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Watcha got mommy? - Outside The Box

Watcha got mommy?

  • 2nd May 2012

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I have fallen into a trap.  It’s the “Watcha got mommy?” trap that my daughter lays every day when I get home from work.  It started innocently enough, I’d run out on my lunch hour to do errands, pick up a few groceries or other essentials and occasionally pick up a little something for her. Many times I didn’t specifically buy something for her but there would be something in the groceries that she would get excited about. However, it really escalated with our efforts to ditch the suckie. I discovered that bracelets were a good substitute for the suckie.  I would give her a new one each morning when we got in the car to go to daycare.  She would play with it, switching it from one arm to another, feeling it, studying it.  It turned out to be a wonderful distraction and within days the suckie was only used at bedtime.  However, the bracelet (which was generally dollar store pony tail bands or scrunchies) obsession continued.  It became an expectation.  I didn’t want to wean her off the bracelets too soon and have a suckie rebound. I did begin to “recycle” the bracelets.  There were enough of them that most of the time she didn’t know it was one that I had previously given her.  Gradually, over a couple of months, the bracelet fascination wore off.  She still occasionally asks for one but it’s not a necessity anymore.  However, the “Watcha got mommy” when I come home continues…
I have to tell you that seeing the anticipation on her face when I walk in the door is pretty priceless.  Yes, she is happy to see me and she doesn’t have a tantrum if I happen to come home without something for her but she squeals with delight when I do.  It’s pretty hard to resist.  Most of the time it’s something pretty small, usually a dollar store trinket, some pudding in the groceries, sometimes I just bring home bubble wrap that came in a box at work (she loves bubble wrap) so it’s not that this is bankrupting me.  I don’t bring her home something every day but at least a couple of times a week.  I try to make it something consumable (like the pudding) so we aren’t collecting a bunch of junk or something (like the bubble wrap) that we can dispose of (recycle if possible) when she’s done with it.

Am I spoiling my daughter?  Maybe, but I’ll be honest and say that I’m not worried about it at this point. Her care givers at daycare tell me that she is the most well behaved toddler in the room most days.  She is the first to pick up toys when told, she listens, she is kind and gentle with the other kids.  After a long day at work, knowing I’m only going to have a couple of hours with Molly before her bed time rolls around, I treasure my moments with her and “Watcha got mommy?” is one of those moments.

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