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Stinky Shoes - Another Bump on the Anxiety Road - Outside The Box

Stinky Shoes – Another Bump on the Anxiety Road

Stinky Shoes – Another Bump on the Anxiety Road

We have lots of books in our home.  One of our favorite authors is Robert Munsch and one of our favorite books is Smelly Socks.  Smelly Socks tells the story of a spunky little girl named Tina and her quest to find the perfect socks.  After convincing her grandfather to take her for a boat ride across the lake to the store she searches and searches for the right socks.  Finally she finds them.  A beautiful pair of colorful striped socks.  She vows never to take them off.  And she doesn’t.  And they stink.  They stink so much they make geese fall from the sky.  Finally, not being able to take the stench any longer, her school friends confiscate the smelly socks and wash them in the lake.

I can relate to Tina’s friends.  We have a serious case of the stinky shoes in our house these days.  Our little one has a few anxiety issues and one of her biggest triggers just happens to be shoes.  She loves shoes.  That is, she loves it when mommy and daddy buy her shoes.  She has, literally, boxes of shoes. But, she won’t wear them.  It doesn’t matter that we tried them on in the store and they fit perfect and she just had to have them. She will not wear them. Once we get them home they just aren’t right.  Trying to put shoes on to get out the door is a big deal.  A seriously big deal.  It ends in tears and frustration.

Finally we found a pair of shoes that doesn’t cause anxiety attacks.  That she will eagerly put on without a fight.  We call them her magic slip on shoes.  They are the only pair she will wear.  And after months and months of wearing them EVERY SINGLE DAY, all summer long, they stink. Of course by the time we realized this would be the only foot wear she would put on for months it was too late. They were out of season and I couldn’t get another pair at the store. So we wash them.  It helps, a little, but not for long.  And they are so worn out now that putting them in the washing machine would destroy them.  So we wash them by hand.  Frequently.

A few weeks ago I went online hoping I could find another pair to order.  I did!  I can’t tell you how relieved I was to find the exact same shoes, and in her size!  It didn’t matter how much they cost, or that I had to pay duty and customs and all that fun stuff to get them here from the US.  I bought 2 pair.  One in her current size and one in the next size up.  I eagerly awaited their arrival which was suppose to be a week ago.  Every day that goes by without the new shoes is torture.  Seriously, this kid STINKS. I keep looking for another pair of shoes, hoping to find something close enough to the magic slip on shoes that she will agree to give them a try.  Nothing. But, a few days ago I was in her closest helping her find something to wear for the day when I spotted something.  A shiny new pair of shoes that I had bought months ago and tucked away because they were still too big.  I grabbed the shoes and studied them.  They would still be  a little big but not terribly so.  They were slip ons.  They were pink AND sparkly.  These were definitely bonus features that just might sway things in my favor.

I pulled the shoes out of the closet, I took a deep breath and summoned the courage to suggest to the little one that she should try wearing the new shoes. She looked at me.  She looked at the shoes. I could hardly breath.  This could go very wrong or it could could very right.  It was anybody’s guess. I saw her eyes light up and a smile spread across her face.  This looked promising.  However,  I wasn’t about to count my chickens before they hatched.  I cut the tags off of the shiny pink. non smelly shoes, and handed them to her.  She put them on. My heart was pounding with anticipation.

“I like them mommy!”

I breathed. I knew it wasn’t over quite yet.  Anything could happen before we get her out the door to daycare. I casually told her that the new shoes look great with her dress. She went and admired herself in the mirror.  Maybe, just maybe this was going to work. We finished up our morning routine and I got her in the car and ready to go.  So far the shoes were still a go. I dropped her off at daycare for the day and hoped that she didn’t have a meltdown while she was there about the new shoes.  I knew that she did have a backup, her light up Cinderella shoes, at daycare that hopefully would get her through they day if all hell broke loose with the new pink shoes.

She came home that day still wearing the new pink shoes.  She was worn them every day since.  At this rate they will become the new stinky shoes. And I bought them months ago at Giant Tiger, I can guarantee there is no way I will find an exact replacement for these shoes. Now I am just hoping the replacement for the original stinky shoes show up before she decides that these are the only shoes she will wear…

**UPDATE – Just found out the shoes I ordered are lost in transit.  Somebody give me strength!

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  1. Those are some well loved shoes.

    Rumour has it that the new ones or is that the old ones that aren't yet stinky (?) have arrived. Hoping that they're the ticket. Might not want to throw out the other ones quite yet.

    Besos, Sarah
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