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Imagine with Molly - #ImaginextAdventures - Outside The Box

Imagine with Molly – #ImaginextAdventures

Imagine with Molly – #ImaginextAdventures

A Beautiful Mind

The mind of a three year old is a fascinating, fascinating thing. As I write this there are currently five throw pillows lined up across the living room for.  These pillows will remain there until the weekend.  It’s currently Wednesday. So why, you may ask, must I step over pillows for the next four days?  Because the three year old, aka Molly, decided that we would be having a “supper tea party” on those pillows. Her plan, which was very last minute, was to have said supper tea party tonight.  Unfortunately, pork chops are not the ideal meal to eat on a pillow.  So when her daddy suggested we do it another night – like on the weekend, the plan was pretty much carved in stone.  So the pillows stay and we will spend the next few days in anticipation of the now famous (or infamous, I’m not sure) supper tea party and trying not to trip over pillows.

This is life with a three year old. Some days it’s like living in a story book.  Our days are often filled with amazing adventures.  There are princesses (of course), pirates, dragons, doctors, dinosaurs, firefighters, fairies, ponies and…well you get it. The girl has a rather large cast of characters and strings them together in some wonderful adventures.

Feeding the Fire

Although Molly, and most kids her age, can weave some pretty good stories all on her own, feeding that imagination is important.  Luckily there are lots of tools available to do that.  Dolls, music, art and good old fashion story telling are a few of our favorite ways to do that. We are also fans of playsets in our home. You know the ones I mean.  It might be a barnyard full of farm animals or a castle with princess figures. Toys that come with a cast of characters are a sure fire way to get your little one’s imagination running!

So, we have the typical playsets – the garage with cars, the castles with princes and princesses, and a wide assortment of Little People.  She loves these sets but she currently has a new favorite.  It’s the Imaginext Rescue City Center.




Imagine…a world of action and excitement where kids decide what happens next! When they enter the Fisher-Price® Imaginext® Rescue City Center, they can create rescue adventures about everything from protecting the gas station, bank or hotel to manning the fire station, police station or hospital. There’s action around every corner! And Action Tech™ technology brings it to life with speech and sounds!

Yep, a hospital, a police station, a fire station, police officer, fire fighter, a fire truck that shoots water…this is the definition of fun for a three year old! Within moments of unpacking this set (why oh why do they make that SO HARD?) Molly was completely immersed in it.  There is just so much to do!

See what I mean by fun?  There are just so many stories a spinning little mind can make out of this. What I really love about Imaginext is that it allows my three year old to step into the world of “action heroes” in a way that is completely appropriate for her age. And since Molly deals with some anxiety issues and is not a big fan of “scarey” things, this is pretty important for her.  She is quite fond of the more fact paced and exciting world of action sets and heros  but most of the ones out there are just a little too much for someone her age.

The Imaginext line from Fisher Price included everything from pirate ships to flying dragons to an air tower! There are also characters like Sponge Bob and Disney Pixar Cars that your little one is probably already familiar with.  In addition to the playsets you can also get separate figures and vehicles to add to your sets.  Imaginext is recommended for kids age 3-8.  You can find the entire line on the Fisher Price website.

Did Someone Say Contest?

If you like contests, and come on who doesn’t  –  Imaginext has a great one going on right now!

Turn on the adventure with Imaginext® and you could WIN. You will need to help us destroy the sun sucker in order to save Canada from darkness and enter to WIN one of 5 grand prizes!

Now that is a contest!  I mean sun sucker?  Come on!! You can win 1 of five awesome Imaginext  prizes.  Each one contains:

  • One (1) Prize Pack containing: One (1) Imaginext® Rescue City Centre (ARV $59.99 CAD), One (1) Imaginext® Mega Apatosaurus (ARV $49.99 CAD), One(1) Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle (ARV $79.99 CAD), One (1) Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Batcave (ARV $39.99 CAD), One (1) Imaginext® Disney Pixar Monsters University Scare Floor (ARV $69.99 CAD)

The contest runs until December 13th.  No point waiting – go enter now!

Have you seen the Imaginext sets and figures in the stores?  Has your little one put any on their Christmas list?


“Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Imaginext Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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  1. Aww, she's so cute! My son has this playset too and loves it. It's his very first "big boy" toy leading into the world of action heroes.

  2. I love toys that are perfect for both genders. Great to see that Molly enjoyed herself so much. Destroy the sun sucker. We are all over that! The Kids loved entering the contest. And my son is so excited about the catapult. Besos Sarah, Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
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  3. I love these toys. What a great way to spark and inspire play!
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  4. This sounds like a great toy – anything that encourages imaginative play is a winner in my book!

  5. Your little one is adorable! The set is awesome, my son  will be unwrapping it under the tree this year too! Thanks for sharing your experience! 

  6. Those are the cutest videos ever! These look like great toys.

  7. That is an awesome toy! I love toys that spark the imagination! My boys have a firehouse but it isn't as cool as this! They would go crazy over this! PS your daughter is way too cute!
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