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Canada Strong & Free - Bloom Enjoy Yourself #TGCBB Giveaway - Outside The Box

Canada Strong & Free – Bloom Enjoy Yourself #TGCBB Giveaway

I love this country.  Seriously love it.  We have freedoms here that so many others cannot even imagine. We are so unbelievably fortunate to have those freedoms.

In keeping with the “Strong and Free” theme, I am thrilled to bring you this amazing giveaway from Bloom Enjoy Yourself

Bloom Enjoy Yourself is a chic, sophisticated, contemporary online sexuality boutique that celebrates sexual intimacy, exploration and learning for women in their sexual prime and their partners.  At Bloom we are constantly gathering the latest information and articles created to educate, entertain, and arouse curiosity. We want to inspire women to explore, realize, and embrace their sexuality – providing a wonderful sense of beauty, confidence and strength.

If you are a regular Mommy Outside reader (and I hope you are) you know that this is a very family friendly blog.  And part of having a happy, healthy family is having a healthy, happy mom, and if you are part of a couple you also know the importance of keeping that relationship fresh and alive too!  That’s why I am so excited to be able to share a couple of unique and exciting giveaways with you from the lovely folks at Bloom Enjoy Yourself!

There will be two prizes up for grabs (two winners):


Shiri Zinn Cupcake

The oh so sweet Cupcake from luxury designer Shiri Zinn is a beautiful life sized vibrator that fits in the palm of your hand and looks good enough to eat. The cherry on top packs a punch, while the rest of the soft silicone vibrator also delivers delicious, gentler sensations. The Cupcake is so unassuming, adorable, and fun, it’s really the ultimate hostess gift, birthday gift, thank you gift… any reason will do. Just don’t forget one for yourself!


Parlor Package


Booty Parlor Package – includes a Don’t Stop Massage Oil Candle AND a Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Breath Mist

Set the scene for seduction with the glow of this luxurious candle and let the thrilling aphrodisiac fragrance arouse your senses. When you’re ready to play, blow out the flame and drizzle the warm oil onto bare skin for a uniquely intimate, exciting massage experience.

Inspire desire with this cinnaminty Breath Mist infused with Booty Parlor’s special blend of aphrodisiacs.

To enter just use the rafflecopter form below!

Rules:  One main entry per person.  Open to Canadian residents over the age of 18.  Giveaway ends July 11th.  Winners will be contact by email and have 48 hours to respond.   

Big thank you to Bloom Enjoy Yourself for sponsoring this giveaway!

When you are done entering here be sure to head on over to the TGCBB to enter some more fabulous giveaways!

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  1. A great hairstyle and pair of pants!

  2. My kids make me feel that way 🙂
    Thanks for the chance

  3. My boyfriend makes me feel beautiful, confident AND strong every single day. I'm the luckiest girl in the world 🙂

  4. A great haircut (or at least washing it!), and clothes that fit me. Working on tossing all my 'too big' clothes.

  5. When I wear makeup and do my nails!

  6. A new hair cut and a great pair of heels. 😀

  7. My husband makes me feel beautiful and confident. he really knows how to make me feel good about myself.

    rafflecopter name – Jonnie J

  8. A flattering outfit with the perfect heels

  9. It's good to be Canadian! Especially when we have companies like Bloom Enjoy Yourself!!
    My recent post “What Makes You Canadian”

  10. A bowl of caviar followed by a good nights sleep.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    My recent post The Great Canadian Blog Bash #Giveaway, $400 in Prizes! #TGCBB, CAN, 7/11

  11. Playing a killer game of football. And good hair. Ideally at the same time.

  12. Having a great shower, well rested

  13. Perfect fitting jeans and gorgeous pair of heels

  14. Being out on a nature trail surrounded by greeny and trees. There is nothing like it.

  15. having a bath

  16. A good hair day, a new outfit, and some compliments from my husband.

  17. A great hairday, some make up and an amazing new outfit
    My recent post TGCBB Giveaway

  18. My Fiance and my son make me feel great everyday 🙂

  19. Being fit and healthy makes me feel great

  20. Knowing that I am me…………the person I want to be!

  21. A great outfit makes me feel amazing.
    My recent post CableMover Make Our Move Giveaway (US)

  22. hot relaxing bath and a good book!

