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Happy Blog Birthday to Me! - Outside The Box

Happy Blog Birthday to Me!

  • 7th May 2013

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Mommy Outside is now officially 1 year old!  To be accurate my “baby” turned one on May 1st but I was just too busy with life to do more than quietly give myself a thumbs up.  That is mommyhood (and daddyhood as well) for you.

On May 1 2012 I got the bright idea that I wanted to start a blog so I sat down and wrote this post and a blog was born. One year and 237 posts later here I am.  I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t make it this far.

Blogging is hard work not matter how you slice it. It really doesn’t matter what you blog about, who you blog for or if you have monetized your blog. There is a certain amount of skill, dedication and heart that goes into (just about) each and every blog out there.  At least the ones I read.

There is a lot to be learned out there in the blogosphere.  It is multidimensional, live and ever evolving  Just when you think you have something figured out it changes. It has opened my eyes to so much.  Some of it good, some of it not so good.  But the truth is I never would have kept going if the positives were not more prevalent than the negatives.

Through good fortune and hard work I have had some fabulous opportunities and there are more on the horizon.  I have also been able to connect with some really amazing people.  People that inspire me professionally, personally and in some cases both.  Connecting with other parents (like minded or not) was one of my original goals when I began my blog.  I have most definitely achieved that!

So, no big party to mark this milestone, just a quiet hooray and on to year 2 with some new goals and a solid year of experience and a great posse to help me get there!  Shout out to each and every one that has been on this ride with me.  You know who you are!!

Oh – and I really can’t let this milestone pass by without some sort of celebration so watch for a birthday giveaway coming soon!

Now I’m off to cook with Lentils because I must meet Chef Dreamy!  What?  Here, this will explain it!

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  1. Congratulations! My blog turned one in April and I haven't don anything to celebrate. So exciting!
    Wishing you another year of fantastic blogging.

  2. Happy Birthday! Congrats on 1yr of blogging 🙂 I love visiting you. Cheers to many more 🙂

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