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Ups & Downs of Bringing up Royalty (or how to raise a 3 year old)

The Ups & Down of Bringing Up Royalty (or Raising a 3 Year Old)

The Ups & Down of Bringing Up Royalty (or Raising a 3 Year Old)

The Birth of a Princess

As I sat down to write this post, about what it’s like to raise a princess, it suddenly dawned on me that if my daughter is a princess, and there is no doubt she is, then I must be a queen. I’m not sure my ability to rule extends beyond my own home, to be honest there are times I’m not even sure I have that kingdom conquered. Ok let’s be completely upfront here – I don’t.

I had no idea I gave birth to a princess. She didn’t have some royal birth mark or other easily identifying symbol or sign that would lead me to believe that I was in the midst of royalty. Trumpets didn’t play and little blue birds didn’t fly around us chirping sweet little melodies. But three years later and there is no doubt about it – a princess was born.

I’ve written before about the power of the princess. Molly was smitten with tiaras, gowns, wands and glass slippers from a very young age.  Long before she ever laid eyes on a princess tv show or movie.  There is just this magical draw that princesses have over my little girl, and many other little girls world over.

A Princess Does Everything Big

Princess are very passionate.  About everything.  Especially a three year old princess.  They cannot contain their excitement or their sorrow.

kinder surprise

Their smiles are big, their laughter contagious.  Of course the tantrums and tears are big too.  Such is life with a princess.  A princess has a big heart.  They are full of compassion and charity. Now a three year old princess sometimes needs a little coaxing but once they are in they are in 100%.  When I first told my little highness that the Kinder Surprise treasure that we recently received was meant to be shared she initially thought that was the meanest thing ever. I can’t say I blame her.  A box full of Disney Princess eggs and another full of Marvel Heroes – who would want to part with those?  But the more she thought about it the more she warmed up to the idea of sharing her spoils. In fact she started to become excited about the idea and grasp the concept that she was a very, very lucky princess and that it was her royal duty to share that luck.

One For You.  One For Me.

Now we are not in the practice of doling out rewards for sharing.  That’s just not how it works in our house. A Princess needs to learn that sharing is just something you do.  However, when you ask a princess to give away something as special as a Kinder Surprise egg it would just be plain cruel to not let her have one too.  And she’s not a greedy princess.  When we sat down to package up some eggs to send to her long distance “online” friends Max and Artemis from Journeys of the Zoo she eagerly picked out 4 eggs to send to them and 1 for herself. That seemed more than fair to me.

kinder eggs

She had a blast getting this special parcel ready for the mail.  She made a card (decorated with Disney Princess stickers of course) and put a lot of effort into picking which Kinder Surprise eggs we should send.  Since they are going to a boy and a girl she picked 2 of the Disney Princess eggs and 2 of the Marvel Hero eggs. We packed them up very carefully, put in the card and even took a polaroid picture of her to send along.  And then came the tape.  Oh how she loves to tape.  She was pretty proud of herself and I was proud of her too. And once the package was signed, sealed and ready for delivery she sat down to enjoy an egg of her own.

The Princess and the Hero

Every good princess needs a hero.  In our palace daddy is the hero.  He saves her from dragons, pirates and evil witches. There is not a villain or creature that daddy can’t defeat.  And she just naturally assumes that because she is all about the princesses that boys (including daddy) are all about the heros.  So when my husband turned 40 this year she decided that he MUST have a Spiderman birthday.

spiderman cake

But sometimes a princess needs to kick off the heels and, well, kick some butt herself! Just look at those muscles! Oh and notice how the crown doesn’t come off.  She’s a princess AND a super hero.


Disney Princess & Marvel Hero Kinder Eggs

The Princess already adored Kinder Eggs.  They are on the top of the treat chain. The delight on her face when she is unwrapping a Kinder Surprise is just awesome.  Pure joy. And the anticipation of what she’s going to find in that little yellow egg is priceless.  So throw in Disney Princesses and these have now become a prize possession!

kinder eggs

Two out of three eggs in the new specially marked Disney Princess or Marvel Hero Kinder Surprise packages contain a limited edition toy!  From Ariel to Cinderella – Spiderman to Hulk almost every kid (big and small) will love this new collection! You can check out the entire selection on the Kinder Canada Facebook page.

Do you have a Princess or Super Hero in your home?  What are their favorite characters?


Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”

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  1. Prince? Check. Outfit? Check. Generous Nature? Check. Molly sure is a Princess. 

    I'm so excited to get our package. I didn't know that there was a Polaroid (by the way, who uses Polaroid anymore? love). What a special treat. The Kids will love those toys. Not quite what I remember from my youth. We'll be in touch. 

    Besos, Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo

  2. lol, this reminds me so much of my 3 y/o princess hero; she's adorable and yes, princesses do have big hearts! 3 costumes and counting for Halloween.
    My recent post In the Wild at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground #DisneyHaunt

  3. oh yeah. I have a super hero at my house. one day he’s superman, another day bat man and another day spider man. It’s such a cuye site to see. Love your daughter’s super women costume 🙂

  4. Your daughter is a big cutie!  I love seeing her in her tiara, and then in her Spidergirl outfit!  My kids also love the Kinder Surprise eggs, superheroes and princesses!
    My recent post Meet the New Fisher-Price Friends & Treehouse CONTEST!

  5. Oh my goodness – those cakes are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    We love KinderEggs in our house 🙂

  6. OMG, the first photo is super adorable! Don't you love the way little girls are about princesses! I know I do! I am a KinderMom too, but we haven't gotten the pretty snow white bracelet yet! Something to look forward to! 

  7. Your little princess is adorable! No princesses in our house but we do have an adventurous hero that doesn’t want to slow down – ever! I love that she picked her dad a Spider-Man cake! 

  8. Gosh she is cute cute cute!  I love that she's a princess AND a super hero! 

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