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Purex Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway (CAN 9/19) - Outside The Box

Purex Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway (CAN 9/19)

Purex Plus Oxi Review & Giveaway (CAN 9/19)

Purex Plus Oxi

They say nothing in life is certain accept death and taxes. I think “they” forgot one thing – laundry. It’s never ending.  Just when you think you are caught up the laundry basket is full again.  And if you have kids not only is the laundry pile eternal but it’s also full of nasty, hard to clean goodies.

I’ve tried a lot of laundry detergents.  I mean a lot.  If you peeked into my laundry room right now you would spot six or seven different bottles of detergent (not to mention the stain removers).  For the most part I find they all work about the same. But I’m always willing to give another one a shot.  So, when I had the opportunity to review the new Purex Plus Oxi I signed up.

One of the requirements I have when it comes to laundry soap is that it comes in an unscented variety.  Purex Plus Oxi has a “Free & Clear” variety so that is a big bonus.  It turns out the bottle I was sent to review was not the Free & Clear but the “Fresh Morning Burst” kind.  Not a problem.  My daughter and I both have allergies and sensitive skin but my husband doesn’t and he prefers laundry detergent with a little bit of a scent to it.  So I thought I would use it for his clothes.  However, when I opened it an gave it a sniff test I found it to be pretty mild (and it’s hypoallergenic) so I actually did a load that had a little bit of everybody’s stuff in it.

Because the load had some of my daughter’s clothing in it there were some pretty good stains.  I followed the directions on the bottle and pretreated the stains with some of the detergent.  Bedding I wash in hot water (because of allergies) but clothing gets washed in cold water in our house.  By the way Purex Plus Oxi can be used in both regular and high efficiency washing machines – another bonus.

So how did it work?

Purex Review
Purex Plus Oxi

Here are a couple of examples of how things turned out.  The stain in the first picture is a purple freezie.  That’s a tough one.  And the yellow dress has some ground in dirt.  Another nasty stain.  If you look really, really closely at the after shot of the blue dress you can see a little bit of purple left on the embroidered flower.  But it’s really very minor, especially since that dress sat in the laundry basket for 4 or 5 days before I washed it.  And the ground in dirt on the yellow dress is just gone.

Overall I was really quite pleased with the results. I try my best to catch and pretreat stains before they go in the laundry but it doesn’t always happen.  So, having a detergent that has that extra little bit of stain lifting power is important.  And the scent of the Fresh Morning Burst really is very  mild.  I will probably buy the Free & Clear in the future so I can also use it on the bedding but my daughter and I have both worn clothes washed with the scented version with no issues. And my husband can use for his laundry without fear of being “too smelly” for our sensitive noses!  And another bonus about Purex is that it’s really quite affordable.  I generally find it’s much less than the other leading brands and you certainly are not sacrificing quality!

Ready to win?

Now the best news!  You have the chance to win some Purex Plus Oxi yourself. Two lucky Mommy Outside readers will win 2 coupons (that’s two coupons for each winner) for free bottle of Purex Plus Oxi (enter in the rafflecopter form below).  And that’s not all!  After you are done entering the giveaway here you can head on over to the Purex site and enter to win some more!  They are giving away $500 to one lucky winner AND 50 lucky people with get a coupon for a free bottle of Purex Plus Oxi! Both giveaways end September 19th.


See giveaway terms in the form.

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  1. The stain from hubby's short after fishing.  He tends to wipe off the dirt from his bait in his shorts.
    My recent post It’s Football Time

  2. I don't really "treat" stains more like upgrade my clothing but my kids were just eating beets (from the garden) and I thought that it would be really unfortunate if they got some on their clothes.

    Great giveaway. Thanks for hosting. Besos, Sarah, Journeys of The Zoo
    My recent post Win BIG in the Big T Coastal $250 Cash [#Giveaway] WW, 9/15

  3. Grease. On every. Single. Shirt. that belongs to my hubby!

  4. Dirt! good old dirt… And sand…..its so grimey

  5. Grass stains from my kids and their love for soccer :/

  6. Usually those involving diaper mishaps.

  7. mmm mulberry/blackberry stains and grease

  8. Dried blood from when Miss R got hurt back in December.

  9. An oil stain!

  10. I have a hard time treating greasy food stain.

  11. beet juice or blackberry juice; its a toss up!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  12. The hardest stain I've ever had to clean is grease!

  13. I have to say grease / bacon / splatter. 

    Wish it would just go away.  🙂

  14. Yellow mustard!!

  15. I think the orange or grape Koolaid is the worst to get out!

  16. ink – i've tried all the suggested methods but always have a wicked time trying to get out these stains (highlighter is pretty impossible for me as well)

  17. Definately grease and oil stains..they are the worst!

  18. oil stains are the hardest

  19. Butter and grease stains have ruined a few tops and always a big challenge for me!

  20. grass stains!

  21. Grass stains are really hard to get out.

  22. I find blood stains very difficult.

  23. sweat stains.. the.worst!

  24. Grass and grease stains

  25. Grease stains!

  26. Blood stains are the worst.

  27. Red wine on white pants – the waitress accidently dropped both our glasses of red wine and the bottle all over my lap and my husband's, and everything else. I felt so bad for her. My husband tackled the stain and somehow got all that red wine out of my white corduroy pants – amazing.

  28. Blood stains..after a fall!

  29. I think it was mustard on my daughters karate gi.

  30. Grass stains are terrible.

  31. Oil stains from the deep fryer splashing on me

    rafflecopter name – Jonnie J

  32. orange juice on white

  33. Grass stains are my worst ones to tackle

  34. Sweat stains were the worst

  35. The toughest stain has been hair dye. Thanks for the chance to win a great product, twitter fan@plumerea

  36. Blood stain, after my daughter put her hand through the back door window :/

  37. I find grease stains the worst and we seem to get them all the time!

  38. The hardest stain I find to treat is under arm stains. 

  39. Sweat stain … I dot even wear white any more

  40. Grass stains! DD3 seems to be the worst for it.

  41. The hardest stains I've had to treat are grease stains.

  42. Dandelion stem stains have so far proven impossible for me to get out 🙁

  43. Blueberry sauce.

  44. Grape juice
    Rafflecopter – Natalie T

  45. spaghetti sauce

    rafflecopter ~ rachelle t

  46. Dried blood is the worst

  47. Pizza grease – brutal.

  48. baby formula and food

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