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Gift Ideas for 8 & 9 Year Old Girls

Gift Ideas for 8 and 9 Year Old Girls

Gift Ideas for 8 and 9 Year Old Girls

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve done a “gift idea” post. Sometimes life just gets in the way! But it’s getting to be birthday season around here. I know, there are birthdays every day of the year, but for some reason most of my daughter’s friends have their birthdays in the spring and summer. I should really look back and see what was happening the nine months or so before our baby boom here!

As usual, this is not a sponsored post and I’m sharing things with you that my daughter either has or has used elsewhere that she really likes. I’m not one to get hung up on gender norms when it comes to things for kids (or anything really) and there are probably some ideas here that would appeal to all kids in this age group.

Birthday Ideas for 8 or 9 Year Old Girls

Google Mini or Echo Dot – ARV $60


We have several smart home speakers and accessories around the home and I love them. My daughter, specifically, has a google mini in her room and she uses it a lot! I would say about 90% of the time she is using it play music. She loves that she can just ask google to play her a specific song and, voila, there it is. I have hers hooked up to my Spotify account but there are other others as well if you use other music services. She also uses it a lot to set timers or just ask general questions. Both devices also have fun little features kids like, like telling jokes or singing you happy birthday, etc. Both the Google Mini and the Echo Dot retail for around $60 but they go on sale quite often so if you keep an eye out you can pick one up at a great price.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty – ARV $8 – $23

Putty is the new (old) slime. I am so done with slime. Really, really done. Making it, buying it, cleaning it up. Just done. Now, putty I can handle. It’s way less messy. You can’t really make a good putty at home (if you can don’t tell me because I don’t want to know) and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is really, really cool! It comes in different size tins and in a huge variety of colours and cool features and effects. You can find it some toy stores and Amazon carries quite a bit of it too. There is clear putty, glow in the dark putty, sparkle putty, UV putty that changes colour under light, magnetic putty, etc.

Monopoly: Cheaters Edition – ARV $29

We have Monopoly Junior at home and I pulled it out the game cupboard a couple of months ago so Molly and I could play it. It didn’t take long to realize that, although this use to be a great family game to play with her, she had definitely outgrown it. It’s time for a more grown up version. We don’t have the Cheaters Edition yet but she has played it at a friend’s house and loved it and since I love playing board games with her I plan on picking this up for our house.

Sewing Machine – ARV $100


I’ve actually listed sewing machines in one my previous gift idea posts but it’s worth mentioning again because it’s one of those things that, if they take an interest in it at all, kids will never outgrow. I bought Molly this cute purple Janome model a few years ago and she often brings it out and sews up doll clothes or even alters from of her own clothes (if it’s something older or cheap I let her at it). And although this machine is “cute” and purple it is a perfectly capable, well running machine. I actually use it myself from time to time when I don’t want to haul out my machine and just have some basic stitching I need to do. You can find other machines at this price point with similiar functions. Singer makes a “basic” machine for just a few bucks more that I haven’t tried myself but I know I love my own Singer sewing machine so I wouldn’t hesitate to buy that one if I was in the market.

LEGO – ARV varies widely


Some toys just never go out of style. LEGO is one of those. I’ll be honest, I find it to be pretty pricey but it lasts forever (well if you don’t lose the pieces) and you can mix and match between sets of the same size creating endless possibilities. Molly has always had Lego (Duplo when she was little) and it falls in and out of fashion for her but right now she’s on a bit of a LEGO kick and I’m good with anything that interests here more than a screen so I don’t mind shelling out a few bucks for some blocks.


I recently ordered her a roll of these Bendi Bricks she loved! It’s flexible LEGO sized tape that you can stick anywhere and build on. She promptly stuck it on her bedroom wall.

NERF – ARV varies widely


So this is another one of those things that Molly doesn’t’ have yet (well she does, she just doesn’t know it yet!) but has used and loved! Her older cousin got a bunch of NERF stuff for Christmas and we spent part of our boxing day in a NERF war with the family. There is a huge variety of NERF launchers and accessories available and if you go over to the Toys ‘R Us NERF section and check the 8-11 year old box it will list all the ones that are suitable for this age. In fact, when I was researching for this post that’s exactly what I did and found the Rotofury pictured above on for a great deal so I ordered one to put away until Molly’s birthday in May!

Dart Board – ARV $25


We picked up this safety tip dart board at Master Mind Toys a while back and have had a lot of fun with it! You can hang it on the wall but it also has a stand built in so you can place it on a table or wherever you’d like. It’s nice and portable so it’s fun to bring along when we go camping or even in the backyard when the weather gets nice again.

Bunch O Balloons – ARV – $11

Bunch O Balloons takes water balloon fights to a whole new level! These suckers fill up so fast that you can have a cooler (that’s what we use) full of nice cold water balloons in a couple of minutes. We have so much fun with these in the summer time! You can get them in different colours and there are launchers and other accessories too. We haven’t tried any of that stuff because just throwing them by hand the good old fashioned way seems best to me!

Scooter – ARV $60 and up


Again, this is an item that I had in a previous gift idea post but the scooter has not lost it’s luster with Molly. She still loves it and is far from outgrowing it. I knew nothing about scooters when I wanted to get one for Molly so I spent some time doing a bit of research and reading reviews and realized pretty quickly that Razor was the brand to get. Affordable, well made and cool. Perfect. They have a huge selection of models from super basic for beginners to stunt versions for experienced riders. I ended up getting Molly the Razor A Kick Scooter It’s a very classic design that is perfect for her age group. And with the adjustable handle and a weight max of 143 pounds she will be able to use this scooter for a while. It was amazing how quickly she got the hang of using it too which was awesome. Scooters, and specifically the Razor brand, are available at retailers like Canadian TireToys R Us, and Amazon .

Light Box – ARV $20 and up

I had picked up a mini Light Box for myself when I saw one on sale at Chapters. It’s not the sort of thing I would normally spend money on for myself but it was on for such a great price and I thought it would look cute in my bedroom. Of course my daughter fell in love with it. I should have known and should have picked up two when they were on so cheap but I didn’t and the sale was over. So I went online and priced them out and Amazon had quite a few for a decent price so I picked her up this one. Hers and mine both will run on batteries or you can plug them in (with the included cable) to a USB port to operate as well. They aren’t rechargeable, they can just run through USB if you prefer that over a battery. And most models can either sit on a shelf, table, etc or can be wall mounted. They come with a bunch of letters, numbers, punctuation and emojis.



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