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Morning Rush Hour (and cherry panties) - Outside The Box

Morning Rush Hour (and cherry panties)

  • 1st May 2012

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Mornings are always interesting and seldom predictable in our household.  We have mommy and daddy getting ready for work while also trying to get an almost two year old ready for daycare.

This morning was relatively smooth.  Molly decided she wanted to hang out upstairs with mommy this morning while I got ready.  She kept herself entertained brushing her teeth with her electric Dora toothbrush, coming back for frequent fill ups of toothpaste (the toddler non fluoride kind).  Then I went to my dresser to locate some pantyhose and she spotted mommy’s “Cherry Panties!!” and declared them her own.  She was walking around, proudly carrying her cherry panties when daddy came up to get her dressed for the day.  That is when the chaos erupted.  The thought that she would just might have her precious panties taken away was more than she could bear.  Daddy did his best to talk her down and worked at getting the squirmy, upset toddler dressed.  Success…followed by silence.  What was going on in her room?  Finally I hear a triumphant “I did it!”  Followed by daddy saying “Go show mommy”.  In walks my daughter, proud as a peacock with mommy’s cherry panties “on”.  Outside her pants, both legs in one leg hole.  It was a sight!  I knew that there was no way she was taking those off and today’s daycare chuckle would be courtesy of my lovely little mommy panting wearing fashionista.  I have learned to chose my battles and this is one I couldn’t possibly win so off she went to daycare, rocking my underwear.  At least they were clean…..

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  1. That is so precious! We often have similar moments in our house. Although not as personally revealing as "cherry panties". Just curious, could you look the daycare people in the eye when you picked her up at the end of the day?:)

  2. Ha her daddy picks her up at the end of the day! I didn't have to face them until morning…..

  3. Oh, this has just given me the greatest chuckle of the day. Thank you!

  4. Hilarious. I am so excited for when my daughter is old enough to do hilarious things like that (she's only 7 months now). ps. your blog is great!

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