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Family Dinner Out With Boston Pizza - Princess Approved

Family Dinner Out With Boston Pizza – This Restaurant is Princess Approved

Family Dinner Out With Boston Pizza – This Restaurant is Princess Approved

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The Princess and the Pasta

My husband and I have always considered ourselves foodies.  We are both really comfortable in the kitchen and have an appreciation for good food. And then we became parents. Of course, that didn’t destroy the inner foodie, but once we got into the toddler phase it did put it on hold a bit.  Macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers are all good but they do become a little tiresome after a while. Now, thank goodness, the toddler is a preschooler and has suddenly become very good at trying (and even liking) new foods.  It makes meal time so much easier.

Whether we were dealing with a picky little one or our now slightly older and more sophisticated almost 4 year old – we have always enjoyed taking her for a family meal out.  It’s a break for us, not having to cook or clean up.  It gives us more time to sit together and really enjoy our time together.  And Molly, well she loves going out.  Somewhere, somehow, she has come to the conclusion that eating out means getting “fancy”.  We go to her closest and pick out whatever her favorite dress that day might be.  I do her hair.  She mulls over which shoes are perfect to complete her outfit.  It’s a big deal for her. When I had the opportunity to take my family out for a #CollectiveBias campaign I knew she would be thrilled.  And she was.  Her eyes lit up and even though it was only 2:30 in the afternoon we immediately had to go upstairs and start getting fancy.

Although we love to try new places we also have a short list of favorite restaurants for our family dinners outs.  Boston Pizza is on that short list. We love the food – so much variety, including healthy options.  We enjoy the ambiance as well. It’s very family friendly but we never feel like we are giving up our adults tastes to accommodate the little one. Even though the kids menu also has a pretty big selection to pick from, there is never any question what Molly is going to order.  As soon as the staff comes by with the menus she’s placing her order – “Bug Macaroni please!”

bug macaroni


And she will devour the entire dish! I don’t blame her.  The Bugs ‘n Cheese is a bowl full of colorful bug noodles smothered in cheese and creamy Alfredo sauce. You don’t get much more “fancy” macaroni and cheese than that!

Because Boston Pizza really is  a family restaurant I never have to worry about packing a purse full of crayons and activities to keep Molly busy when we are there.  They always have that covered.

boston pizza

The kids menu comes complete with crayons, activities and coloring pages.  Oh and, something new to us, it comes with temporary tattoos.  Those are always a hit. Magic wand not included.

And, of course, a dinner out would not be complete without dessert.  On this occasion – a chocolate sundae with sprinkles!

boston pizza

It may seem like it, but the whole dining out experience isn’t just about Molly. My husband and I enjoy this time, and our meals too!  One of the things I love about Boston Pizza, even though it is, of course, known for it’s pizza – it has a full menu of tasty options.  And if you are looking for healthy options they have you covered. They even have a good selection of gluten free dishes, including pizza! I don’t remember this particular dish on the menu last time we were there but I was thrilled to find the lemon baked salmon.

lemon baked salmon

This is the perfect dish for a protein lover like me.  A perfectly baked salmon filet served with fresh garden greens and steam veggies.  I’m not a big carb eater so it was nice not to have to leave half a dish of pasta or potatoes on the table.  My husband was equally as happy to find the NY steak and veggies on the menu.  It was pretty much the same meal as mine except a nice NY strip instead of the salmon.  Unfortunately, after enjoying our yummy and healthy meals, we had no room left for dessert ourselves.  It seems a shame because there was this:

bacon carrot cake

So I’ve talked about the great food and the kid friendly items but another thing that keeps us coming back to Boston Pizza is the service.  The staff are always friendly and helpful. They engage Molly, which makes her happy AND, this is important, they are generally pretty good at not putting a plate full of steaming hot food down in front of her.  I don’t know how many times that has happened at other places and it always makes me wonder where their common sense is.  A family restaurant with great servers will not do that.  If they bring a meal for a little one that is hot they will either put it down out of reach or at least make a point of saying “be careful, this is hot”. It is the small things that make a big difference. Yes, we make sure that she doesn’t touch a hot plate or burn her mouth on hot food, but when the staff make that extra little effort it goes a long way.

We had another great family night out at Boston Pizza.  It wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last.  We consistently receive great food and great service and Molly even thinks it’s fancy enough for her – and we all know princesses have high standards.

What are some of your favorite restaurants to take your family to?  Do you have a Boston Pizza near by?

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  1. We just got a new Boston Pizza nearby. There aren't many restaurants close to us, so it's a welcome sight! (Though I personally would skip the salmon and go straight for Perogy pizza)

  2. I'd skip the main meal and go straight for the BACON carrot cake 🙂

    We went with The Kids and it was a huge success. It's great to know that you CAN have it all at Boston Pizza; family time, healthy choices and a relaxing meal. 

    We're due for a repeat appearance.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    My recent post Honoured to Share my @WalmartCanada “Mom of The Year” Nomination with @HouseofLazarus1

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