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Baby Bird - Wordless Wednesday w/linky - Outside The Box

Baby Bird – Wordless Wednesday w/linky

  • 2nd October 2012

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This is a baby sparrow that fell out of a very tall tree in our front yard a couple of years ago.  The nest was far too high for us to return it (and no mother birds do not abandon babies just because they’ve been touched by a person) so we took the little fellow in. I have to tell you caring for a baby bird is a lot of work!  I had to take him to work with me in a box every day because he needed to be fed throughout the day (with a concoction of kitten food, hard boiled egg whites and vitamin C) with a straw and I had to make sure he was warm enough.  When he finally got all of his feathers we had to teach him to fly and built a large enclosure so he could spend time outside during the day and still be safe while he was learning.  Then we would let him out on his for for small flights and he would always come back, until one day he flew away and didn’t come back.

These two pictures were taken 4 days apart.  It’s amazing how quickly they develop.  I have to say when we first found him he was the ugliest little birdie I had ever seen.  One day I will have to dig through my pictures and find one that I snapped when he was a little older.  Because he got pretty cute!

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  1. Aww, too cute! I agree, that first picture is pretty ugly, but endearing too!

  2. Awhhh…he's so cute! In the first photo he looks like he can't even hold his head up yet. That's awesome that you took such great care of him…would love to see the pictures from when he is a little older.

    • I took a quick look for them last night but no luck. I think they are on an external hard drive that I used to back up my old computer. I am going to look there next. He really did turn into a cute little thing!

  3. I think baby birds fall into the 'so ugly they're cute' category. Four days made a definite improvement

  4. wow only 4 days apart – that's amazing!

  5. That is amazing! It's awesome you took the time to take care of him. <3 it.

  6. we had a family of robins build a home and lay eggs in our son's climber. they were so hideous when they were born but wow do they grow quick! 2 weeks and they flew away on their own!

  7. New born baby birds are not very cute, but they soon change.

  8. Awww! That's so fantastic of you!!

  9. so cute and amazing that you looked after him

  10. That is dedication my dear… I could not have done that. I had enough with training our dog when we got her. I slept in the family so she wouldn't be lonely.

  11. wow- you are amazing for managing to keep him alive!

    • I have to tell you I wasn't very optimistic at first. I took a picture of him right away and emailed it to an animal rescue group looking for help. They told me he was a robin and he most likely wouldn't make it. For some reason baby robins are not very hardy without their moms. Within a couple of days (and tons of internet research) it became pretty clear to me that he was not a robin at all but a sparrow and his chances of surviving being hand raised were much better!

  12. so tender!!!Thank you for the linky, I have a linky as well…

  13. So cute! And how awesome of you guys to care for him to such an extent. That's wonderful! I can't believe the change in just a few days and how much they develop!

  14. So nice of you to care for him….mother nature sure appreciates it:)Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  15. What a kind soul you are to take that bird in and care for it until it could go out on its own. I think he is adorable in both pictures 🙂

  16. They do change fast!!! That explains why they seem to leave the nest so soon, I guess they're just ready. Kudos to you for taking care of the little one!

  17. The change in only 4 days is crazy, I can't believe it.

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