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Once a Ford Girl... #FordNAIAS - Outside The Box

Once a Ford Girl… #FordNAIAS

  • 9th January 2015

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Once a Ford Girl… #FordNAIAS

About a dozen or so years ago I made a rather large change in my life. After 10 years of being in a not so healthy relationship I finally got the courage to stand up and move on. Everything in my life was turned upside down. Even though we were not legally married I had been with my partner for long enough that most of the things I owned of any value were jointly owned. One of those things was our car. A gold Ford Taurus that was our only dependable vehicle. Although I was rather fond of goldie I decided I would sell my share in it to my ex and use that money as a down payment on a new (well new to me) vehicle.

At the time of our break up I was commuting an hour each way, on the highway, to work. I knew I needed something that was both dependable and good on gas. It didn’t take me long in my research to realize that the Ford Escort was exactly the car I needed. The only problem was they stopped making the escort about 4 years earlier. As a single girl with one modest income I wasn’t looking to purchase new anyways so I started searching for a used one. This is when I ran into my second problem – people don’t sell Ford Escorts. No, they keep them forever. After weeks and weeks of searching I received a phone call, actually from my ex, who had stumbled across one. I was so happy to find a well loved and cared for Escort that I barely flinched when I found out it was purple – Royal Plum to be specific.

My purple beauty was not fast (despite being a “sport” edition), she did 0 to 60 in about 5 minutes, but she was dependable, never gave me any problems, and I loved her. I also had the only purple Escort in town. If I was getting groceries everyone knew it. If I was out for dinner everyone knew it. The purple beauty became an extension of me. While I tried to piece together a new life and sort out my next steps, she was by my side. My reliable friend.

I drove my Escort for many, many years. I took good care of her, like she did with me. And then one day I came to the realization that I would have to part with her. With a baby on the way I understood that as awesome as she was she just wasn’t quite big enough to fill the spot of a family car. It wasn’t an easy decision but it had to be done. I took a great deal of comfort in the fact that I was selling her to a very good friend, one that needed a nice, not too big, reliable car. So we made a deal and I handed over the keys to the purple beauty. And then the unthinkable happened. About two weeks after I sold the car she was destroyed in a car accident. I can tell you that my friend was unharmed, purple beauty took care of her. But her (the car, not the friend) driving days were over.


Fast forward a few (ok more than a few) years and I am thrilled that this Ford girl has been given an amazing opportunity!  In a few days I will hit the road (well the air actually) and head to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show with Ford Canada! As a vintage car enthusiast, and collector, I have been to a lot of car shows in my day, but nothing on this scale. I can’t wait to see what new and exciting thing the auto world, and especially Ford has to show us.

So be sure to follow along on Twitter with the #FordNAIAS hashtag to see all the latest from myself and the entire crew of awesome bloggers that will be there with me! I wonder if I can convince them to make a special edition Mustang in Royal Plum?


This picture of the purple beauty sits on my mantle at home. My dear friend who destroyed her gave it to me the day she told me about the accident.



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  1. My mom had a Ford Escort when I was younger. Lots of memories in that car traveling to swim meets! My dad also had several Ford Ranger trucks. Have fun at the show, can't wait to following along on the adventure.

  2. I've heard great things about the Ford Escort too. Can't wait to read about all the exciting things that Ford is up to. Safe trip. Besos Sarah.
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  3. Your story is incredibly touching Shayna. The fact that we can share a piece of ourselves in our vehicle and how they become a part of our lives is something that is often over looked. 
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