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Church & Dwight Holiday #Giveaway (CAN 11/30) - Outside The Box

Church & Dwight Holiday #Giveaway (CAN 11/30)

Church & Dwight Holiday #Giveaway (CAN 11/30)

Oh my word I can’t believe that we are half way through November already! I have to admit that usually by this time I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit but we’ve had an unseasonably warm November here in Saskatchewan and the few flakes of snow that have fallen are long gone. My grass is still as green as it was in August! I considered digging out the outdoor decorations and lights today and putting them up but thought maybe I should cut the grass first.

I may need a little boost to get me into holiday mode this year. Maybe it’s time to sit down and start to make some lists – gifts to buy, holiday events to go to, what goodies I’m going to bake this year. Or perhaps I should find a good holiday movie for the whole family to snuggle on the couch and watch.

A Festive Giveaway for your Family

Well if you need any help to get into the holiday spirit I have just the thing for you! How about an awesome gift basket full of goodies that you can either keep for yourself or stuff into your loved ones stockings. There’s a little something for everyone here.  

The gift basket comes stuffed with treats from some your family’s most trust brands:

For the health conscience some of my all time favorite gummy vitamins:

Vitafusion™ Men’s Complete Multivitamin

Vitafusion™ Women’s Complete Multivitamin

vita fusionTo keep the sugar bugs away:

Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Deep Clean Manual Toothbrush (you’ll love this brush)

Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Rejuvenating Toothpaste

Arm & Hammer™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ My Little Pony™ Battery Brush

Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Super Mario Bros™ Battery Brush

arm & hammer oral careA couple of beauty must haves:

Nair™ Moroccan Argan Oil Face Wax

Batiste™ Blush Dry Shampoo

To help soothe Santa’s muscles after a hard day’s work:   

RUB A535™ Nighttime

And just in case the holiday’s bring some tummy troubles:

Gravol™ Natural Source Ginger Liquid Gels

Gravol™ Multi-symptom™


Approximate retail value of the festive gift basket is $100. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents (except Quebec) age 18 and over. Enter using the rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  1. I have done nothing really but do have some gifts stored away in a closet!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  2. So far all I have done is buy my daughters' Christmas dresses. Oh, and we've booked quite a few Christmas events onto our calendar, which took lots of coordinating with friends and family but luckily we were able to fit everything, and everyone, in! Can't wait for all the festivities to begin! We should have put up our Christmas lights today because it was a nice sunny day, but too many errands got in the way.

  3. I put out a table top snowman!  And I have been talking to friends and looking online for gift ideas.

  4. I've started doing a massive clean-up and purge of my house to get ready for my company and all the entertaining.

  5. We put up our christmas tree and stockings TODAY!

  6. I have started my shopping and getting ready to pull the decor out 

  7. I have started Christmas shopping, and planning my Christmas Day menu!

  8. I've made a stocking, and started to think about food. 

  9. I have bought afew gifts, but I'm nowhere near done.  I did do some baking as well and that got eaten out of the freezer!

  10. I have bought a few gifts so far and we will put up the tree within the next week

  11. I haven't done anything yet thinking this weekend i will get on it

  12. I haven’t done anything yet. Thought about putting up the tree…but it was just a thought. Lol

  13. I've got a lot (most) of my shopping done, and I've already started decorating.

  14. I've done a lot of 'thinking' about it… lol

  15. Picked up a few gifts but have lots to do.

  16. All I have done so far is get a few gifts and hopefully going to be decorating this weekend!!

  17. for the first time in many years i am almost finished the gift shopping!

  18. I have been doing some price comparing and bought a few little things.

  19. I have all my kids presents purchased and wrapped. Online shopping helped a lot. Their birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas so I like to be prepared.

    Besos, Sarah
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  20. I’ve made a list of the things I need and I saved money to buy them. At least it’s a start

  21. I don't usually start getting ready for the holidays until the beginning of December. I will start with decorating.

  22. I finished my holiday shopping last week.  So glad to have that out of the way!

  23. We are just planning what to get for gift at the moment

  24. We put our Christmas lights up yesterday.

  25. I have picked up a couple gifts but I still have lots to do to get ready!

  26. We have been watching Xmas movies!!!

  27. I've strung one set of lights in my kitchen so far, that's it! Lots to do in the upcoming weeks.

  28. I've purchased a few decorations to add to the tree. That's about it!

  29. I haven't done anything yet. Dec 1st I'll start.

  30. I have a few crafts ready and have bought Xmas pjs for us all!

  31. so far I have done absolutely nothing!

  32. I ordered a few gifts so far, that is about it. 

  33. I have decorated the front door, tree outside and hung garland on my porch.

  34. We have put up our Christmas lights.

  35. I started some shopping

  36. I've purchased a few gifts & gift cards.

  37. I've done a whole bunch of shopping already!

  38. To get ready so far for the holidays, I have taken down the Halloween decorations! lol Seriously, I have been checking out many Gift Guides and reviews to get some great ideas and narrow down my purchases. I've had my little one look at some items to see if they appeal to her. I want to find some good educational toys and games.

  39. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't done anything yet! I'm going shopping with a girlfriend on Sunday so I'm hoping to get lots of the gifts!

