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Hmpf & Other Stuff My Three Year Old Says (or Yells)

Hmpf & Other Stuff My Three Year Old Says (or Yells)

Hmpf & Other Stuff My Three Year Old Says (or Yells)

Oh life with a three year old.  Full of laughs, surprises and tantrums. Some of the things that come our of her mouth are incredible. She is full of love, and questions and what I like to call three year old rage. I love this kid to pieces but sometimes it’s a good things she’s so darn cute!

Hmpf & Other Stuff My Three Year Old Says (or Yells)

We can just make you a new one with guns and bones!

In response to her asking my about my grandparents and me explaining that they were no longer here.  And to make it a little clearer – guns = guts.

Twilight Sparkle discovered a world of the Elements of Harmony.

Ummm, ok…

What should I have?  Supper or a treat?

She phrases this like a question but don’t be fooled.  It’s not a question at all.


That, I do believe, came from watching Barbie Dreamhouse.  That has been cut out of the line up.

Daddy, you’re so funny.  I’m really proud of you.

The girl knows what’s important.

It’s a puzzle. There are no winners.  Hmpf.

 In response to her daycare friend putting in the last piece of the puzzle and yelling “I won!”

 I can’t be a magician. I don’t have any magic in my hat.

Pretty self explanatory really.

Mommy let’s play Instagram!

And “Let’s tweet daddy” or “I want a Molly blog”.  The life of a blogger’s kid…

Ughhhh fruit is dinner! Hmpf!

She asked for a treat.  I said how about some fruit?

You Tube Video

The name she gave one of her stuffies the other day.

Mommy let me brush you hair.  It won’t hurt much.

I do believe this is payback.

I am not yelling!

Screamed at the top of her lungs.

I love you the mostest!

Why I keep her around.

Hmpf. Hmpf. Hmpf!

Yeah lots of that.

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  1. My favourite is not  her question "Mommy let me brush your hair. It won't hurt much" but your comment "I do believe this is payback".

  2. We get a lot of Hmpf at our house too. It can be good or bad depending on her mood. "Hmpf, there's Cup (a stuffed bear)"…"Daddy's a butthead! Hmpf"….kids lol
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  3. Love these – they sound a lot like the things coming out of my 3 yr old's mouth. Thanks for sharing – it has inspired me to write down some of our own gems as they come up. 😉

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