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Wordless Wednesday - Beach Ball w/linky - Outside The Box

Wordless Wednesday – Beach Ball w/linky

Wordless Wednesday – Beach Ball w/linky

We’ve been enjoying this late blast of summer and taking full advantage of it.  Sunday we headed out to the beach for some fun.  Little one finally decided that the “sea creatures” were not going to get her and actually went into the lake this time!

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  1. Nice!! We went to the park yesterday, we only have a limited number of park-days left!!

  2. What a fun picture.
    The possibility of dangerous sea creatures is a real concern at the beach. I can't remember my first time at the beach but I can remember my first time at a pool and I was scared to get in because I did not believe it had a bottom)

  3. I love this shot! It has such a warm quality to it!

  4. Great shot, a bet it was a wonderful day and the perfect end to summer!
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  5. I love this shot! It beautiful captures the joys of motherhood, and it looks like you had a fabulous time at the beach with your munchkin!
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  6. Looks like fun. I love the prefect French braid
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  7. Great perspective. Love the braid, makes me wish I had girls. 🙂
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  8. I'm still not convinced about those sea creatures… lol

  9. That's a stunning shot actually. Love the perspective. 
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  10. Oh the glorious beach ball at the end of summer. I don't want summer to end. boo hoo. But thanks for linking.

  11. You always look so tall in all your pictures. Must be the camera. Love the shot. It makes me want to go to the beach. I linked up ( Besos, Sarah (Journeys of The Zoo)
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  12. Nice shot! We live right next to the beach and my kids LOVE it. Glad your little one is over her fear of the sea creatures. 
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  13. Good shot heheh! we are getting a late blast of summer too here in London UK at the moment

  14. What a gorgeous shot.  Looks like it's right out of a magazine! So glad little one wanted to go into the Lake.  Sea Creatures are frightening! 🙂  
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  15. Lovely pic, seem like you where having a blast…
    Thanks so much for being a part of our Wordless Wednesday Party! 
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