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Be Confident This Holiday Season With Depend and a $150 SDM Gift Card - Outside The Box

Be Confident This Holiday Season With Depend and a $150 SDM Gift Card

Be Confident This Holiday Season With Depend and a $150 SDM Gift Card

There are so many things I love about this time of year. The Christmas music, the excited kids, finding the perfect gifts for the people on my list and my favorite, the holiday get togethers. I love getting dressed up to go out and celebrate the season with friends and family. To be honest I love any excuse to get dressed up. Putting on a flattering dress, some spectacular heels and spending a little extra time on my hair just makes me feel confident.

I know that not every woman shares my zest for getting all dressed up and going out. For some women, well it’s simply not their thing. We all have different tastes and dresses and heels aren’t for everyone. But I also know that for some confidence comes in to play. Especially if bladder leakage is an issue for them. When’s the last time you had a conversation about bladder leakage? It’s not something that makes into regular conversation is it? Well maybe it’s time to change that. When you stop and realize that 3.3 million Canadians (that’s nearly 10% of the population) experience bladder leakage it might actually make you wonder why we aren’t talking about it more.

As with any topic that comes with stigma, the more we talk about it, and the more we understand it, the better. And I know talking about something so personal can be hard. But the good news is that we are starting to talk about it more and we’ve also come leaps in bound in terms of products to make dealing with bladder leakage easier and less embarrassing.


Depend Active Fit

This is what bladder leakage protection looks like now. Are you surprised? Depend is the leader in this area and is committed to enhancing the lives of those with bladder leakage by offering dignified solutions that provide comfort, protections and confidence through innovation and design. The Silhouette Active Fit is one of their latest products. It offers moderate absorbency with a thin design that gives you trusted protection in a thin, comfortable design. Silhouette Active Fit has a lower rise and is available in black or beige to stylishly complement your wardrobe. You can find out more about all of the products the Depend brand has as well as product samples at

So let’s keep talking about this. Let’s make sure women know that if they are dealing with bladder leakage they are not alone. This is not uncommon. Let’s spread the word that there are products, like Silhouette Active Fit, that are far more effective than using maxi pads, and more discreet and comfortable than the “old” bladder leakage products were.  You can feel confident and in control. You can put on that favourite dress that you look at longingly every time you open the closet and wear it with confidence.

Pamper Yourself this Holiday Season (giveaway)

Depend, the makers of Silhouette Active Fit, would like to help you feel your best this holiday season. That’s why they are offering you the chance to win a $150 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card! I’m pretty sure you can do quite a bit of pampering with a prize like that.

Giveaway is open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) age 18 and over. Enter using the rafflecopter form below. Good luck!


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  1. Looking my best and a smile makes me feel confident.

  2. I feel confident when I wear my favourite pair of jeans. They are comfortable which means that I am comfortable in whatever situation I am in.

  3. A great dress makes me feel confident. 😉

  4. With my MS sometimes i have leakage but knowing i have a good personal gives me  confidence.

  5. Staying dry, and looking nice.

  6. Having a good hair and makeup day makes me feel confident

  7. Researching the heck out of anything and everything so that my introverted self can blend into the wall paper makes me feel confident. Invisibility makes me confident 

  8. When I look good, I feel confident

  9. I wrote a blog post awhile ago about this issue many of us women have! 
    My recent post As my wife slept soundly by my side, she climbed into our bed

  10. I'm confident when I put a smile on my face, and when I help someone else always makes me feel great! 

  11. I feel confident when I notice myself getting stronger at the gym

  12. A good hair day, clothing choice( and deodorant) all make me more confident.

  13. when i cross something off my to do list, i feel confident!


  15. Working out makes me feel confident

  16. Having a bright shade of lipstick on always makes me feel confident.

  17. Getting my hair and my make up done make's me feel confident

  18. being happy with who I am & not who I think I should be makes me confident

  19. When I get my hair done

    What I great pic BTW 

  20. I feel confident when I am prepared.

  21. Just being myself and humor makes me confident

  22. a good hair cut and blow out!

  23. Looking good, having  myself put together.. I am a stay at home mom and I dont always get or take the time 

  24. A great pair of shoes!

  25. Having my hair and make up all done up usually makes me feel confident, Then there are times when I don't have anything done and I still feel confident.

