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Chocolate & Salted Toffee Potato Chips - Outside The Box

Chocolate & Salted Toffee Potato Chips

Chocolate & Salted Toffee Potato Chips

Sweet and salty is one of my all time flavour combinations. They complement each other so well and when you throw in a crispy texture it really is food perfection. Chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite sweet and salt snacks. This year I noticed chocolate covered potato chips in the grocery stores and I was intrigued. I have yet to try and of the ones on the store shelves for a couple of reasons. First I’m a little picky about my chocolate and also because the ones in the store are entirely covered in chocolate and that just seems a bit much. There needs to be a good balance of crunch, salt and sweet. But I do like the idea of a crunchy potato chip dipped in some good chocolate. But why stop there? If you’re going to do something you might as well do it right. I wanted to punch up the salt and the crunch on my chips so once they were dipped in the chocolate I sprinkled them with crunchy Hershey’s Skor Toffee Bits and just a bit of coarse sea salt. They are so easy to make and are perfect not only to serve as a snack at your next dinner party but are a great pairing to serve along side your after dinner coffee or tea.

I dip some of the chips in Hershey’s Chipits Dark Chocolate Chips and some in the Milk Chocolate Chips. You can do them all in one or the other if you prefer.

chocolate potato chips

Chocolate & Salted Toffee Potato Chips


  • 1 bag of good quality ripple chips
  • 1 cup of Hershey’s Chipits Dark Chocolate Chips
  • 1 cup of Hershey’s Chipits Milk Chocolate Chips
  • 1 cup of Hershey’s Chipits Skor Tofefe Bits
  • Sea salt


Place one cup of the chocolate chips in a small microwavable bowl. Heat on high for 30 seconds. Remove and stir. Continue to heat in 10 second increments, stirring between each one, until the chips are smooth and completely melted.

Place a baking tray on the counter over top of a piece of wax paper to catch any drippings. Grab a chip and dip half of it in the melted chocolate. Hold the chip over the bowl for a second to let any excess chocolate drip off. If you want your chocolate to be a a little thinner on the chip gently run the dull side of a bitter knife on the chip to scrape off a bit. Holding the chip in  your hand, sprinkle it liberally on both sides with the Skor toffee bits. Lay on the wire rack. Repeat until your rack is full.

chocolate toffee chips

Sprinkle each chip lightly with sea salt. Move the wire rack to the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to set. Do as many or as few as you would like. 1 cup of chocolate will do quite a few chips so if you don’t need that many just melt less chocolate.

Store in an air tight container in a somewhat cool location (probably not your kitchen if you are doing your holiday baking).

Eat, share, enjoy!

chocolate toffee chips



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