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Focus on My City - Regina Farm to Table Adventure #FordFocus - Outside The Box

Focus on My City – Regina Farm to Table Adventure #FordFocus

Focus on My City – Regina Farm to Table Adventure #FordFocus

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to get in a Ford Focus and spend the day exploring your community? It’s not an easy decision to make. But after throwing around a few ideas a light bulb went off and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. September in Saskatchewan means harvest time. And while that may put visions of combines in wheat fields in your head (and mine) harvest time encompasses far more than the grains that this province is so well known for.

So Saturday morning I headed down to my local Ford dealership to pick up the Focus. I eagerly hopped into the sporty red beauty, started the engine and away I went. Well almost. The Focus is a six speed with a standard transmission. The fact that the car is a standard was not exactly the problem. I can drive a stick as well as anybody. But for the life of me I could not find reverse. I assure you this is not a design flaw but a direct result of a driver who is use to driving vintage vehicles where finding reverse often takes more than a little finesse – in other words finding reverse in this car was just plain easier than I was use to. But a friendly Ford employee showed me reverse and away I went.

As I was driving home to pick up my family for the day’s adventure I was glad that I had done some reading about the Focus ahead of time. Otherwise I may have been a little horrified the first time I stopped at a red light, took my foot of the clutch and the engine stopped. This is the Ford Auto Stop-Start feature. Even though the engine itself turns off everything else in the car stays running.

Once I got the car home, strapping the booster seat in the back was a breeze and Molly loved that she didn’t have a huge climb to get in like she does with my SUV and her dad’s truck.

car seat


ford focus

And I LOVE the rear view camera, especially since we live in a neighbourhood with quite a few kids…and cats!


We started our day at one my family’s favorite destinations in Regina – The Regina Farmer’s Market. The market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday in beautiful downtown Regina.

downtown regina


regina downtown

Although we visit the market often throughout the year, fall is easily my favorite time to go.  This time of year the vendor’s tables are overflowing with spectacular looking (and tasting) fresh produce.

regina farmers market

Of course we also have our more perennial favorites that we visit each and every time we go the farmer’s market, like The Cookie Lady, Mr. Spudds Poutinerie and  our visit would not be complete without stopping to have a balloon creation made.

Regina Cookie Lady


Mr. Spudds Poutine



Our next stop would take us out of Regina and into the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley. I absolutely love this drive in the fall. The views out in the Lumsden area with all of the fall colors is spectacular. And I have to tell you driving through the valley in this sporty car was a lot of fun. It handles the hills (yes Saskatchewan has hills) with ease and it was just a fun ride.

ford focus


ford focus

When we arrived at Lincoln Farms the first things we saw were pumpkins. So many pumpkins. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

pumpkin farm

We were barely out of the car and Molly was picking out her favorites. But how do you even pick? It was tough to narrow it down and to be honest I wasn’t even sure we were going to fit all the pumpkins we picked out into the car.

pumpkin farm

But we did. Easily in fact. Eight pumpkins, none of them under 20 pounds (the biggest tipped the scales at 32 pounds) easily fit in the trunk of the Focus.

ford focus

As much as the giant pumpkins were a hit, Molly was fascinated with the smaller ornamental pumpkins and gourds on the farm, as well as the pretty multi colored corn. She had a great time picking out a few treasures while I was once again drawn to the fresh produce and freshly canned goodies too.



fresh produce


pickled peppers

After our day exploring the farmer’s market and driving out to the country to take in more farm fresh goodness we got ourselves cleaned up and back into our “city” clothes to have dinner at a local gem – Flip Eatery.




flipp eatery

We chose Flip not just because they serve delicious food but also because they use local ingredients in many of their dishes. I’ll be honest, even though our five year old is not an overly picky eater, I wasn’t quite sure if there was a particular dish on the menu that was going to jump out for her. But then I saw perogies and creme fraiche and knew we had a winner. For my husband and I the choice was a little harder simply because there were so many great items to pick from.flippfood

Dinner was amazing and we all left the restaurant full and happy and with enough of my awesome chicken left over to have for lunch the next day (it was a lot of chicken!). After dinner we hopped back in the Focus and cruised around the downtown a bit. It just felt like a cool thing to do when you’re driving a sporty, bright red car. The next day we had to return the Focus. My husband stopped to fill it with gas before dropping it off and it cost a grand total of $5 to fill the tank after our adventures yesterday! I knew it wouldn’t take much since the needle on the gas tank barely moved but I was still surprised by $5.

What I liked about the 2015 Ford Focus 1.0L SE:

  • The fuel efficiency is superb
  • The Focus surprised me with it’s responsiveness and sporty feel
  • It feels bigger than it looks
  • I love the rear view camera and reverse sensing system
  • The heating steering wheel would be awesome in winter

My family and I had a blast touring around in the Ford Focus exploring Regina and the valley, taking in some of the local sights and goodies. The Focus is a blast to drive, very comfortable, easy on the eyes and incredibly fuel efficient.


Disclosure: Although I received reimbursement for the expenses incurred during our trip, all opinions are 100% my own.

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