  26. doing a great job makes me feel confident

  27. I feel confident when I know my clothes fit right and my hair is looking good.

  28. My daughter’s help me with my confidence! They make me laugh and feel like my old self again 🙂 tysm

  29. I feel confident when I am in my home entertaining my family

  30. Dressing up and HEELS make me feels confident!

  31. Having gotten older makes me more confident.  Not 1/2 as self conscious as I use to be.

  32. I feel confident when my hubby gives me compliments.

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  33. Having lip gloss on and nice shoes!

  34. I feel confident after doing my makeup and wearing a cute outfit! 

  35. When my clothes feel like they fit proper. That is when I feel confident.

  36. A good hair day and my husband makes me feel confident – Jonnie

  37. wearing a really nice outfit sometimes makes me feel confident 

  38. my heart makes me feel confident. if I follow my heart then I'm good

  39. Sometimes I just wake up confident. Sometimes it is nothing that makes me except my own belief. 

  40. A new outfit!

  41. A great outfit makes me feel confident

  42. When I get a new outfit and do my hair and makeup

  43. A new outfit and a good hair style makes me feel confident. 

  44. My family by my side makes me fell confident 🙂

  45. A new hair cut/color always has my confidence up!!   That & a new pair of shoes  🙂

  46. Styling my hair makes me feel confident

  47. Feeling good about myself makes me feel confident.

  48. a new hair cut always makes me feel more conifdent

  49. Knowing where I want to be in my life & making my goal thought out the stages!

  50. Getting my hair and nails done.

  51. Taking a couple extra minutes doing my hair and choosing my clothing in the morning, makes me feel more confident.

  52. a touch of mascara and lipstick

  53. When I have an outfit on that I think makes me look good it helps me to feel confident.

  54. I feel confident when I look good

  55. A good hair day makes me confident!

  56. After a workout makes me feel confident

  57. A new outfit always makes me stand up a little straighter. 
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  58. wearing new socks

  59. I feel confident when I'm comfortable, when I'm organized and when I'm happy. If I don't take care of myself physically (like not sleep enough) that can affect my confidence as well.

  60. When I am happy and feeling healthy.

  61. I feel better when I am properly rested because, I’m not grouchy and can remember things. I take the time to prepare the things that I’ll need the following day the night before, check the weather and dress appropriately, as I hate being caught unprepared. Without preparedness, confidence will not flow naturally.

  62. Wearing a nice, new outfit makes me feel confident!

  63. Getting dolled up for a night out!

  64. When my hair looks good I feel more confident.

  65. having some mascara on and lip color helps me feel confident

  66. My favourite shirt makes me feel confident!

  67. looking great makes me feel confident!

  68. dressing nice and when I look good

  69. Having my hair and makeup just right makes me feel like I can take on the word.

  70. Wearing my favorite comfortable clothes and just blow drying my hair make me feel better

  71. a new hair cut and colour helps make me feel confident 

  72. I feel confident when I get exercise every day

  73. What makes me feel most confident is being myself, I wake up every morning and look in the mirror and as long as I’m alive, I’m confident happy and ready to go for the day. thanks 4 the chance to win

  74. I feel confident when I am having a great hair day and I have makeup on.  

  75. Red lipstick

  76. I mostly feel confident when I have researched material of the matter I am discussing.

  77. Having a relaxing shower, then feeling fresh and looking good combined with being in a stress-free and energized mood.

  78. I feel my best when I'm dressed up and makeup is on!1

  79. My husband and kids make me feel confident, even in my worse moments they are always there to give me a compliment and tell me how great I am. Also .. a great haircut is a bonus haha

  80. I feel confident when i am dressed up and looking my best! Also when i just get my hair done makes me feel confident too!

  81. Feeling good looking good haven't felt that great about myself radiation has changed me 

  82. Being active outside makes me confident!

  83. When I look good, I feel confident

  84. Good fitting clothes make me feel confident!

  85. having my hair done makes me confident

  86. Great high heels. It's an instant boost for me. 

  87. I feel confident when I know I've done the best job I can do.

  88. Be true to myself

  89. Wearing nice clothes and shoes makes me feel confident.

  90. When I look my best I feel confident

  91. Smiling always makes me feel more confident!!

  92. I feel confident when I manage to get out of the house on time!

  93. I only need to spend an extra few minutes on hair and makeup to feel confident and pretty

  94. When I'm wearing a new dress!

  95. I feel most confident when I have slept the night before 🙂

  96. I feel confident in a nice dress 

  97. I always feel more confident if I have something new to wear – even something as small as a new hair tie or accessory!

