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Take the Stress out of Holiday Shopping #SDMHoliday #GiftsMadeEasy

Take the Stress out of Holiday Shopping #SDMHoliday #GiftsMadeEasy

Take the Stress out of Holiday Shopping #SDMHoliday #GiftsMadeEasy

Put the fun back into giving

Gift giving should not be stressful.  It sort of defeats the whole purpose of giving doesn’t it?  Getting  the perfect gifts for the people we care about should be gratifying, even fun.  Of course it’s not always that easy is it?  First you have to come up with some brilliant idea (some people are not good at giving hints). Then you have to actually FIND that gift and, because most of us aren’t made of money, we also have to try and find it at the best price. And then there are the crowds.  Those noisy, frantic, holiday shopping crowds.  It can be a lot.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Before I go any further here I have to confess to you that I am a bit of a Shoppers Drug Mart addict. Being a busy working mom I don’t have a lot of time in my day to shop.  Yet I have to shop.  Luckily for me there is a Shoppers Drug Mart literally across the street from my office. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that.  I can run over on my lunch break and pick up a lot of the things I need to get myself and my family through the week.  You know – things like milk, pull ups and chocolate.

So, it’s really no surprise that Shoppers Drug Mart is high on my list of holiday shopping destinations. I find that quite a few of the gifts on my list are available there and, this is important, if I’m stuck for an idea for a certain person I can often find something at Shoppers that didn’t even cross my mind.

My Shopping Challenge

There is always at least one person on my shopping list that’s a challenge. Usually more than one.  Thank goodness I love a challenge. So, today I wrote down the three most difficult to buy for people in my gift giving circle :

  • My father in law who has everything
  • My mother in law – who also has everything
  • My brother in law who always stumps me

Would Shoppers Drug Mart have a gift for these hard to buy folks?

The father in law

  • Retired, the kind of person who goes out and gets what he wants – not leaving much for us gift givers to pick from.
  • Likes to watch a little TV, especially sports and may like to turn up the TV a little louder than everyone likes

The gift?

wireles headphones



These Sony Wireless headphones are the perfect fit!  The father in law can watch his football game as loud as he wants and everyone will enjoy a little peace this holiday season. And Sony is a brand that I know and trust.

The mother in law

  • Also retired.
  • Also likely to go out and just get whatever she needs.
  • Refined, classy and always looks her best.

The Gift?

make up brushes


I know my mother in law would LOVE this Quo Master Brush set.  This limited edition set includes 10 beautifully crafted Quo cosmetic brushes in this handy and very stylish cosmetic bag.  Since I own several Quo cosmetic brushes myself I know how awesome they are and how long they last.

The brother in law

  • Particular
  • Doesn’t like useless “stuff”
  • Practical and frugal

The gift?

electric toothbrush


The Sonicare Diamond Clean Power Toothbrush was actually a surprisingly  easy pick.  What could be a more perfect gift for that practical person on your list?  Especially when his mother is a dental hygienist! This set comes with a charging glass (how cool is that?), a charging travel case, a USB cable and USB wall plug (also very cool).

Want to share your favorite gifts? Join in the conversation on Twitter at #GiftsMadeEasy.

Save Time. Save Money. Get Rewarded.

Finding the right gifts are important.  We all want to be good gift givers.  There’s nothing better than watching someone special open your gift and seeing that look, you know the one, the one that says you nailed it.  And somehow that feeling is even more rewarding when you know you got a smoking deal.  They think you went overboard but you know that you actually stayed within your budget.  It’s win win!  And Shoppers Drug Mart always has some cool holiday exclusives at really great prices.  And of course if you collect Shoppers Optimum Rewards (and who doesn’t?) it’s even that much more rewarding since you earn points on just about everything you buy!

Great locations, convenient hours, huge selection of gifts, awesome rewards – just some of the reasons that Shoppers Drug Mart really does mean “Gifts Made Easy”.  Sweet treats, pretty scents, gadgets or stocking stuffers – you will find something for just about everyone on your list this holiday season. They even have a free gift with purchase on select beauty products, whole quantities last!

