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Likes Don't Save Lives #UNICEFDAY - Outside The Box

Likes Don’t Save Lives #UNICEFDAY

Likes Don’t Save Lives #UNICEFDAY

So you’re cruising on Facebook and you see a cause or an idea that grabs your attention.  You read, nod your head in agreement and then click LIKE.  Right?  It’s so easy.  You feel good.  Your friends get to see how awesome you are because you “liked” something important or meaningful.  It’s win win right?  Well no not really.  Likes Don’t Save Lives. They just don’t.  Action saves lives.  Money saves lives.  Volunteers save lives.  Likes just make us feel good.  But it’s not about us. Right?

unicef survival gifts


Recently, when I attended Blissdom Canada, I spent some time in the Unicef Canada room.  I learned about some of the great work they are doing to help children around the world. They provide things like life saving food to starving kids, deadly disease preventing vaccinations, portable schools, emergency supplies and even things that we think are simple but make a world of difference – like soccer balls for kids in camps to keep them  busy and help them be kids!

Tomorrow – October 31st – Unicef Canada  is promoting  – Likes Don’t Save Lives.  Survival Gifts do. Join them online as they spread the message and learn how you can help save lives yourself.

Follow Unicef Canada on Twitter @UNICEFLive and follow the hashtag #UNICEFDay.  You can also join in on Facebook by following UNICEF Canada.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. I wish every day was "Save Lives Day". Tomorrow, I will be joining you and (hopefully) millions of others in taking action to save lives. __As you know, each week I support my local food bank. I'm hoping that some of your followers will share the word about my Annual Charity Gift Guide ( Together we can make a difference. One person at a time.

    Besos, Sarah
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