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Frozen Birthday Party - Outside The Box

Frozen Birthday Party

Frozen Birthday Party

Well it happened. My little girl turned five! I cannot believe how quickly that happened. And of course a monumental occasion like turning five requires a party. This year she decided she wanted a Frozen party. To be honest I was surprised she went with Frozen. Not because she doesn’t love the movie and the music and everything about it, but because Molly tends to think outside the box and not always jump on the latest band wagon. Put I guess Elsa’s powers just lured her in this time.

Now if there is one thing I love, it is throwing a party. And a Frozen themed party really does leave the door open to so many possibilities. One of the things I actually liked about the idea of a Frozen party is that there isn’t much need to spend a lot of money on branded items. Blue, snow, ice, etc – you can save yourself a lot of money by using more generic winter decor and still pull off the theme quite easily. I did spend a lot of time preparing for this party because I tend to be a stickler for details but nothing was particularly difficult although the cake was a little time consuming.

The Dress

elsa dress patern

I knew Molly would love the idea of making a dress. As I mentioned above she tends to want to be slightly different from everyone else so a homemade dress that was nothing like what every other little girl has was perfect. At first I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. I can sew,a little, but it’s most definitely not my strong suit. But after searching around online for a pattern I finally came across one that I was pretty confident I could make and that I knew Molly would fall in love with . I found this amazing dress over at girl. Inspired. I instantly fell in love with it. And so did Molly. This was the dress.

It wasn’t too terribly complicated for a somewhat novice sewer like me to pull off. Now, if my sewing machine would have cooperated it would have went smoother but, unfortunately, both of my machines have been giving me nothing but trouble for a while now. So I did end up doing far more hand sewing than  machine sewing so that took longer but in the end it all came together and I have to tell you the absolute glee on my daughter’s face when she put the dress on for the first time was worth every hour I put into it. And the twirl!

Elsa Dress


Elsa Dress

The fill circle skirt on this Elsa dress has amazing twirl and what little girl doesn’t love that? For the most part I followed the tutorial  and only made a couple of changes/shortcuts – I added a halter strap because I knew there would be lots of running around jumping on the trampoline so I wanted to make sure the dress stayed up, and I used fabric glue to attach the ric rac to the cape. If my sewing machine was working properly I may have sewn it but the idea of hand stitching yet another thing just didn’t appeal to me.

The Cake

Frozen Cake

Well this is my absolute favorite part of putting on a party. Making a cake. Molly and I spent some time on google and Pinterest looking at different Frozen themed cakes. We didn’t find one that was the perfect cake but we took some ideas from a few. She new for sure that she wanted her cake to be in a 5 shape. And I fell in love with this cake over at It was pretty easy to combine the two ideas into the perfect Frozen cake. The cake we did ended up being a three layer cake with chocolate, white and chocolate again. I actually baked four cakes to be on the safe side because once you start leveling your cakes to make them nice and flat you just never know how much you will end up with. In the end I didn’t need the fourth cake.

Let’s talk about fondant for a minute. I admit it’s not my favorite way to decorate a cake but there are times that it’s just a must to pull of the look you want. If you have never used marshmallow fondant I strongly suggest you try it. Once I started making and using it I knew I would never go back to store bought fondant again. First, it tastes a million times better. Yes, its still super sweet but it, obviously, has more of a marshmallow flavour to it which is much better than the stuff from a box that is barely edible. Second, it’s very, very easy to work with. It doesn’t crack or tear as easily and is much more forgiving. And marshmallow fondant is extremely easy to make and much, much more affordable than regular fondant. If you’d like the recipe and step by step instructions you can find a post I did all about it over on Moms and Munchkins.

The trees on this cake got a lot of attention and all of the kids wanted to eat one! They were actually very easy to make (and completely edible).

Icing Trees

All you need are some ice cream cones, or waffle cones and some stiff icing. I used some decorators icing I had on hand to do the first few trees but when I can out I switched to a stiff butter cream. Just cut the cones to varying sizes, put a #18 star tip in an icing bag, make a small dot and then pull towards you to make “needle like” leaves. Sprinkle with coarse sugar for an icy effect before the icing starts to harden. I did some blue and white trees for the “Frozen” side of the cake and a few greens ones for the Arendale side.  Make these up a few days ahead of time if possible so they have a chance to harden up a bit.

If you have never covered a 5 shape cake in fondant, even with an easy to use marshmallow fondant, my first instinct is to tell you just don’t! It doesn’t look like it would be difficult but once you get that piece of fondant laying on the cake you wonder what the heck you are suppose to do next! The outside and top of the cake was perfect but covering all of the inside edges are a little but trickier. Luckily, I covered most of this cake in “ice” so I was easily able to hide the patchwork I had to do on the inside.

Frozen Cake

The ice on the cake is just basically donut glaze. You can easily make your own but I was getting pressed for time so I bought a couple of cans of Wilton glaze. Whichever you use just make it a good thick pouring consistency (I warmed mine slightly) and pour it over the entire top of the cake making sure you get some good drizzle action going down the sides. Again, before it set I sprinkled it with coarse sugar to give it some sparkle.