To see what is in store at Shoppers this holiday season visit the Shoppers Drug Mart Holiday site.

 Be sure to Like the Shoppers Drug Mart Facebook page  to win some great prizes in their holiday contest launching on December 2nd!

Who is the hardest person to buy for on your holiday shopping list this year? Is it the same person every year?


Shoppers Drug Mart






Disclaimer:  I am part of the Gifts Made Easy campaign and have received compensation as part of that campgain.  All opinions on Mommy Outside are 100% my own.

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  1. You forgot the "friend that doesn't want anything". Make that "didn't want anything". I would sure like that electric toothbrush. I have a little thing for them…
    Besos Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo
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  2. Great gift ideas! Shoppers Drug Mart really does have something for all 

  3. I'm definitely an SDM addict too! I love the variety of gifts you can find!
    My recent post 26 DIY Christmas Decor and Ornament Ideas

  4. Great ideas!  I always find the men in my life (hubby, dad, brothers) so hard to buy for!  Happy holiday shopping!

  5. Shopping is meant to be fun and to show someone special how much you care… yet you're right that we tend to get stressed out about it. I'm planning on buying the Sonicare Diamond Clean Power Toothbrush for my husband 🙂
    My recent post Holiday Shopping with Shoppers Drug Mart #SDMholiday #GiftsMadeEasy

  6. p.s they also have great decorations!

  7. They definitely do have something for everyone on your gift giving list!  Love it!!  And the gift sets make gift giving SUPER easy!

  8. I could spend hours shopping at Shoppers and am also somewhat of an addict! The headphones are on my list too… they will make for a peaceful and quiet new year (for the rest of us)!
    My recent post Real Shoppers Shop at Shoppers Drug Mart

  9. We have similar shopping tastes, these are on my list too. The make-up brushes are one I'm getting myself. 😛

  10. It's funny I never really thought about SDM as a place to really buy gifts, but after reading over the posts, it really IS!! Great post, love your gift choices!
    My recent post Comment on Win 2 Tickets to See the Sens vs. the Leafs from Ottawa Children’s Gala! by Jennifer

  11. My mom also has everything, and what she needs she just goes out and gets.  I think she will love both the brushes and the  toothbrush.
    My recent post Gifts Made Easy with Shoppers Drug Mart

  12. We got a set of headphones for my FIL last year and he loves them! My hubby recently started using headphones when he watches shows late at night too. I totally recommend them.
    My recent post Gifts Made Easy at Shopper's Drug Mart

  13. my brother in law always stumps me too, to make it even harder, he lives in Australia and it has to be shipped. ugh! 
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  14. Shoppers has become our fav place to shop, the extended hours rock
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  15. Great gift ideas!  I have very similar people on my list.  I think my step-father would love those headphones!

  16. I have to admit that shopping at Shoppers definitely takes the Holiday stress away!  They have gifts sets and gifts that are appealing to everyone one at a great price.

  17. It is so hard to shop for those people who have everything! I love your choices for your MIL & FIL! Parents and in-laws are often the hardest to shop for! Great gift ideas! Angie xo

  18. Oh WOW! Never thought of the wireless headphones to be used for someone who watches TV loud. Which my dad does ALL the time. Half the time I'm talking to my mom, she'd have to yell at him to turn the TV down so that she could hear herself think, LOL. Those are all great gifts! I'll have to check them out next time I'm at SDM. 🙂

  19. I have some challenging people on my list too, but I bet I could find *something* at Shoppers Drug Mart for them!

  20. I'm SO glad you found things for those hard to buy for people. Shoppers Drug Mart looks like a much better solution to my "person who has everything" than the sympathy card I was considering – "I'm sorry I don't have gift for you, but I just couldn't secure the moon in time".
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  21. Love it.  I would be keen on some of those practical items myself. 
    My recent post celebrating the big OH-4

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