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You are Driving me Crazy! - Outside The Box

You are Driving me Crazy!

  • 9th August 2012

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I live in a city with a population of roughly 193,000 people.  With the economic stability of our province this population has been increasing steadily over the past several years. Of course, the increase in population has created more traffic and there are more and more horrid drivers on the road.  Every single day I am amazed at the stupidity I see on the roads.

So, to all of you horrible drivers, and sadly most of you don’t know who you are so don’t bother trying to figure out just yet if you fit into that category, just keep reading and you might figure it out, here are a few pointers:

Signal lights – I know they are confusing to you.  With all the blinking and clicking and what not and trying to figure out if down is left or down is right. Let me explain how it works – Decide which way your are turning or which lane you would like to move into.  Now, and this is important, BEFORE you turn or change lanes put on your signal light. Doing it after is rather pointless.  The whole reason for using signal lights is to signal your intent to do something so the drivers around you can anticipate what you are going to do.  Oh and down is left and up is right.  Ok, go it?

Stop signs are for stopping.  They don’t mean slow down slightly and proceed or even slow down quite a bit and proceed.  They mean stop.  I don’t think it gets any easier than that.

A red light also means stop.  It doesn’t matter if you intend to turn right on that red light, you still have to stop first.  Turning right on a red light does not give you a free pass on the stopping part.

When you are turning, remain in the lane you started in before you turned.  I don’t care if you are making a left turn and then need to turn right in the next block – you started in the left lane, you stay in the left lane.

You are no more important than any other driver on the road.  It is no more important for you to get to where you are going than it is for me or anyone else.  I don’t care if your vehicle is big or expensive or fast.  Unless you are driving an ambulance, a fire truck or a police car, slow the $^#*% down!

Parking lots are not free-for-alls! The rules of the road also apply to parking lots.  It’s as if some drivers take that entrance into the mall and that part of their brain that stores rules and common sense temporarily turns to mush.  Oh and don’t take up two parking spots.  If your car is really that precious to you leave it at home and take the bus.

On a multilane highway the general rule is “keep right except to pass“. Again, I know it’s confusing with the right and left and all so maybe you should get some of those stickers that little kids use in their shoes to help them identify right and left.  Just a thought….

If you absolutely insist on talking on your cell phone in the car, at the very least use a hands free device.  Even better, pull over or just don’t use it at all. Studies show that the use of hands free devices really doesn’t cut down the distraction factor much.  And for crying out loud do not text and drive.  It amazes me that people who swear they would never drink and drive have no problem texting while they drive.  The impairment on your driving is the same.  Also apply this rule to eating, reading, putting on make up, etc.  Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road!

What are your driving pet peeves?  Have a “stupid driver” story to share?  I would love to hear it!

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  1. Such a good post! You have no idea how many horrible drivers I come across when out and about around town. It drives me nuts and the talking on the cell while driving really irks me. I've seen so many people almost hit me or others because they were busy talking on the phone or distracted with other things in their car. Everyone needs to be more cautious and safe on the roads.

  2. Once saw a woman breastfeeding in the frontseat (of a moving car!) on the Deerfoot in Calgary. Hubs and I just looked at each other like "huh did we just see that?". Crazy.

  3. Oh man. My biggest peeve (especially since moving to Victoria) is DO NOT enter the intersection unless you can go ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Seriously, there are so many drivers out here who crowd into the intersection, even though they are left sitting in the middle of the intersection behind a long line of cars. Then the light changes, and nobody can move because of the idiots in the middle of the intersection. If you can't get out of the intersection, don't go! Don't assume that some light will change or something so that you can move before the other light changes. Okay, rant over. 🙂

  4. I'm the opposite kind of bad driver. I'm the drives-like-a-granny, way-too-cautious kind of bad driver that people honk at because they get annoyed with me. I didn't learn to drive until I was 25, so that might be why!

  5. It seems to me that drivers are getting worse all the time. Sometimes it is down right scary being on the road with them. I appreciate your post – hopefully one bad driver will read it and mend their ways. Then I remembered that bad drivers wouldn't know that they are the bad driver on the road. lol!

  6. Yeah also, if the light turns yellow when you are literally 2 feet from the intersection… don't slam on your brakes. Just go. Yellow does not mean stop anymore than it means speed up to get through it if you are 3 blocks away. Yikes.If you are about to turn on to a road but there is traffic coming don't turn unless you can do it without making everyone on the road you are turning on to brake. I've been wanting to make a post like this for awhile in case you can't tell. 🙂

  7. driving these days have got crazy. Recently an older lady was driving on my left lane on a major intersection It was crazy I wasn't sure if she knows where she was or what she was going to dodriving is risky

  8. I love this post. I live in a teeny tiny town in Northern Ontario now (used to live in the city) and here people can't seem to quite grasp the concept of the 4-way stop. Everyone sort of just looks at each other and tries to guess who will go first … never mind that there are actual rules. OH and people just walk out into the middle of the road WITHOUT LOOKING to see if there are vehicles driving there- and not at a crosswalk… just at random points along any street. I realize the speed limit is extra slow all over our town but even extra slow will REALLY HURT when it hits a person who has walked directly in front of an SUV. And the biggest pet peeve? Transport trucks who are just passing through our tiny town on the Trans Canada highway and refuse to slow down. I realize you are bigger than the rest of us and you have places to BE and everything but we live here and we have kids and we would rather not be killed by your truck because you didn't feel like slowing down for the 8 minutes it takes to pass our town. Sheesh. There should be a rule that stupid people aren't allowed to drive. Vehicles should just refuse to start every time a person sits down in the drivers seat and tries to do something stupid.

    • Sometimes pedestrians seem to think they are invincible too. I try my best to stop for them but you can't always seem them if it's an unmarked cross walk (or like you said, just some random point in the street).Does your town have a reduced speed limit on the highway? There are hardly any of those around here for some reason. I don't get it.

  9. Great post! I live in a town with a population of about 5000 and I get mad at drivers couldn't imagine living in a big city.

  10. Yeah that's an annoying one!!

  11. Right, when did yellow become the new green? That is so frustrating. Especially when you are tying to turn left and just have that tiny little window of time when the light turns yellow to make your turn but some speed demon going straight doesn't care if you need to turn and burns through the yellow.

  12. I hate driving. It seems that every time I get in the car the idiots appear. My husband jokes that I must attract them because he only notices them when me and the kids are in the car with him. You should send this over to the BMV and have them pass it out to each and every person who gets a license!

  13. Thanks for the laugh this morning! I feel the exact same way about it all!

  14. OMG! I seriously just spit my drink out because I was laughing so hard lol. Earlier today, I ran into 1,2 & 6. Apparently people have become so lazy that it's too difficult to lift their hand to turn on the turn signal. Either that or they somehow believe that I am telepathic and know when they are going to decide to suddenly jump across three lanes of traffic and cut me off. With my daughter in the back seat…Nothing can induce a horrible case of road rage like doing something that may possibly harm my daughter. Geez, only in America…and apparently Canada. The Importance of Being Reese-Reese

  15. It is amazing how bad drivers are now a days. I just started driving in January, took Young Drivers and the things I see are astounding. I am not perfect but I at least follow the rules. Currently my biggest peeve is people not using signals. If I don't know what they are planning, it is impossible to plan my action and then I just get annoyed and want to scream at them. AH!!

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