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Stamped Icing Cookies - Outside The Box

Stamped Icing Cookies

Stamped Icing Cookies

I was trying to come up with something a little different for Valentine’s treats this year and had some fondant that needed to get used up before it dried out. I’ve seen stamped cookies before and thought they were pretty cool so figured this was a great time to give them a try.  Now most of the cookies I’ve seen involved a single stamp in the middle of  a cookie.  Cute – but I was thinking something with a bit of a pattern would work really well.

Stamped Icing Cookies

What you need:

  • Rolled fondant in whatever color(s) you prefer.  Marshmallow fondant works great for these cookies too.  You can find my recipe for that over at Moms & Munchkins.
  • An acrylic or rubber stamp.  Flower and leaf patterns work really well but use whatever catches your eye.
  • A stamping block (optional).
  • Food coloring paste. Not liquid.  Not gel.  You want the thick paste.  You know the kind you have to dig out of the container with a toothpick.
  • A small paint brush.
  • Cookie or fondant cutters.


Roll out your fondant on a surface that is lightly covered in powdered sugar. You will want to roll the fondant a little thicker than you would if you were covering a cake.

Take your pain brush and spread a layer of food coloring paste on a sheet of wax paper big enough to cover your stamp. Press your stamp into the ink just like you would if you were using a stamp pad. I started this project attaching my stamp to a stamping block but soon abandoned it.  I just preferred the feel and control of doing it by hand.  Do which ever your feel comfortable with.

stamped icing cookies


Now pick up your stamp and starting on one edge place the stamp on the fondant and press firmly. Be sure to press evenly all around the stamp.  Besides laying down the ink your stamp will actually emboss the fondant a little bit as well.  Carefully peel the stamp from the fondant.  Re-ink and stamp some more.  Change the direction of the stamp as you go to vary the pattern.

stamped icing cookies


Once you have your sheet of fondant all stamped up grab your cookie cutter and start cutting.

stamped icing cookies


Set your cut outs aside to dry.  Note that if you are using dark colors like red your ink may never completely dry and will remain a little tacky.  That’s ok, just handle carefully.

Apply to sugar cookies with buttercream, royal icing or even a little corn syrup works well – whatever you happen to have on hand.


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  1. Those cookies look beautiful and tasty to boot. As usual with your baking, I wouldn't want to let anyone eat them afterwards. I need to get some cookie/food cutters. Any recommendations? 

    Besos, Sarah

  2. Oh, that's a good idea; pretty fancy. *bookmarked*

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