nothing personal against any dental professional. But the dental chair may be my least favourite place to visit. It’s not that I have bad teeth. In fact I have really good teeth. But I’m one of those overly sensitive people that just hates having me teeth worked on. In particular I HATE cleanings. So you know what I do? I put them off. And that makes it worse. Instead of 6 months worth of plaque I go in with a year’s worth. And that takes twice as long and hurts twice as much. I know. I know. I need to get with the program. But I promise, other than delaying the inevitable dentist visits I’m actually pretty good at taking care of my oral health.

My mother was always on top of us kids taking care of our teeth. Brush in the morning and before bed. Be sure to floss. And she was mighty stingy with the sugar. I might not have been thrilled with the regime at the time but I learned to be grateful about it later. Other than having to have my wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago (which had nothing to do with how well I take care of my teeth) I’ve been pretty lucky on the tooth front. And now that I have a mini me in the house it’s even more incentive to take care of my health – including my oral heath. We all know how much our kids take in just by watching us!

I love trying new products. And I’m very fortunate, as a blogger, to have the opportunity to do that. When I was given the opportunity to try some new Colgate dental products I was anxious to test them out.

colgate total

I’m a little pick about my toothpaste. Yes most toothpastes on the shelf are adequate at helping reducing cavities but that’s not the only criteria I have for my tooth paste. I want a toothpaste that tastes good (it has to be minty, none of that fruity stuff), it has to have great foaming action (I just feel it works better if it foams) and whitening is a bonus (I drink a lot of tea). The new Colgate Total* Advanced Health*Daily Repair Toothpaste delivers on all of these requirements and then some. This toothpaste works to reverse gum issues by helping to prevent gingivitis for healthier guns and remineralizes early enamel damage to strengthen teeth and help prevent cavities.

Now I’ve only been using Colgate Total* Advanced Health* Daily Repair Toothpaste for about a week so it’s too soon to report back on all the potential benefits but I can tell you that so far I really like using it. My teeth feel clean. My breath is fresh. And I can eat ice cream without any sensitivity. So far so good! I was also sent this really awesome brush – Colgate Slim* Soft Toothbrush to try out.


I’m really liking this brush. I mean a new toothbrush always feels great right? But what I really like about this brush are the soft and thin tip bristles that get into places (between the teeth) that other brushes don’t. I generally don’t like a soft brush so to be honest I figured I wouldn’t like this one but I really do. Most soft brushes are just too soft and just don’t seem like they are doing their job, I like some solid scrubbing action, and this brush gives me that. It also has a nice grip and feels comfortable when in my hand.

So you know my confession – I actually get quite anxious about going to the dentist, even for a cleaning (you can guess how I did with those wisdom teeth extractions). What’s yours? Do you hate dental visits as much as I do? Maybe you’re not a fan of flossing? Forget to brush before bed here and there?  I’d love to hear your daily confession!


I received product from Colgate Palmolive so I could share my experience with you. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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