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Canadian Beef - Goodness in Every Bite! - Outside The Box

Canadian Beef – Goodness in Every Bite!

  • 5th July 2012

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I am a city dweller.  I get up every week day morning, put on my business clothes and go off to my job in the executive wing of a well known and respected organization.  I like my job, the folks that I work with and I like living in the city. However, in my heart I will always be a farm girl.
In our home doing chores meant feeding the cows, bedding stalls and cleaning grain bins.  Extra curricular activities were training your 4-H calf to walk a ring and learning how to groom him for a show.  Weekends were spent driving through the pasture (it was a huge pasture) doing head counts and refilling the salt block stations.  That all might sound leisurely, I’m not sure, but it really wasn’t.  Farm life is a busy life.  It’s just a different kind of busy than you experience in the city.  There is no 5:00 pm grid lock, you carry your coffee in a thermos so no waiting in line at the Tim Horton’s and grocery shopping is done from your well stocked pantry, freezer and garden.
I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to grow up on a farm and it’s one of the reasons that I am so excited to begin my journey as a Canadian Beef Brand Ambassador.
I’ve spent quite a bit a time over at the Canadian Beef website and the information and resources they provide on the site are a must read for any beef lover.  The fantastic group of experts at the Beef Information Centre have an answer for everything beef!

Having family over for a scrumptious roast beef dinner? You can find everything you need to help you prepare and pull off an amazing meal.  You’ll find information on what size of roast to buy, recipes for yummy rubs, sauces and gravy, cooking tips and guidelines and help to carve a roast like a pro.
Or maybe you want to master the art of barbequing the perfect steak. Learn all the tips, tricks and recipes that will make you the king or queen of the grill!
My favorite section is the Cook Booklets.  Here you will find booklets (most available to download) on everything from grilling, casseroles, quick and easy meals, to how to make the perfect burger.  There are also booklets on beef nutrition, safe food handling and healthy meal ideas.
Of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that my favorite booklet is Made in Canada. Real. Authentic. Beef.  
“Meet some of Canada’s proud beef ranchers and farmers as they tell of their life’s work and their commitment to bring world-class beef to you. Real folks with real stories, and as always from Canada Beef, you’ll find great recipes to inspire you to share beef at your table.”
Also, be sure to check out the Beef Blog.  It’s always being updated with fresh information and ideas.  I love keeping up with what’s happening in the test kitchen!
The Canadian Beef site makes me beam with pride to be a Canadian and to have such close ties to our fabulous beef industry.  It also makes my mouth water and inspires me.  There is nothing I love more than a perfectly grilled steak.  I’m not too shabby on the barbeque but by the time summer is over I vow to be the Grill Master (Mistress??)!

Be sure to stay tuned – there are some fun and exciting things coming our way from Canadian Beef!


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  1. Congratulations on your new role! I cannot wait to hear more about your journey growing up on a farm! @iNRdream

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