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Swapping Smart with Zevia - Outside The Box

Swapping Smart with Zevia

  • 3rd November 2015

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Swapping Smart with Zevia

I’m going to go right ahead and admit that I really enjoy soda. I know that might not jive with the healthy lifestyle that I talk about, and that I lead but it’s true. The fact is indulging in a favorite treat is perfectly fine. As I like to say “all things in moderation.”  And sometimes you can even find a way to make that not so healthy treat a little less sinful.

If you’re curious about making some smart swaps in your diet a great place to look is The Healthy Shopper. If you’re not familiar with the Healthy Shopper you’ve really been missing out.  It is an excellent resource if you are looking to eat healthy and not break the bank.  They have developed a coupon book for natural and organic products that is distributed in more than 450 healthy food stores across Canada (the book can also be ordered online for the small cost of shipping).  To find out where to pick up your free coupon book of healthy savings just visit the “find the book” section of the site. You can also get a preview of what’s inside.

Now back to my soda…I know a lot of people get concerned about the ingredients in most sodas. Sugar is often the main culprit when it comes to people’s hesitation to drink soda. Of course there are plenty of sodas out there that have replaced the sugar with artificial sweeteners but not everyone is comfortable with that either. And then there are artificial colours, most often caramel colour, in soda that a lot of people would rather avoid. But there’s good news if you like to have a nice cold soda but what to stay clear of those artificial ingredients. Zevia has got you covered. You may have heard of, or even tried Zevia before. It might already be a favorite. It’s been on the market for a while now. Zevia is a zero calorie soda that is sweetened with natural ingredients – Stevia, Monk Fruit and Erythritol. But what’s new with Zevia is that every flavour, even the cola and rootbeer, are now clear!


It might seem a little odd to pour yourself a nice cold glass of clear root beer, and to be honest it was at first, but the flavour hasn’t changed at all so you really aren’t missing anything but an ingredient that you really don’t need.

Zevia comes in 11 great flavours in Canada including your typical soda flavours like cola, ginger ale and root beer and a whole range of fruit flavours like strawberry, orange and grape.


With the holidays fast approaching and more and more people becoming aware of what’s in the food and drinks they enjoy Zevia is perfect to have on hand during your festive get togethers. They also make a nice little stocking stuffer! You can pick yours up at Safeway, Loblaw’s, Bulk Barn, Shoppers, London Drug, Real Canadian Super Store, Sobeys, Whole Foods Market and tons of other grocery, mass and natural food stores at $5.99 for a six pack.

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  1. I heard a lot about this brand but never tried it. I like all the different flavour choices and would start with ginger ale. 
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  2. i would love to try the ginger root beer. this is great product to have in the house when hosting a get together!

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