The Food

Of course I did serve up the typical 5 year old party food – hot dogs and hamburgers because a kids party without them just isn’t right. I also had things like veggies and dip and sliced apples. But I did throw in a good mix of Frozen inspired goodies as well.

These blueberries and straw berries dipped in white chocolate were a huge hit (especially the blueberries) and I made sure to not overdo it and mixed them in with some plain berries as well.

Frozen Party

Our party was outdoors and it was a pretty warm day. So the berries and the fruits were served over ice which not only was practical but really fit in nicely with the Frozen theme. I just put the bowls of food in white plastic or clear pyrex trays filled with ice.

Frozen Party

Another hit were these adorable Frozen pretzel sticks. I just used melted white chocolate and tinted it a very light blue and coated with coarse sugar before they dried. The sweet and salty combination is quite wonderful and they look great too!

Frozen Party

I found this Frozen freezie making kit at the toy store and we just used a blue raspberry juice to fill them up. It was warm outside so these were a welcome treat that the kids wolfed down.


Frozen Party

I also used our Soda Stream maker to whip up some blue “pop” using the same blue raspberry juice. I love the Soda Stream because it’s much less “junky” than store bought pop and you can control the amount of sugar (although we actually used sugar free syrup).

The Decorations

Most of our party was outside in our back yard. We have a lot of lovely plants and a giant trampoline out there so I didn’t do a whole lot of decorating. I had a few Frozen branded banners and pictures that a friend who’s little girl had a party a few weeks prior gave to me. Beyond that the decorations were pretty few.

Frozen Party

We picked up this silver plastic cutlery from the dollar store and decorated them with strips of blue and clear crystal stickers that I also found at the dollar store. This was a job Molly was able to do on her own which was great too.

Frozen Party

These crystal looking plastic plates were also another dollar store find.

Frozen Party


Some blue and white crystals from, that’s right, the dollar store.

Frozen Party

The finishing touch – blue and white spider mums from the grocery store.

Frozen Party


We have a trampoline and a play structures in the yard so we didn’t need a lot of activities to keep the kids occupied but we did add a few fun things.

Snow Station

This was a fun little activity the kids really enjoyed, and we actually are still using. This “snow” is really easy to make and not terribly expensive. It’s also pretty fun to make!

What you need:

  • two boxes of corn starch
  • 1 can of shaving cream (not gel or anything fancy just plain old shaving cream)

Shaving Cream Snow

How to make it:

Empty both boxes of corn starch into a large bowl. Add a little bit of shaving cream at a time working it into the corn starch with your hands. Keep adding shaving cream until you have used the whole can.

Shaving Cream Snow

You should end up with a substance that is still somewhat powdery but pliable and can hold shape. You can also add some glitter if you want. I didn’t because, well glitter is messy. We ended up making three batches which was just the right amount for the large plastic container I had. Store it in ziploc bags or in a container with a lid until ready for use.

Shaving Cream Snow

I read somewhere that you should freeze it so it’s cold like snow. Don’t do that. It turns hard and takes a fair amount of time to thaw out enough to use. I bought some cheap sand box toys for the kids to use in the snow box.

Frozen party games

Do You Want to Build A Snowman Game

This is the easiest game ever and the kids loved it! All you need is some rolls of toilet paper. Divide your kids into teams of two – or three if you have lots of kids. We used colored straws to pick the teams and avoid any hard feelings. Once you have your teams have the kids decide who will be the snowman and who will make the snow man (if your teams have three kids two of them will be the builders). If you have a mix of younger and older kids I strongly suggest putting an older one with a younger one and letting the younger be the snow man.The object of the game is for the snowman maker to use the entire roll of toilet paper to wrap up their team mate. The first team to use up the entire roll wins! I recommend not using the large double rolls of toilet paper unless you have older kids playing.

Frozen Party Game

Frozen Party Games

Bubble Station

I didn’t do anything fancy here, just had bubble solution and various wands out for the kids to use.

Sidewalk Chalk

Again nothing fancy here, just left out a good supply of chalk out for the kids to use on the patio or on the wood fence in the backyard.

Frozen Birthday Party


Our Frozen party was a lot of fun and everything went off without a hitch. Molly’s already planning next year’s party…



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  1. Wow!!  Everything turned out gorgeous!!  The dress looks amazing!!
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    • We LOVED this dress and bonus your measurements were pretty much identical to Molly so I didn't even have to do any math 😉 

      And now I've got my sewing bug back and my spanking new sewing machine arrived yesterday so I'll be back for more!!

  2. Looks great! Amazing details.

  3. Um, this makes me want to have a Frozen birthday party and I'm way past 5 years old. Love it! I've never tried marshmallow fondant, but I definitely need to do that the next time I make a cake for a party. So many great ideas; it looks like she had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week's issue.
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