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On Parenthood - Then & Now - Outside The Box

On Parenthood – Then & Now

On Parenthood – Then & Now

Do you remember being kidless? For me the memories are like those ones from a movie that you watched years ago. You remember who was in the movie and that you liked that movie but the details are pretty fuzzy.

I’m not sure I expected parenthood to be easy. Or maybe I did. Why? Because NOBODY talks about how freaking hard it is. Seriously. They tell you to keep a baby book so you never forget all of those precious things the kid does. But they should tell you to keep a kidfree book of those years before you become a parent. Those are precious memories too.

No I’m not down on this parenting gig. I promise I’m not. But life is different and I’m not much of a liar so I’m not going to say it’s all butterflies and unicorns. Because it’s not. Yes, it has some pretty spectacular moments. And I’m a good mom, a really good mom. so I’m not going to go beating myself up for sometimes thinking back fondly on the way things use to be.

Then and Now

Then: Hey let’s go to a movie tonight.
Now: How many more episodes of Caillou do we need to watch before she falls asleep?

Then: I think I’ll order the filet mignon tonight.
Now: I’ll have a cheeseburger Happy Meal. No onions, no mustard.

Then: Does my butt look ok in these jeans?
Now: Do I have any stickers on my butt?

Then: It’s Friday night we can stay up late and sleep in tomorrow
Now: Holy crap it’s midnight. The kid will be up in six hours wanting to be fed, clothed and paid attention to.

Then: This lamp would look awesome in our living room.
Now: Do you think we can cram this dollhouse between the play kitchen and the princess castle?

Then: That dress would look awesome on me.
Now: That floral print on that dress would hide a lot of sticky crap.

Then:  OMG what’s that on the floor?  Get some bleach!
Now:  Wonder what that is.  Smells ok.  Let me taste it and see.

Then: Let me slip into something sexy.
Now: No way am I spending 20 minutes squeezing myself into that.

Then: Hey let’s spontaneously go away for the weekend.
Now: Here’s a link to the “weekend getaway” packing spreadsheet I made. The legend is on worksheet 2.

Then: I worked all day and the house is spotless!
Now: I worked all day and made a path to the bathroom!

Then: Can you help me bring these 2 bags of groceries in the house?
Now: 5 grocery bags, a toddler, a purse and a case of diapers. One trip. Myself. Yeah I got this!

Then: Someone needs to teach that mom how to control her brats.
Now: Grocery shopping. Only three tantrums. Win!

Then: Let’s have some “us” time tonight.
Now: I’ll put the kid to bed while you fall asleep on the couch.

Ok your turn. Let’s hear your “Then and Now”!

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  1. Me before children: "Ah aren't babies cute. I really really want one"
    Me after children "Ah aren't other people's babies cute. But not as cute as mine, although I really really don't want anymore!"
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  2. My spirit is eternally stuck at "age 28". It remembers the good old days.
    My body is eternally stuck at "you gave birth to triplets". Unfortunately, it remembers too.
    As for the parenting gig, I didn't realize that it would be 24/7. Forever.
    P.S. Forever is a long time.

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  3. My fave: do I have stickers on my butt? LOL thanks for the laughs! Thanks for linking up to the BlogLovin' Hop!
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  4. I was barely an adult before I had a child of my own, so I don't have too many pre kid days to reminisce on. However, I do remember paying more attention to my hair and never thought twice about buying anything white. Now, the ponytail is my bff and if it doesn't come in shades of black, I ain't buying it!
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