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Coping With Anxiety With Imaginative Play #FPLittlePeople

Coping With Anxiety With Imaginative Play #FPLittlePeople

Coping With Anxiety With Imaginative Play #FPLittlePeople

Anxiety and Imagination

If you have followed Mommy Outside at all you know that I have a little girl with some anxiety issues.  Most of the time she is a happy, silly three year old.  But every once in a while the anxiety gets the better of her and let me tell you it’s not a fun or easy thing to help her through.  But we do. Over time we have learned tactics and techniques that help her get through the phases.  And one very important factor is encouraging imaginative play.

There are a couple of reasons that imaginative play helps the anxious child.  First it gives them the opportunity to “act out” their feelings in a safe and productive way.  And other times it’s simply a means of immersing themselves in something fun where they can take a break from obsessing about their own perceived problems.  At three years old my little one has a huge imagination.  She can dream up stories and scenarios that absolutely fascinate me.  There are few things I enjoy more than sitting back and watching her get creative.  It makes my heart sing.

Fisher Price Little People are a favorite imagination toy in our house.  This is no surprise of course.  Little People have been a favorite toy in homes for generations.  They are the perfect toy for creative developing minds. They are the perfect size for little hands, making them easy to hold and play with.  And with so many characters to chose from they open the door to endless creative possibilities.

Why is Imagination So Important?
A mind that can imagine has the ability to think things through, to make things happen, and of course, to learn. Imaginative play leads directly to problem-solving and creative thinking, as well as reading and comprehension later on. As they play, children transform the everyday, explore the unknown, and rehearse roles for the future. Imaginative play is empowering, and can help shape a child for a lifetime.

Always Room for More

Little PeopleAs you can see we have a lot of Little People in our house.  We have the Disney Princess Songs Palace, the Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway, Areil’s Coach and various other figurines, race cars and even a cow.  Each and everyone of them gets attention. The farmer may take a princess for a tractor ride or you may see Ariel sliding down the car ramp.  That is the beauty of Little People.  They can be or do whatever they want.  There are no limits, no boundaries. And there is always room for more.

Little People

Meet the new Little People Friends!  Mia, Eddie, Tessa, Sofie and (not pictured) Koby.  These just might be my favorite addition to the Little People family. They totally remind me of my daughter and her little daycare friends.  And she loves them too.  She actually casts them as her friends and acts our scenes, some real, some imagined, from daycare.  This is something that is very, very good for her.  She can say things to her Little People friends that help her deal with the real life feelings she has for her actual friends.  This is a wonderful tool for any child and brilliant for a child that has anxiety issues.  She can have her Little People say and do whatever she needs to work through issues that might be on her mind.

Of course it’s not all therapy!  It’s also about discovery, imagination, self directed play (which is so important at this age).  And sometimes it’s just princess tea parties or race car fun.  Or saving the world from robots…

Little People

Celebrate and Win

To help celebrate the launch of the adorable new Little People Friends you are invited to visit Treehouse and enter the Little People, Big Discoveries Contest where you can enter to win 1 of 5 Little People price packs worth $265!  You can enter every day until December 7th.

And while you are over at Treehouse you can also download some fun Little People Friends coloring pages!

Do your children play with Little People (or did your older kids when they were younger)?  Do they have a favorite playset or character?  I’d love to hear about your Little People memories!

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Little People® Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. We don't have any Fisher Price figurines but we have a few of their Little Peoples movies and they are a hit. My kids are the same age as your daughter and they too love to create. It's nice to see all the diversity, colours and imaginative ways for kids to play with them.
    Besos, Sarah

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  2. I am all for anything that helps the little ones. 

  3. awww I love those snow white and cinderella one! having all boys I didn't even know they existed!

  4. FP little people are adorable – every kid I know loves them. It's a great toy. We have had some issues with anxiety in my family – I hope your daughter can find some good ways to manage her feelings as she grows.

  5. It is wonderful that the Little People can help your little one cope. Beautiful pictures and a great article. Thank you 🙂
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  6. FP little people were a huge hit around our house at one time; my boys have grown out of them now, but they definitely enjoyed them for quite awhile!

  7. Nice post. This is really to know that these little people can lower the stress in children.  That's really great.  We commonly observe anxiety symptoms(separation anxiety) in little children, when they are left by their parents in day cares or in homes. This is commonly observed in working women's houses and these little friends will helps them to lower anxiety levels. 

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