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Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls - Outside The Box

Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

Well my little princess is turning 4 in a couple of weeks.  I can’t believe how fast these four years have gone by! Not only do we have her birthday to celebrate but a lot of her little friends have birthdays coming up – We had quite a baby boom the year she was born!  So, once again I am compiling a list of gift ideas.  These are gifts that my little one already has and loves or she has put on her birthday wish list. I’ve called this list ideas for girls but I’m sure there are a few on here the little boys would love too!

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Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

Furby (AVR $50)


My daughter was a little younger when she actually got her Furby and to be honest she didn’t pay it a lot of attention.  But now that she’s a little older she often brings him out to play.  We have the app downloaded on our iPad and she loves the interactive activities on it like feeding Furby and making him dance.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wood Dress Up Dolls (ARV $25)

gifts for 4 year old girls

This has been a well played with set in our house.  It comes with two wooden dolls (they are double sided so both sides can be dressed up) and a wide assortment of magnetic clothing and accessories. They are perfect for little hands and little fashionistas!

Flutterbye Fairies (ARV $43)

gift ideas for 4 year old girld

This may be the coolest toy I’ve seen in a long time. It does require some adult supervision but our daughter adores it.  This cool little fairy comes with a charging station.  You charge it up, push a button and off she goes!  She will fly for several minutes at a time and you can gently guide her by putting your hand under her feet.  Note, as strange as it might sound, this little flyer is an indoor toy only!

 My Little Pony Collector’s Guide (ARV $20)

gift ideas for 4 year old girls


If you have a My Little Pony fan on your list this makes a cool little gift.  It’s a mini encyclopedia of every My Little Pony ever made. There is a picture and a brief description of each pony.  And it comes with a mini collector pony.

Candy Land (ARV $15)

gift ideas for 4 year old girls

This is another one that we’ve had for a little while but it’s just been recently that the little one has really taken an interest in it.  Candy Land is an awesome game for this age group.  There is no reading required but they get to work on their counting skills.  It’s a great choice for family game night!

Bike With Training Wheels (prices vary widely)

gift ideas for 4 year old girls


At this age the average 4 year old will probably best fit on a 12″ bike.  Prices vary quite a bit depending on the brand.

Microphone (ARV varies $15-$30 depending on the type)

gift ideas for 4 year old girls

If the four year old on your list is anything like mine, she loves to sing!  We picked this Hello Kitty microphone up for her at Christmas time and she loves it.  This particular model will plug into an iPod or other music holding devices as well so she can sing along.  I will warn you that this particular model has some pretty nasty feedback if you stand to close to it and it’s not wireless so that can be an issue.  But I bought it on sale for a great price so I live with it.  There are many other models to chose from.

Barbie Deluxe Stylin Head (ARV $35)

gift ideas for 4 year old girls

Do you remember having a styling head as a kid?  I do!  I don’t know if she was Barbie but I have fond memories of styling her hair and putting make up on her face.  The new Barbie Stylin Head is pretty cool – her hair, eye makeup, lips and nails change color by just applying very warm or very cold water. It also comes with some stick on nails that are quite frankly a pain.  But overall this is a great choice if you have a little one who is into playing hair or makeup stylist.

Barbie Colour Change/Color Magic Mermaids (ARV $18-$30)

gift ideas for 4 year old girls

I’m not really sure that the difference is between the Colour Change and Color Magic mermaid other than accessories and price.  Both dolls have hair that changes color when cold water is applied.  My little one loves to play with her in the bathtub.

Mega Bloks or Duplo (ARV $15-$40)

gift ideas for 4 year old girls

Building blocks are always a favorite with the kids.  We have sets from Cinderella to just standard blocks and they get a lot of use.

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  1. This is a great list. My daughter is 4, but I think she would love any of these for her 5th birthday or Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Journeysof TheZoo
    Sunday 11 May 2014, 7:15 pm

    We just got both kids set up with mountain bikes, training wheels, helmets and bells this weekend. I've barely had time to sit down. 

    Mine have the dress up dolls and enjoy playing with them. Perfect for rainy days.

    Ah the microphone. My kids got it for their 4th birthday and I've recently been able to hide it. Yes, they love it. Too much for my ears.

    I just got The Kids a tablet and was wondering what games to get. I'll definitely check out Candy Land.

    Thanks for the great ideas. Look forward to this post every year.

    Besos, Sarah
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