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#PTPA Winner Once Upon a Mat (Kids Yoga) Review - Outside The Box

#PTPA Winner Once Upon a Mat (Kids Yoga) Review

#PTPA Winner Once Upon a Mat (Kids Yoga) Review

Being active has always been an important part of my life.  It doesn’t matter if I’m doing “formal” exercise or just getting out and going for a brisk walk or working my yard, when I am active I feel better inside and out. Including physical activity as part of our every day life is something that is also important to my husband and I to pass on to our daughter.  Kids need to be active.  It essential for both their physical and mental well being.  Our daughter also has a few anxiety issues and getting her up and moving is a big part of keeping that anxiety in check.

Keeping active, and keeping your kids active can be a challenge. Many parents I know, including myself, are just plain busy.  It’s already hard enough to fit in everything we need to get done, trying to squeeze in anything extra can be overwhelming.  But, for us, we see physical activity as one of those “need to get done” things. So we find ways to make it work as best we can.

One of the activities that I do to stay active is Pilates.  I have several DVDs at home that I work out to on a regular basis.  My daughter is always keen to workout with mommy.  She drags out her yoga/pilates mat and joins me for about 3 minutes and then she’s done.  It doesn’t matter if I put on a DVD that she can actually manage, like an easy stretching one, she just loses interest within a few minutes.  Perfectly understandable. She’s three and Pilates isn’t terribly interesting to a three year old. So when I had the opportunity to review Once Upon a Mat I was pretty stoked.

Once Upon a Mat

Once Upon a Mat helps children exercise their bodies and expand their imaginations. Your little yogi will become a part of this adventure through real yoga poses and guided breathing.

Once Upon a Mat is a yoga DVD aimed at kids age 2.6 to 7 years old.  The DVD contains 9 chapters, each 3 to 5 minutes long.  The perfect length for those busy little minds!  My daughter was pretty excited to try it.  The day the DVD arrived I promised her we would try it first thing the next morning – which happened to be a Saturday so that was perfect timing.  When she got up the next morning it was the first thing she mentioned.  So, after breakfast of course, we got out our mats and put in the DVD.

I let her take the lead and pick which chapter she wanted to start with.  Some of the chapters include; In the Garden, Thunderstorm and Shooting Stars.  They are all marked with a colorful graphic so even nonreaders get a sense of what they chapter is about.  She chose to start with Pirates Cove.

The chapters are hosted by Jesse and she does an excellent job.  It’s simply Jesse on her mat leading your little ones through some yoga adventures.  Whether they are sailing the high seas or reaching into the sky to grab stars, each segment is geared toward capturing the imagination of young children and getting them moving while they act out each adventure.  It was an instant hit in our home.  Most of the moves were easy enough for her to catch on to fairly easily.  There are  a couple that will take some practice but she’s a lot like her mother – coordination challenged!

yoga for kids

Although this video is geared for kids it was also easy for my husband and I to participate with our daughter and we make it a family activity. This has just become part of our regular routine. Many mornings we get up and she asks to put on her yoga clothes and exercise. I would recommend this video to any parents who have young kids and care about keeping them active.


And it turns out, not surprisingly, that we are not the only parents who love Once Upon a Mat.  I am pleased to tell you that it is a recent PTPA Winner!

The PTPA Media Awards celebrate product excellence as rated by you. Manufacturers submit their products and services for evaluation by over 40,000 Volunteer parent testers. The winners live here. And on the shelves of your favourite retailers. Just look for the PTPA seal – it’s like shopping with your best friend.

Disclosure:  I am part of the PTPA Bloghaholic panel and received a copy of this DVD to evaluate.  All opinions are completely my own.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is too adorable! I would love to try out this DVD with my 3 year old. I think it would be so fun. I have yet to find a yoga or pilates DVD that I really like for myself.
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  2. That girl has the moves. I think I pulled a muscle just looking at the pictures. While we're really active as a family, change is good. I bet my kids would love to do this. Thanks for sharing. Besos, Sarah at Journeys of The Zoo
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  3. This sounds like a great thing to have to help kids stay active! I know mine spend too much time in front of the t.v. and this would be perfect to get the younger one active. Thanks for the info 🙂
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  4. What a great  tool to get your little one engaged in health and fitness routines!  Set up your own mat beside your child, and you can do family yoga!
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  5. I really like that idea of children and yoga. I practice yoga myself, my 5 year old has been introduced to yoga at school, so she's now interested in practicing with me. As you said, her attention span isn't very long yet, but she's getting there. Nice opportunity to be active together 🙂
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  6. I am a self proclaimed yogini and have loved sharing this with my daughter. We have attended parent/child yoga classes together in the past but this seems really cool to be able to do in our home!
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  7. They are so gorgeous! You are such an amazing Mama, they are so lucky to have you as their Mama.

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