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Mom Down! Back To School Bugs Got Me. Daytime TV Sucks. And a Giveaway! - Outside The Box

Mom Down! Back To School Bugs Got Me. Daytime TV Sucks. And a Giveaway!

Mom Down! Back To School Bugs Got Me. Daytime TV Sucks. And a Giveaway!

Until a few weeks ago I cannot tell you the last time I had to take a sick day at work that was for ME. I’ve used up plenty of sick days to stay home and care for my daughter but it’s very rare that I get more than a few sniffles. But last month it got me. Between being around sneezing, hacking people at work at my daughter being around sneezing, hacking kids at both school and daycare a bug made it’s way home. Luckily my daughter was able to to get over it pretty quickly and it barely even affected her. But this time I was not so lucky. This bug hit me hard. And fast. I went to work one morning feeling like maybe I was getting a cold. Although I also have bad allergies and there are times it’s really hard to tell the difference between them acting up and the first sign of a cold coming on. By that night I was sick. My throat hurt, my nose was like a faucet and I was exhausted. I went to bed early hoping that would help but I woke up the next morning feeling even worse.

My husband got Molly off for the day and I was in the unusual position of being home, all day, alone. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I was too sick to do much. Even sitting at the computer trying to do some writing proved to be difficult. And the stuffy head and watery eyes took sinking into a good book of the table. So I resigned myself to laying on the couch and watching TV. It seemed like a luxury that I haven’t had in years. It was not a luxury. Do you know why? Because daytime TV sucks. Soap operas, inane talk shows or reruns of Law & Order. This only added to my agony. Being bored and sick is miserable. Oh wait, there is something even worse than being bored and sick  – being bored, sick and so stuffed up you can’t taste anything. I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re famished, you need to eat, you want to eat. But you take a bite and, nothing. No taste at all. It’s actually disgusting. Chewing away on something you can’t even taste. Yuck.

The good news is I didn’t stay sick for long. As awful as I felt for a couple of days I bounced back pretty quickly and didn’t have to trade any more work for mind numbing daytime television (have you actually seen The View??). So how did I get over such an awful bug so quickly? Certainly it could have just been one of those viruses that just hits hard but doesn’t last. At the same time it’s also possible, and probable, that because I make a conscience effort to take care of myself that it helped me get over it relatively quickly. Last month I shared my tips for keeping kids healthy and help them avoid, or recover faster from the bugs that go around. Of course those tips – like washing your hands properly, eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep (to name a few) aren’t just good tips for kids. They work for us grown ups as well.

And sometimes you just need to take something to help you through it. Over the counter products like ibuprofen can be great for helping with the pain of  a sore throat or bring down fevers but they do little to actually fight a bug and don’t touch many symptoms at all. There are cold products at the drug store but I worry about their safety and other than making me dopey I don’t find them very effective and we know they aren’t safe for young children at all. What I do feel good about is reaching for natural remedies from Orange Naturals. They have a really good selection of products for both adults and kids to help with a whole variety of cold and flu symptoms.

No matter what your needs are this fall as you send your kids off to school and work at maintaining your own health, Orange Naturals has something to help.  Be sure to stop by the #onatural blog to get lots of great tips and advice for feeling your best and keeping your entire family healthy. You can also find Orange Naturals on Facebook for more information and fun!

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own


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  1. Increased handwashing or use of hand sanitizer, vitamins and proper sleep/exercise/diet.

  2. i wash my hands alot and disinfect things like door knobs etc

  3. Staying active has worked the best for me. 

  4. Face masks in areas of common high contamination (I’m currently immune compromised)

  5. Get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated to keep your immune system healthy. Thanks for the chance. Rafflecopter name is

    Jonnie J

  6. We are a family of hand washers! best way to keep infection out of the body.

  7. Lots of handwashing and vitamins and supplements for the kids!  Lot of sleep too!

  8. Stay hydrated, and get lots of rest.

  9. Make sure to wash your hands and take vitamins and stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep!

  10. lots of sleep, take my vitamins and drink lots of fluids.

  11. Washing hands lots

  12. Eat plenty of fruit and veg and wash your hands frequently!

  13. homemade chicken noodle soup and wash your hands rafflecopter charityk

  14. We just do what we normally do, try to eat veggies, drink water and wash hands! 

  15. Hand washing, extra vitamin C and a goodnight sleep are what help keep my family healthy 🙂

  16. Taking vitamins, washing hands, eating healthy and sanitizing everything.

  17. We take extra vitamin C during cold and flu season.

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