  98. flattering clothes, wearing makeup and dressing up rafflecopter charityk

  99. I feel confident when I wear a great outfit!

  100. a nice perfume

  101. A good fitting shirt makes me feel comfy 

  102. a nice hair cut new clothes 

  103. Dressing up and doing my hair and makeup makes me feel great!!!

  104. my outlook on life and positive attitude

  105. having a good hair day and armpits dry and smelling nice.

  106. A new outfit, mantras and putting a little self-care time in.

  107. I think being strong make me confident! 

  108. when I am well rested and all dressed up with a gorgeous pair of shoes, I can do anything! shoes are my cape!

  109. When my hair looks good.

  110. My smile makes me confident. After years of painful braces, I love smiling and it makes me feel great.

  111. A good hair day makes me feel confident!

  112. A new outfit, a great hair day!

  113. I feel confident when I dress up,put on makeup and have good hair.

  114. Looking my best and when I have prep time before hand also helps.

  115. Working out and eating right makes me feel confident and proud of myself.

  116. Wearing something I feel good in makes me feel confident 

  117. New hair cut 🙂 

  118. I feel confident going to Christmas parties. I'm an extrovert and love meeting new people.

  119. I love exercising – that makes me super confident! 😉

  120. when i get a good haircut

  121. New hair cut ! 

  122. A new haircut!

  123. I feel my best when I am having a good hair day. If I have to fiddle with my hair too much, it distracts me. 

  124. I feel confident when I am comfortable in my clothing and with my friends

  125. getting my makeup done

  126. I feel confident in a great pair of jeans and boots.

  127. Being informed in life, using my intelligence to my best advantage..that's what makes me feel confident.

  128. When I'm wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in, I feel confident. 

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
    My recent post Discover all that the Outaouais Region Has to Offer You and Your Family #travel

  129. When I dress up and put on contacts and makeup

  130. It's more of an inner thing than an outer thing, for me…..if I remind myself that nobody is perfect, and that it's okay to have a couple flaws, then I feel confident, because I'm being realistic.

  131. I always feel more confident when I workout regularily. It justs boosts my self esteem and makes me feel stong 

  132. I feel more confident after getting my hair highlighted and styled.

  133. I feel confident after I've had my hair done.

  134. After a good hour workout makes me feel confident!

  135. Standing tall and walking on an open street or sidewalk makes me confident.

  136. a killer pair of boots makes me confident

  137. engaging in self care

  138. After I get my hair cut and colored I feel so fresh & revitalized, it's a super confidence booster!

  139. I feel confident when I get all dressed up!

  140. A well made hair and nice clothes.

  141. What makes me feel confident is my positive attitude and outlook on life. 

  142. When I look good, I feel good. Confident 

  143. working out. thanks

  144. A great outfit makes me feel confident.

  145. I do always feel better and more confident after leaving the hair salon…

  146. Hair cut and a new set of clothes! 

  147. Knowing I'm doing well at my job, relationship and life in general!
    New outfit never fails either….

  148. I love to feel comfortable in clothes that fit right. I love to dress up but nothing in my closet fits.I dread going shopping but I need a new wardrobe that fits. The SDM card would be a great asset, I would feel so comfortable checking out these new depends,no more bulk that makes me feel uncomfortable.
    My recent post Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

  149. I feel confident when I am freshly showered (clean) and dressed – no matter what I am wearing, I feel confident knowing that each day I am going to be the best I can be.

  150. good makeup and clothes

  151. Looking good & being prepared!

  152. New hair cut for sure.

  153. Wearing a beautiful Ref Lipstick and my favorite fragrance helps me feel confident! 

  154. A well put together outfit and enough sleep makes me confident!

  155. Nicely done hair 😉

  156. hair cut and style

  157. Having a good hair day makes me feel confident! 

  158. I confident when I'm comfortable.

  159. margaux retrophiliac
    Friday 18 December 2015, 1:22 pm

    being myself makes me confident

  160. having my hair and makeup done makes me feel confident.

  161. When my hair and makeup are done 🙂

  162. I feel most confident when I'm happy.

  163. I feel confident when I have a good haircut.

  164. I feel good when I put some makeup on in the morning.

  165. When I'm healthy

  166. My family makes me feel confident.

  167. Good fitting clothes and a new hairdo gives me lots of confidence.
    My recent post Stocking Stuffer Ideas From Thermos #GiftGuide

  168. I feel confident

  169. not worrying what others think of me!

  170. I feel confident when Ive been laughing with friends and Im healthy. Those two things together are the powerhouse behind my confidence.

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