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9 Kitchen Myths We Need to Ditch - Outside The Box

9 Kitchen Myths We Need to Ditch

9 Kitchen Myths We Need to Ditch

1. Rinsing pasta is a good idea

This is something I remember my mother always doing (which is surprising because she’s a genius in the kitchen) but don’t rinse all that starchy goodness from your noodles. It helps any sauce or seasoning you add stick to the pasta.

2. Rinsing poultry is also a good idea

Another things my mother did but then so did every other mother for the last 50 years. Yep, poultry can contain bacteria but if you are cooking it properly, like I know you are, you take care of that. When you rinse out your bird in the sink you’re just spreading that bacteria around.

3. Storing bread in the fridge will help it last longer

Actually storing bread in the fridge will accomplish exactly the opposite and will get dry and stale quicker since the cool temperature actually speeds up the process that dries it out in the first place.

4. Searing your meat helps it remain juicy

I’m sorry but once again we’ve been fed a lie for many, many years on this one. Searing your meats makes it look amazing (which is the most important thing right?#instagram #lookatmyfood). But it does absolutely nothing in terms of holding moisture in. If you don’t believe me, surely you believe Alton Brown. That guy is like a mad scientist in the kitchen. No worries you can still have the picture perfect steak – just sear it last instead of first.

5. Microwaved food is less healthy

I’ve heard this one for years and, well, there’s just no truth to it. In fact, cooking things like veggies in the microwave is often actually healthier than cooking them on the stove. Why? Simple – it takes less time and heat to cook in the microwave so you aren’t’ cooking the nutrients right out of them.

6. You should only flip meat once when cooking

It sounds like it should make sense right? Especially on the grill. Cook one side of your burger and then flip it over and cook the other side. You get a nice evenly cooked piece of meat. Wrong. If you want your burger or steak to cook evenly AND actually cook it faster flip that sucker a few times. You’re also way less likely to overcook it this way.

7. Storing your coffee in the freezer will make it last longer

IF you store it very well, in an air tight container you might get some extra life out of it. But just tossing that bag of coffee in the freezer won’t do you any good. Coffee is quite porous and easily absorbs the moisture and odors in the freezer (or fridge).

8. Removing the pit from an avocado will make it turn brown

Ok – well – here’s the deal. You could, if you really wanted, argue that this is true ONLY because removing the pit exposes the area where the pit previously resided to air so THAT part of the avocado will now turn brown at the same rate as the rest of it. But the pit itself does not have any magical properties. It’s more or less a bandage at that point. Put that sucker in an airtight container or cover well in plastic wrap and you’ve done no harm.

9. You need to let food cool before putting it in the fridge or freezer

No, no you don’t. It IS a good idea to not put piping hot food in the fridge or freezer simply because you may heat up food next to it and you are making your appliance work harder. But as soon as it is not scald your mouth hot put that food away! Letting it sit on the counter to cool to room temperature is just an invitation for bacteria.


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