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Redefining the "Dad Bod" - Outside The Box

Redefining the “Dad Bod”

Redefining the “Dad Bod”

My husband has always been reasonably fit. He was never really one to go to the gym but his work is quite physical and often labour intensive and we tend to eat healthy so he managed to stay in pretty good shape. But life changes and you sometimes rethink your priorities and have to adjust your lifestyle to make it all work.

Shortly after our daughter was born my husband made the decision to quite smoking. And he stuck to it. That is a huge accomplishment. During that time he also hit a milestone – he turned 40. Now I know all about being over 40 and what that means in terms of staying fit and healthy. It means, for most of us, you have to step up your game, work harder and be more conscience about what you are putting into your body. And it happened. It wasn’t drastic. At all. But very slowly my husband did start to feel the subtle effects of getting a little older. The days of relying on his work to keep his body in tip top shape were over. So, once again he decided to make a change. There was no way he was going to let it slide and settle for the stereo typical “dad bod” that we’ve been hearing all about.

When I first heard the term dad bod I cringed. So did my husband. And the premise that “women love the dad bod” had me shaking my head. For so many reasons. Can you imagine if we starting hearing “men love the mom bod”? That would just not be acceptable. Neither should this. We love who we love. I honestly did not care that my husband was not in the exact same shape he was when I met him. But he did and that’s all that mattered. So he made the commitment to do something about that.  He wanted to feel good about himself, to feel healthy, to be a good role model for our daughter.

Making lifestyle changes and finding the time to get active are not always easy things to accomplish. But if you are motivated enough you just make it work. You find an hour in your day to squeeze in a work out. Some weeks finding that time (and motivation) is easy and some weeks it seems nearly impossible. But you do what you can when you can because every little bit of it makes a difference. You take that extra 5 minutes in the morning or evening to pack a lunch to avoid dashing out for fast food or, just as bad, not eating lunch at all. You set goals and you work towards them. They key is getting to that place where you are doing it for yourself.  You shouldn’t embrace the “dad bod” because the media tells you its what women want. And you shouldn’t set out to be “rock hard” because magazines say you should.

My husband made that decision. For himself. And for his family. Now we both go to the gym when we can, we jump on the trampoline with our daughter or take her biking or, her new favorite thing to do with dad – skate boarding. We think more about what we eat and take a few supplements that help us both with our health goals. We feel good. We look good. We are setting a great example for our daughter about what it means to be healthy and take care of your body.  We also are teaching her that people comes in all shapes and sizes. That there is no such thing as a perfect body. Being healthy is about respecting your body and treating it well.

Do I love the “dad bod”? Well, there is no such thing. Becoming a father does not destine you to become out of shape and grow a beer belly. I love that my husband takes care of his health. I love that he feels good about his body. He is a dad (a great one) and he has a body (also great) so, in that context, yes I love the dad bod.



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  1. Great post! Just like there is no traditional "Mom bod", there is no traditional "Dad bod". GAH society drives me nutso sometimes!

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