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Gift Ideas for Five Year Old Girls - Outside The Box

Gift Ideas for Five Year Old Girls

Gift Ideas for Five Year Old Girls

I can’t believe I’m sitting here writing about gift ideas for 5 year olds! Why? Because that means my little girl is five. Every year I write a post about what things my daughter currently loves so I can share these as ideas for others looking to buy gifts for the same age. The ideas I post about are ones that my daughter either has or has used elsewhere. This is in no way a sponsored post – just things my daughter loves!

Sew Cool Sewing Machine – ARV $40


gifts for 5 year old girls

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This is currently my favorite thing. And Molly loves it too. It looks like a kid’s sewing machine but basically what it actually does, instead of sewing, is felting. The machine comes with a good supply of special felt like fabric, it has three needles, all of which are well covered, and it’s the pulsing action of the needles that “stitches” the felt together. There is no thread at all. It’s very easy to use and pretty safe as well.


Fashion Plates – AVR  $34.99

fashion plates

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I actually included these in my last post about gift ideas for 4 year old girls but they are still a hit so I thought I should mention them again.Do you remember these from your childhood?  I sure do.  I spent hours and hours playing with my Fashion Plates.  And now they are back!  They haven’t changed much either. These were an instant hit in our house and  the little one spends hours creating her own paper fashions.

Monster High UNO – ARV $6.99

monster high uno

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My five year old loves playing games. They play UNO at daycare and when I spotted this Monster High edition I knew she would love it. It’s a fun game the whole family can play and it’s a really great opportunity to teach some important skills. If Monster High isn’t your little one’s thing there is a good selection of other characters or just regular UNO.

Microphone – ARV $30 and under

gift ideas for 5 year old girls

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This is another item that my little one has had for a couple of years and never tires of (although we have the Hello Kitty version). She LOVES to sing and put on shows so the microphone gets a lot of use.

Crayola My Virtual Fashion Show – ARV $20

my virtual fashion show


We were actually lucky enough to receive this cool little kit to review and instantly fell in love with it. You can read all about our experience here. In a nutshell  – you download a free app on your smartphone or tablet, create your designs on paper, snap a picture and watch them come to life in a fashion show on your device. It’s really a lot of fun.

Rainbow Loom (or similiar) ARV – Varies

gift ideas for 5 year old girls

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Don’t worry too much about brand name here. I have bought several kits from various brands and really haven’t noticed a quality difference. For this age I find the simpler the kit the better. The one my daughter uses the most just has a simple 4 peg weaving thing (sorry I don’t know what the correct term is!) and its just right for her. You can find these all over the place in a variety of colors. It’s a nice little project to work on for busy hands.

Memory/Matching Games – ARV – $15 and up

gift ideas for 5 year old girls

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My daughter is amazing with memory games. She puts me to shame and loves every minute of it! You can find these in classic versions or there are plenty of familiar character ones your kids will love (we have My Little Pony).

Magazine Subscriptions – ARV Varies

There are a few options here. We subscribe to Chirp magazine here in Canada and it’s a hit. It’s full of interesting age appropriate facts, stories and craft ideas. National Geographic also has magazine for kids age 3-6 or one for kids age 6 and up. There’s something very special about getting mail (that’s not a bill) every month!

Activity Books – ARV Varies

My five year old loves doing things like connect the dots and mazes. We also are accumulating a small supply of school prep books which she really enjoys. The dollar store is a great place to find these.

Crafts – ARV Varies

This is another one of those things that I include every year in my gift ideas post because crafts just never go out of style. The list might change a little as kids get older though. Here are my current must haves:

  • stickers
  • beads and string
  • glitter glue
  • construction paper and plain white paper
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue and glue tape (my favorite because it’s not messy)
  • ribbon
  • paint crayons/markers/pencil crayons
  • paint brushes
  • scissors
  • tape
  • buttons
  • hole punch ( requires adult supervision but comes in very handy)
  • fabric and/or felt and large darning size needles and thread
  • clay
  • stencils

See my previous gift idea posts for more ideas!

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