  23. My husband has always been great at making me feel all of those things 😀 (RAFFLECOPTER: Maegan Morin)

  24. My daughter and husband. Family always makes me feel strong and confident!- Thanks for the chance!

  25. canadianbloghouse
    Thursday 27 June 2013, 7:54 pm

    My man makes me feel beautiful, confident and strong 🙂 He's my biggest supporter.
    My recent post Canadian Toys For Canadian Kids! Mastermind Toys Canada Day #Giveaway

  26. having my toes and nails done!!!!!!! 😉

  27. A good combing of the hair.

  28. comfortable underwear does it for me

  29. When I tuck my kids to bed at night, and know I survived another day of inspiring little humans. Oh and when I wear my favorite pair of Mavi's and my ass looks like it belongs to a 19 year old #truestory #lovethosejeans
    My recent post Guest Post – How to Do It

  30. When I get my hair highlighted, cut and styled and when my hubby/kids give me spontaneous hugs/kisses/"I love yous"!

  31. Getting my hair done definitely makes me feel confident!

  32. When my husband encourage me. 🙂

    Narathip Wall
    My recent post Glade Decor Scents Car coupon giveaway

  33. getting outside and exercising makes me feel beautiful.

  34. wearing new clothes

  35. My hubby makes me feel beautiful confident and strong everyday as well as my children.

  36. My husband does a good job of that. He's sweet. Actually, today is our 10 year Wedding Anniversary.

  37. my hub and daughter – though a gorgeous dress and shoes doesn't hurt 😉

  38. My husband makes me feel all of those all of the time!

  39. I won a prize pack from Booty Parlor a few years back. They have some good stuff! I love their cinnamon flavored lip gloss. It tastes just like red hots candies. Really gets the boys worked up 😉
    My recent post Awesome Animals Children's Book Series

  40. I have a pair of pants I love, I feel great when I wear them.

  41. My Husband makes me feel beautiful everyday!

  42. having a good night sleep and a refreshing shower in the morning

  43. I have to agree with a goodnight's sleep and warm sleep followed by my fiance and son 🙂 (ash_o3(at)hotmail (dot) com
    My recent post Peepboo Nursing Clothing- Review

  44. When my daughter tells me I'm pretty:)

  45. I feel confident as I KNOW that I am a good person inside and out..

  46. A haircut and a new outfit!

  47. a fresh hairstyle

  48. my nails done:)

  49. My husband makes me feel all those things and more!
    via Rhonda W G.

  50. Being Fit makes me feel strong and a really good haircut does the rest 🙂

  51. Being a good mom to my kids

  52. A nice shower and shave and dont forget to ex-foliate!!

  53. michelle tremblett
    Sunday 30 June 2013, 6:12 pm

    Being confident in myself and who I am makes me feel beautiful, confident and strong. 🙂

  54. The smile I see on my BF face when he sees me walk into the room makes me feel beautiful

  55. my girlfriend is the answer.

  56. when i get time to take care of myself like spend time on my makeup or do my hair or work out

  57. My boyfriend and my children and family!! With them anything is possible

  58. Makeup and heels and great hair

  59. When I wear a summer dress in wedges

  60. my hubby is my world

  61. My fiancé and four boys

  62. Michelle armstrong
    Monday 1 July 2013, 12:21 am

    Painting my nails and wearing make up. Going out to a neighbourhood bar where my aunt works dancing with an old BFF.

  63. A good haircut and Beautiful nails!

  64. A new hairstyle, and makeup

  65. My husband makes me feel strong and confident!
    My recent post Come Hell Or High Water

  66. A walk with my dogs or hanging with my kids

  67. Raising my children alone after their father left for another woman. Children comng from divorce can sometimes take the worng path. I was strong and made them a home without their father. That made me strong and confident as my kids turned oiut super! They are both attending university!

