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May flowers - Outside The Box

May flowers

  • 21st May 2012

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I am beyond happy that my little girl has decided she likes to garden.  I grew up on a farm where we always had a massive garden and although there were many hot summer days that I was not thrilled about spending hours picking weeds in the giant plot I still grew up loving gardening.  I cannot, for the life of me, keep a house plant alive but if it grows outside I do pretty good.  There are few things more satisfying, or delicious, than serving a meal full of fresh veggies that you just picked from your own garden.  Sadly, in our current location we do not have any really good spots for producing vegetables.  We, do however have lots of space for other plants.

This past week we had Molly outside several times while we tended to the large flower bed out front.  My husband and I would pull out the weeds and old stock that never quite made it out of the garden last fall and she would come and scoop up armfuls and bring them to the garbage can.  She was loving every minute of it, humming and singing happily as she went.

Yesterday we went out and bought our annuals and she helped us carry them from the truck to the back of the house.  When we were all done she decided they needed to be watered.  She picked up the watering can so I filled it for her.  After several trips to fill up the watering can (most of which she was pouring on the ground rather than the plants) I realized it was time to get out the hose.  This might be her favorite part of gardening.  She loves the hose. Apparently no water in the entire world tastes as good as hose water. Once she makes sure the plants are nicely watered she proceeds to water herself.  There is such joy in this simple activity that I ignore the flooded walk, her soaking clothing and shoes and just sit close by delighting in her delight.

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  1. What an adorable picture!

  2. What kid can resist drinking from the hose? Somehow, they always think the water tastes better when you can change up the hose head settings lol. She looks so cute!

  3. What kid can resist drinking from the hose? Somehow, they always think the water tastes better when you can change up the hose head settings lol. She looks so cute!

    • It's funny, I grew up on a farm and the water from the hose came straight from the dugout and was not suitable to drink so it's not something I have a memory of as a child.

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  5. I can't wait to start gardening with Emma! What an awesome activity to do as a family . . .love the rain jacket & sunglasses 🙂

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