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I am Super Mom - With a Little Help From Target Pharmacy

I am Super Mom – With a Little Help From Target Pharmacy

I am Super Mom – With a Little Help From Target Pharmacy

I’m a busy parent.  Much like most parents I know.  And I’m not here to complain about how busy I am. I like my life.  Yes, there are moments that I wish I could stop and smell the roses more often than I do, but I enjoy my full life.  It’s a pretty good balance of commitment – family, work, community – and doing the things I enjoy.  Busy can be good!  But, it’s still busy and there are days I’m not sure how I’m going to fit it all in.

Today’s mission was bandages.  Doesn’t seem to complicated or difficult does it? What about if you add it to a list that contains – pantyhose, dark chocolate, a camp stove and marshmallows? Oh and you have roughly 45 minutes (including driving time) to pick up all these things. It’s times like this that I’m really glad that I have a Target store right across the street from my office.  My lunch break is generally when I get all my errands done so it’s so helpful to have a one stop shopping destination just steps away.

So lunch time came, I threw on my coat (because sadly it’s still jacket weather here) and headed out to check everything off my list. I easily found all the things I needed and then headed to the pharmacy area to find the most important item on my list – bandages.  If you have  a kid under five (or maybe even over five) you know how important it is to be stocked up with bandages. We have a lot of  “mishaps”.  None of them big but they generally require a bandage and a kiss from mommy or daddy.  Well to be truthful many of the boo boos don’t require a bandage at all but Molly seems to think they do.  And if a bandage makes her feel better, even if she really doesn’t need one, I’m just fine with that.

target pharmacy


Well, as you can see, I found some bandages.  How do you pick between My Little Pony, Disney Princesses and Tinkerbell?  When you have a four year old at home you just don’t.  I mean I don’t always buy her one of each thing on my list but we go though these things pretty quickly and with Target pricing it really didn’t hurt.  So now we are all stocked up again and Molly can dress her wounds in style.  Well actually so can I.  Because when I was browsing the bandage aisle I found these:

target pharmacy


That’s right.  Cynthia Rowley bandages.  How could I resist?  I couldn’t.  I get a lot of paper cuts.  Someone once told me, years ago, that my hands would eventually toughen up and I wouldn’t get so many paper cuts.  They were wrong.  After decades of pushing paper there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t get at least one good paper cut.  So these stylish bandages are now in my desk drawer.

Target Pharmacy is more than just cute (and stylish) bandages. Everything you could possibly need or want in a pharmacy is there.  From sunscreen to prescriptions to vitamins (and everything in between) Target Pharmacy has you covered. With great prices, great locations and great hours.

target pharmacy

Their knowledgeable pharmacists are always there to help too.  As a parent this is essential to me.  If my little one needs a prescription filled or even just needs something over the counter, I always have a million questions and pharmacists are an amazing resource.  Another service that Target Pharmacy has that I really like is eco-friendly disposal. What does that mean?  Well, simply, you can take your unused and/or expired medication and sharps (needles) and they will properly and safely dispose of them. You should never throw unused medication in the trash or pour it down the sink or toilet.  That is an environmental no no! And it’s also a great idea to go through your medicine cabinet at least once a year and pull out any expired medication that is no longer effective and possibly even toxic.  Find out more about the eco-friendly disposal system.

Did you know you can also refill your prescriptions online with Target Pharmacy? You can!  If you have a prescription with refills (and you got the initial prescription filled at Target) you can just go online, enter a couple of details from your current bottle, and submit. I love this option.  We all know that getting prescriptions filled can be a bit of a waiting game.  So having the option of submitting the refill ahead of time and just running in and picking it up is awesome.

There are a lot of great reasons to make Target your pharmacy – convenience, ample parking, great prices to name a few.  And just the simple fact that I can come home with a bag full of pretty bandages for my little one puts it high on my list.  For me it was a quick and easy purchase.  But to her – well it made me Super Mom. Hmmm the next great bandage design perhaps?

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  1. Journeysof TheZoo
    Sunday 29 June 2014, 1:30 pm

    I always have bandaids in my purse for my heels. Sometimes a girl has to get blisters for the sake of style.

    Not that I mind Tinkerbell and Lightening McQueen but it's great to know that there are "Mommy bandaids" out there! Thanks for sharing.

    Besos, Sarah
    My recent post Seeing is Believing When It Comes To Stayfree Products #Giveaway, CAN, 7/10

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