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Keep Calm and Carry On #ONaturals - Outside The Box

Keep Calm and Carry On #ONaturals

Keep Calm and Carry On #ONaturals

Mommy my tummy hurts! This is one of those statements that I’m never quite sure what to do with. My tummy hurts is so vague and hard to diagnose coming out of the mouth of a little one. It can mean so many things – It could be she’s just hungry, maybe she’s got gas, maybe she’s a little nervous about something, or, the worst case scenario – she’s going to be sick. Asking questions often leads absolutely no where. The worst is hearing those words right as we are going to walk out the door to go somewhere. Then I get caught in that situation where I think she’s probably just fine but hate to take the chance of dropping her off at daycare or being stuck in a mall if she really is sick.

What’s a parent to do?  Well, we actually have found something to help us through many of those my tummy hurts moments. We’ve been using Orange Natural products in our home for several months now. The ND Shakes are a favorite tool in our efforts to keep the family healthy and our diets balanced, especially during the week when are schedules can get pretty hectic. So I was eager to try out a product that seemed perfect for my anxious child – Calm for Kids.

calm for kids


Orange Naturals Calm for Kids is an herbal tincture formulated specifically to help ease tummy issues and help promote calm in kids. I know, with my daughter, most of the time her tummy troubles are because of either nerves or just mild digestive issues (she’s got a sensitive tummy like her mom). Calm is proving to be a really useful remedy in our home. Whenever the my tummy hurts talk starts I just grab the bottle of Calm for Kids, squeeze 2ml under tongue and wait a few minutes to see if it helps. And the good news is it usually does help. That means we can get on with our day and stop trying to guess if the hurting tummy might turn into something bigger. Calm is great for mild tummy troubles but it’s also effective, as the name implies, at helping to calm kids and can be useful as a safe way to help with sleep as well.

Calm for Kids is made with organic herbs and because it’s in the form of a tincture that means it is very quickly and easily absorbed.

calm for kids

One of the hardest part about giving things like supplements or often medications (you should have seen the antibiotic meltdown we had this morning) is that they taste awful. We don’t have any problems giving Calm for Kids in our home. I’ll admit the little one doesn’t exactly look forward to taking it but we never have a big fight about it either. It’s fairly mild tasting which also means that if your little one isn’t keen on taking it straight up you can easily put the drops in a little water and they probably won’t know it’s even there.

As a mother of an anxious child I absolutely recommend Calm for Kids as a tool to have on hand. It really can help with some of the small stuff. And even if you don’t have a naturally anxious child, just about every kid has their moments when a little calm can make a world of difference.  We also have a bottle of Orange Naturals Worry + Fear for Kids that I actually just brought out today to try. We’ve had a fairly long spell of the little one being pretty worry free over the past few months so we haven’t really had the opportunity to put it to the test but just recently the worries are starting to creep back in so we will be giving Worry + Fear a try.

orange naturals

To find out more about all of the awesome Orange Naturals products available for your and your family be sure to visit the website. You can also find some great ideas, advice and healthy inspiration on the Orange Naturals Naturally at Home blog.


Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

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