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January 2013 - Outside The Box

Archive For January, 2013 Review and $40 Giveaway

Did you know that the average Canadian household has $300 in unused gift cards lying around the house?  Did you also know that 1 out of 4 gift cards are not used within a year of purchase and that many…

Food Friday – Classic Risotto Recipe

Food Friday – Classic Risotto Recipe

Risotto just might be the ultimate in comfort food.  Warm, creamy, starchy and delicious.  A lot of people don’t make it because they think it’s finicky and time consuming.  It’s actually quite simple and start to finish only takes about…

How to Spot a Mom

How to Spot a Mom

There are some things about motherhood (or fatherhood) that I had no understanding of until I had a kid on my own.  I never imagined that going to the bathroom by myself would be a luxury, that “me time” would…

All Things Toopy and Binoo

I recall very clearly the first time I saw an episode of Toopy and Binoo.  My daughter was still a baby so the current world of kid’s television programming was pretty new to me.  I can honestly say that when…

ABC Photo Challenge – B is for Bike

B is for bike.   A cute little blast from the past that we picked up at a collectible show a few years ago. Week 2 of the ABC Friday Photo Share.  Head on over and link yours up!

50 Shades of Poop – Is That Normal?

50 Shades of Poop – Is That Normal?

Yellow poop, green poop, orange poop, brown poop. I poop, you poop, everybody poop, poop! When I became a mom I had no idea how often and how freely I would start talking about poop. Every mommy group or forum…

Parnevu For Extra Dry Hair Review & Giveaway!

I have difficult hair.  It’s curly, thick and coarse.  Styling it and keeping it healthy is a challenge at the best of times.  This time of year, smack dab in the middle of winter, makes for some bad hair days. …

Asthma and Kids – Tips For Managing

Asthma and Kids – Tips For Managing

When our little one was about 18 months she was diagnosed with asthma.  Her main symptom is a chronic cough that tends to come on at night or nap time.  Having reflux and a mom with allergies increased her odds…

Photographer? Or do you just like to take pictures?

 A few months ago I came across at t-shirt that said “Momtographer” on it.  Since then I have seen that word more and more in the online world.  I’m going to come right out and say I don’t like it…

Wordless Wednesday – Imagination w/linky

Our little one has a great imagination and loves roll playing.  This was Fireman Molly to the Rescue! Be sure to leave a comment after you link up.  I’d love to hear from you!

Safety Round Up (Jan 4) Latest Recalls & Safety News

Product Recalls White Lace Girl’s Nightgown  – Does not meet flammability requirements This recalls involves 5 different styles ranging from size 1 to 8.  The nightgowns are white cotton and have the following product codes: PW216PW389PW396PW397PW398 Consumers are advised to…


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