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The Traggic Story of Ashley Smith - Outside The Box

The Traggic Story of Ashley Smith

  • 2nd November 2012

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  1. this just breaks my heart and I have no words to say other than so very sad. 🙁

  2. I was unaware of her story until just recently. It is hard to believe that these types of things happen in our country. Thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts to help me understand the story better.

  3. I saw this on the news last night and it made me ill…..I cannot believe that this is going on in our judicial system

  4. wow, I can't imagine the hell it must have been being put through all of that.

  5. Very sad story. I doubt this is a one only story too…. and that is frightning!

  6. This is horrific and this is when our social system fails the people they should be protecting. This shouldn't happen, this is very sad.

  7. Such a heartbreaking story. I had heard about it a few years ago and then saw it again on the news last night. I had to change the channel though as my kids were in the room. What that poor girl must have went through.

  8. I had not heard of this at all, but that's horrible! No one should be shuffled around that many times, even if they were 100 years old.

  9. That is so sad! It is amazing how often people fall through the cracks. I hope her death wasn't in vain and some serious changes are made so this doesn't happen again!

  10. This is a very sad story. It seems like she was crying out for help for years, but did not get it.

  11. That's so sad. So many people are often misdiagnosed or not treated properly for the illness they have.

  12. As a mother my heart bleeds for Ashley's mother, I can't even amagine how helpless she felt to not be able to help her child. But to lay the blame 100% at the doorstep of the correctional service for her adult daughter self-inflicted death is wrong. Ashley chose her actions, and had for many of years. 14 time in juvenile court attests to this as a chronic and continuing problem. Mental health issue may or may not have been a factor, some experts say yes, some say no. Based on the fact that her behaviour was escalating rapidly over the years leading up unto her incarceration in the federal system, I'm not really sure what it is the public think can be done when an individual such as Ashley. I believe the staff that dealt with her that final day did morally and ethically try to control the problem to the best of their training, and with the tools that were available to them. Sometimes hard decisions have to made, and sometimes the outcome isn't what we always want, but we have to keep on trying…..

  13. Ashely was diagnosed with several mental health disorders by the time she was 15. I don't think the fact that her mental health was a huge factor in her ultimate demise can even be argued. You say her "behavior" was escalating rapidly over the years is just another indicator that there were underlying issues.

    As for the public, I hope and I pray that they, like me, think there is plenty to be done to help prevent another tragedy like this from occurring. This poor girl never stood a chance in the system she ended up in. You refer to Ashley as an adult. I see her as a child. She entered the "system" when she was barely a teenager and died at 19. She had zero opportunity to be an adult. People with severe mental illness rarely have the luxury to "chose" their actions.

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