  68. Never giving up, regardless of the hurdles……*smile

  69. Having a good makeup, and wearing something I feel comfortable and pretty in.

  70. New cloths and getting dressed up… oh and a work out!

  71. Lisa Marie Anctil
    Tuesday 2 July 2013, 11:45 pm

    A killer pair of shoes and some glossy kick ass lipgloss!

  72. Nice, new, good fitting clothes 🙂

  73. Running makes me feel strong and beautiful. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  74. My kids and husband who treat me like a queen, and make me feel beautiful!

  75. My kids make me feel beautiful and loved!

  76. Getting my nails done makes feel beautiful

  77. On the rare occasion when I am able to get out without the kids and do my hair, maybe put on a bit of makeup and my dress sandals 🙂

  78. Nothing makes me feel more buff, bitchin', and beautiful than a nice refreshing shower, but a cupcake would really add to that experience!

  79. I just found this site lol, where have u been? I'd love to win something

  80. my family makes me strong when i see their health issues

  81. I must say my hubbie of 39 years still makes me feel that way….he constantly tells me how beautiful I am!

  82. Brenda Lacourciere
    Saturday 6 July 2013, 4:39 am

    being kind does it

  83. Exercising and eating right and wearing a pair of killer heels!

  84. My family

  85. pretty clothes and eye makeup

  86. My husband. He truly is my rock, even more so with my health issues, never thought I'd feel sexy in a hospital gown but he sure showed me.

  87. Brushing my teeth! It can make me feel like a million bucks!

  88. My daughters! I'm sure I do the same in return! 🙂

  89. A good night's sleep makes me feel beautiful.

  90. Good food and good company! I surround myself with the things I like to feel good!

  91. I feel confident when I am wearing an outfit that I love
    My recent post Riding Safely with Sailun Tires #TrustSailun {Giveaway}

  92. A new cut and colour

  93. My husband makes me feel beautiful every day. It also doesn't hurt to have cute clothes and shoes 😉

  94. Having my hair done nicely makes me feel beautiful

  95. When I get all dressed up and do my make up.

  96. Morning meditation sets me up for a very confident day ahead!

  97. Wearing a nice dress and wedges 🙂

  98. Having no hair and just going with it!

  99. Theresa Michalik
    Tuesday 9 July 2013, 2:06 pm

    Make up for sure, lol and my son makes me feel confident!!!

  100. My husband makes me feel strong and confident. He is not a grand gesture kind of guy, but it is the everyday little things he does for me that make me feel treasured!

  101. A GREAT pair of shoes and a smile from my hubby

  102. Being true to me and keeping a clear conscience! Oh…and a new hairdo doesn't hurt! 😉

  103. The way my boyfriend looks at me makes me fell so beautiful

    Tuesday 9 July 2013, 2:25 pm

    My daughter, grandaughter and my boyfriend! 🙂

  105. An unexpected compliment from a complete stranger…something like,I like how you done your hair ,or your make up…anything nice 🙂

  106. Husband and sons always have my back.

  107. A beautiful outfit and compliments from my hubby

  108. josee carpentier
    Tuesday 9 July 2013, 3:43 pm

    My children. I feel strong and confident. Children need parent to be positive

  109. my husband's attention makes me feel beautiful and confident

  110. my husband and family ! They are here for me and I for them!

  111. A great outfit.

  112. a compliment makes me feel beautiful, confident and strong

  113. A compliment from my husband!

  114. Putting on a great dress and a smile

  115. my husband 🙂

  116. a new hair style and new clothes i rarely get to do both

  117. Coffee, then I can tackle the day with a big smile!
    My recent post Buying Kids Summer Toys On a Budget

  118. Definitely a new hairstyle

  119. Soft looking skin.

  120. A great new haircut!

  121. When my hubby tells me I'm beautiful
    My recent post The Love Dare for Parents #Giveaway

  122. My special guy makes me feel confident and strong. He really brings out the best in me.

  123. Getting a hair cut!

  124. Just feeling fresh. Thanks for participating in the #TGCBB.

    My recent post Ontario Science Centre GIVEAWAY Reminder! Closes Soon!

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