  40. I have gotten most gifts now. Decorating won't start until December!

  41. I have started to shop and a bit of decorating, been sick so I haven't had the energy to do much more

  42. we are going to be putting up the tree soon rafflecopter hcarityk

  43. I have picked up a few gifts. Need to find the decorations

  44. I am ashamed to admit it..but nothing

  45. picked up a few gifts, bought the advent calenders, brought out the holiday everyday dishes , the reindeer cookie jar and cookie cutters…planning the gingerbread house.

  46. I have finished my Christmas shopping.

  47. Not much yet. I am not quite into the holiday groove yet.

  48. I have a few gifts picked up but no where near done!

  49. So far, I've gotten quite a bit of shopping done and have made lists for shopping, baking and decorating.


  50. I've done some early shopping online, but that's all. Thanks for the chance to win. – Anne S.

  51. To be honest i dont do much for Christmas well not in the way of decorating.I will have my tree put up on the 21th.My most important part of Christmas is having all the family around

  52. I am half way through my Christmas shopping!

  53. I haven't done anything yet :/

  54. Lol…I haven't done anything yet…it's only Nov 16!

  55. i have a couple of my Christmas gfits done already, still need to do more and put the tree up

  56. Oh I'm almost done. One more shopping trip to get my son hair clippers, and then some chocolates for the kids stockings and I am done my Christmas shopping! Just need to get wrap, and the items to make Christmas dinner. I even have almost everything I need to do my Christmas baking (except butter and other perishable items…all non-perishables have been purchased!). 

  57. I have sent all the gifts out west already.

  58. My shopping is all done except stocking stuffers and I got the Christmas lights up outside.

  59. I set up my christmas tree and done the big gifts for the kids

  60. So far I have about half of my shopping done.

  61. I've been out shopping for Christmas gifts & gathering ideas since October to get a few things here & there, so now I'm 1/4 of the way done atleast.

  62. I bought my kids a few gifts

  63. We just went and saw Santa Claus parade.  Next weekend we decorate 🙂

  64. I have most of the gifts bought, in Dec I will put up my tree and decorations

  65. I only have a gift for my mom so far. It is too early yet for me to start shopping and decorating.

  66. So far I've purchased Christmas cards and collected Christmas gift wish lists!

  67. Readying a few pies to freeze so they can be baked just before the big dinner.

  68. All of my shopping is done! I just need to bake!

  69. I start shopping in September, I do buy items throughout the year tho, its less pressure, I dont have any 🙂 so happy for that

  70. We have put up some Christmas lights.

  71. we have just started shopping

  72. i`ve done most of my Christmas shopping,about 20% left to go!

  73.  I haven't had a chance to get started on shopping but I will soon I'm sure!

  74. I haven't done anything yet.

  75. I am saddened to report that I have done nothing to get ready for the holidays as of yet. I've been bad this year. I'll be gearing up soon though. Part of the reason is that hubby does not and dare not even think about Christmas or the holidays until at least December 1st. (bah humbug he is -lol-) If it were up to me I'd be National Lampooning all the way! LOL

  76. I've picked up a few gifts and have started digging out our decorations, but that's it so far.

    – amber y

  77. Outside Christmas lights are going up tomorrow.  I have done 1/2 my Christmas shopping.

  78. Early yet but decorate and bought stocking stuffers

  79. I have not done anything for the holidays yet.  Time to look for the tree in the basement somewhere.

  80. Picked up a few gifts here and there.

  81. I've not done anything yet!

  82. Honestly not much , in the middle of trying to get a few rooms painted before the New year at least .. Have a few gifts collected from the year but not much more than that .. 

  83. every week I buy at least one gift for each family member, i'm starting my cleaning (spring cleaning) also.. walls, blinds, cupboards, purging.

  84. The house is light inside and out and we just took the rest of the decorations down tonight. Feeling the Christmas spirit early this year. Last year it took forever. I think I'm making up for lost time. 

  85. @pixee1 put up the tree today

  86. Shopping and baking have both commenced!

  87. I started my Christmas shopping already and I have organized a few rooms in the house for when guests come to stay.

  88. Started shopping this weekend

  89. I've started shopping, about half way done! 

  90. I have started Christmas shopping

  91. billiondollarprincesss
    Sunday 22 November 2015, 9:57 pm

    I just put up my tree today.

  92. I have not really started at all!

  93. I've got 3 big boxes of Christmas presents already bought down in my basement.

  94. I have done about half of my gift shopping and I have what I need to make pies for Christmas dinners. We'll be putting up the tree and decorating next Monday. I'm hoping to be done buying gifts by the end of this month!

  95. I have a couple gifts that's it!

  96. I wish I had done more to get ready, but I've only purchased 2 gifts. I really need to get into the swing.
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  97. To be honest, I’ve only started browsing for gifts so far. The tree and decorations go up tomorrow 😉

  98. So far I have bought 3 presents and planned in my head for the rest!

  99. Christmas lights out, tree up on Sunday and making meat pies today.

  100. To get ready for the holidays I am cleaning my house from top to bottom.  I am also making handmade/homemade gifts this year.  I am not finished with the gifts but hopefully I will be before Christmas.

  101. I have taken out the boxes of ornaments to get ready for the decorating of Christmas tree next weekend and I have about 1/3 of my holiday shopping done

  102. Done lots of shopping, decorating soon!

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