Awesome Things

This page was inspired by a sad lunch and some hope for something better, eventually, maybe, who knows. I know, that’s ridiculously vague but just come along for the ride.

11.  Winter Fun

I know, I know…slacking again. It was a busy (and stressful) holiday season but days like this one make it all worth while. It’s bitterly cold at the moment but we managed to find a really nice day to get out and get on the hills. Can’t wait for another!

10. In the Community

Yikes I’ve been slacking on this! I promise you there have been some awesome things, I just haven’t had time to share them.

But this needs to be shared. A couple of my favorite people sharing the love as we were getting ready to do the Run for the Cure.

9. Random Smiles

On one of our evening walks around the park last week Molly and I came across these cute little messages written in chalk. We both thought it was pretty awesome.

8. Staycation

Ok so I know it’s been more than a few days since I posted here. Last week I took the week off to spend with my daughter. We had originally planned to go camping for the week but those plans got a little screwed up. So, instead we just had a staycation. Which was just as well because it turned out to be ridiculously hot here! We had a great time not doing a whole lot of anything. I did try to get her out in the evenings when it was a bit cooler for walks, which was when we snapped this picture.

7. My New Travel Mug

This mug really gets me on so many levels.

6. Gentle Giant

This is Freddy. He is the most lovable, affectionate cat you will ever meet. He is also huge and his second favorite thing to do, after cuddling, is eat.

5. Summer Nights

After a cooler spell last week we are really enjoying a return of the hot summer weather. So last night after work Molly and I got on our bikes and rode to the park, had a picnic and then road all away around the lake. And that was a big deal for her! Her first big bike ride. He had a couple of hiccups but she did really great!

4. Little Red Riding Hood

The other day Molly and I were going to visit some new friends that have a little girls that is all about princesses. We decided that this would be a great opportunity to go through some of Molly’s things from her princess days and give Penny some of her princess paraphernalia. While we were going through the tickle trunk Molly found this red cloak from an old Little Red Riding Hood costume and decided she must wear it for the day.

3. Brightside

I was in Saskatoon last weekend and had to stop by Lush to pick up my favorite item – bubble bars. This one is called Brightside and it has a lovely citrus scent. If you enjoy a good bubble bath you really need to try a Lush bubble bar. They are amazing.


2. Chocolate Flower in a Gold Box

Last week a friend was kind enough to give me this box of amazing chocolate. All of it dark (my favorite). I’m slowly making my way through the box, savouring every decadent bite.

1. Where the Wild Things Are

This girl. Sweet and sassy. Lover of flowers in her hair.


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